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Resume example & tips for Australian registered nurses.


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Last updated: January 3rd, 2024

registered nurse resume example

Last updated: January 3rd, 2024

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While the number of job opportunities in nursing is strong, you’ll find that roles at the best Australian hospitals are very competitive. You’ll need a great resume to give yourself the best possible chance of becoming a registered nurse (RN) in 2024.

To help you, I’ve created an Australian registered nurse resume example.

It will provide you with a foundation for writing a great nursing resume, saving you a lot of time in the process. To give yourself an even bigger head-start, consider using my recommended:

Australian Registered Nurse Resume Example.

This resume example belongs to a fictional Australian registered nurse. Look through it, then read my tips below each page to see what makes it effective. Draw on them to write a similarly high-powered resume for yourself.

Page 1/3.

registered nurse resume example Australia

Here’s why this resume is likely to stand out:

  • Clean & well-organised structure. Strong attention to detail and clear thinking are two of the most important personality traits that determine a nurse’s potential for success. Use subtle graphics to create a sense of order and check for grammar and spelling issues, sub-communicating that you possess these traits.
  • Essential contact info only. Provide your mobile phone number (while you’re there, make sure that your voicemail is recent and professional), and your email address.
  • LinkedIn is not essential, but I recommend including one – especially if you’re applying for a theatre or supervisor nurse role.
  • DOB, gender and photograph are not required.
  • Engaging profile. Write a compelling, authentic narrative that spotlights your most relevant skills, recent achievements and personality traits. Point to the values and drivers that make you who you are. Don’t be boring and generic!
  • Key skills/assets. Use this section to highlight your most notable achievements. Think of this section as the “Greatest Hits” of your nursing career.

Page 2/3.

registered nurse resume example Australia

The two most important features of this page are:

  • Reverse format. Ideal for a registered nurse, the reverse-chronological resume format places your most recent and relevant experience at the top of the page. The experience you gained at the beginning of your career follows right behind, providing context and a sense of career progression.
  • Achievements. Be sure to kick off your achievements with action verbs, quantify them, and never confuse them with responsibilities.

Page 3/3.

registered nurse resume example Australia

Many registered nurses miss job opportunities because they fail to write a strong last page. Contrary to a popular belief, this page isn’t an afterthought that never gets read.

When two nursing candidates are evenly matched, information on this page often gets used as a tiebreaker:

  • Correct resume length. The resume of a registered nurse should be between two and three pages long.
  • Additional history. If you had a career before nursing, or you have some very junior roles in your background, this is where you put them.
  • References. Australian employers don’t expect you to list your referees on your resume. Simply write “References Available Upon Request” at the very end – and be sure to prep your referees!

Australian Registered Nurse Resume Templates.

Resume templates and online resume builders help you write your nursing resume 3X faster. By providing you with a structure and starting content, they help you get past the dreaded stage where you stare at a blinking cursor on an empty page, wondering what to write.

I recommend that you use one of these free templates from

it project manager resume australia

Of course, if you’re terrible at writing about yourself, you can always hire one of the best resume writers in Australia to do it for you. Resume writers in Sydney and in Melbourne have helped thousands of nurses grow their careers.

Job Outlook For Registered Nurses In Australia.

Registered nurses are in huge demand, and projections indicate that Australia needs to train at least 40400 new nurses by 2026 to meet the need.

This is on top of the 30% surge that the profession has seen between 2017 and 2022.

The average weekly earnings of a registered nurse are $1,937.

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P.S. Are you a registered nurse looking for a job in Australia? What challenges have you encountered in the job market? Share your experience in the job market below, and I’ll provide you with customised advice to help you get a great job in nursing.

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