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Resume example & tips for Australian customer service professionals.


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Last updated: October 2nd, 2023

australian customer service resume example

Last updated: October 2nd, 2023

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Customer service professionals keep the Australian economy running. It is one of the most critical roles in any business, as unhappy customers translate to low profits. If you have great communication skills and a talent for diffusing situation, a customer service role may be for you.

Use my Australian Customer Service Professional resume example below to improve your current resume. If you get stuck, get yourself back on track by using my:

Australian Customer Service Representative Resume Example.

Here’s a resume example that my team wrote for a hypothetical Australian customer service professional. Draw on this sample and follow my tips below to create a DIY resume that opens more doors for you in the Australian job market.

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customer service resume australia

Here’s why this customer service professional’s resume example will stand out to Australian recruiters, hiring managers and business owners:

  • Clean, logical design. Understated graphics and good font choices create a sense of order and priority. The design guides your eye to the right spot.
  • Clear contact information. Include your mobile phone number, LinkedIn URL and personal email. Do not include anything else.
  • Captivating profile. Stay away from generic statements, verbal bloat, and hyperbole. In other words, don’t write, “I’m an excellent and highly experienced, dynamic, energetic, very driven Australian customer service professional”. Don’t spend your resume’s real estate on words that don’t mean anything!
  • Key skills. Also known as key assets, the key skills section summarises your most important skills and helps your resume defeat ATS robots.

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customer service resume australia

Here’s what makes this page work so well:

Page 3/3.

customer service resume australia

Do not neglect the last page of your customer service resume. Quite often, employers use the information on this page to split the difference between two winning candidates.

Don’t be the candidate who gets chopped by focusing on:

  • Length. Largely determined by the length of your career, the correct length of an Australian resume is between 1 and 5 pages. Resumes of most customer service professionals will come in at about 2 pages. The above resume example stretches to 3 pages, as the candidate has quite a bit of experience under her belt.
  • Additional career history. Remember that first job you had as a Mcdonald’s store manager? Yep, it goes here.
  • References. Write “References are available upon request” – and nothing else. Never list your referee details on your resume (why?).

Best Resume Templates For Australian Customer Service Professionals.

Don’t write your resume from scratch. You can save a lot of time by using resume templates and resume builders. They provide you with a format to follow and sample content you can use as a starting point.

If you’re still searching for the right resume template, I highly recommend that you use one of these freebies from

accountant resume example australia

If you get really stuck, consider hiring one of my resume writers.

I know good resume companies in Sydney and in Melbourne that are ready to take your resume to the next level.

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Job Outlook For Customer Service Reps In Australia.

The job outlook for customer service professionals in Australia is positive, although economic fluctuations tend to hit these jobs the worst.

When companies are forced to shed staff, they start with jobs that have the shortest training curves. Unfortunately, a lot of customer service jobs fall into this category.

  • The average salary for customer service reps in NSW is $60,909 per year and $59,547 in Victoria, according to Indeed.

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P.S. Are you an Australian customer service professional, on the lookout for your next job? Tell me about your job search roadblocks below, and I’ll provide you with tailored tips to help you overcome them.

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