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Last updated: September 18th, 2023

hospitality management resume example australia

Last updated: September 18th, 2023

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Last year, the Australian Bureau of Statistics released a study of staffing shortages across the country. Hospitality came in the first place as the industry experiencing the most difficulties finding suitable staff.

The study revealed that 38% of hospitality businesses were currently having problems filling positions. The good news for hospitality managers is: your skills are in high demand.

That said, competition for hospitality management roles at the best venues is always stiff, and you’ll need a great resume to even have a shot.

Use my Australian hospitality management resume example below to write a resume yourself, or give yourself a huge head-start by using my recommended:

Australian Hospitality Management Resume Example.

Here’s a resume example that belongs to an Australian hospitality manager. Let me explain what makes it great and show you how you can write one just like that for yourself.

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hospitality management resume example australia

After divorcing Kate back in 2018, Justing decided to live the simple life while managing a pub in Rose Bay, haven’t you heard? 🙂 Here’s why his resume is likely to stand out:

  • Modern & clean design. Your hospitality persona may be ostentatious, but your hospitality management resume must be classy. Subtle graphics are OK, as long as they’re not too loud. Use them to create a sense of order.
  • Clear contact info. Provide your phone number (mobile is OK), LinkedIn and email address). Not many hospitality management professionals have good LinkedIn profiles, so this is your opportunity to stand out.
  • Don’t include your DOB, gender or photograph.
  • Engaging profile. Write a narrative that highlights your most important skills, achievements and points of difference. Tip: write it last.
  • Key skills. Also known as key assets, the key skills section provides a summary of your most notable selling points and helps your resume pass ATS tests.

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hospitality management resume example australia

This page features:

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hospitality management resume example australia

Finish strong.

The last page of your resume can determine whether you get a hospitality management gig with Merivale or at Seven Hills RSL.

  • Length. Determined the number of hospo jobs you’ve held, your resume length can be anywhere between one and five pages. That said, most hospitality managers can expect to end up with a resume that’s between two and three pages.
  • Additional history. Remember your first job as a bartender at Piano Bar, back when Kings Cross was worth visiting? (Or are you struggling to remember much from that period of your life?) Either way, put it here, rather than in the main section.
  • References. Just say that references are available on request. Be sure to prep your referees.

Best Resume Templates For Australian Hospitality Managers.

Resume templates are great because they provide you with a starting point for your resume, saving you hours of time in the process.

Instead of starting with a blank screen and an empty Word document, I strongly recommend that you use one of these freebies from

it project manager resume australia

What if you’re a terrible writer and want a professional to do it for you?


Hire one of the top resume writers in Australia. Best resume writers in Sydney and Melbourne have helped hundreds of hospitality managers move up the ranks.

Job Outlook For Hospitality Managers In Australia.

The global supply shortage of hospitality workers has finally arrived in Australia.

After two years of lockdowns and pandemic-related restrictions, the Australian hospitality industry is reopening, with massive staff shortages at all levels of seniority.

Specifically, we are seeing a significant shortage of workers to fill management and senior-level jobs across:

  • event management
  • food and beverage management
  • general management
  • operations management

If you love the buzz of hospitality and are passionate about smoothly running venues, there’s an exciting career waiting for you. 

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P.S. Are you a hospitality manager, on the hunt for a job in Australia? Where have you applied? What feedback did you receive? Share your challenges in the comments below, and I’ll provide you with personalised tips to help you land a great hospitality management role.

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