Irene McConnell

MD, Head of HR, Product & Strategy


Quick Bio:

A former HR Manager and Talent Acquisition Specialist, my corporate career saw me providing advice to leadership teams on talent decisions. I now partner with you: the C-Level executive, non-executive director or senior management professional, offering this expertise with the aim of enabling you to become the candidate of choice.


My Story:

Through a unique blend of coaching and products, my mission is to position you at the forefront of this ultra-competitive, global recruitment landscape; to align you to the cutting edge of the hyper-connected, digital world we live in, equipping you with tools that harness the ever-changing search landscape.

Having worked with top tier brands, I bring holistic human resources and recruitment insight that ranges from talent acquisition, organisational design, employer branding, and succession planning. Fully invested and unmistakably committed to your success, we work closely with you as your professional partner, your candidate advocate and your brand builder. Arielle puts YOU at its centre.

I lead a small, yet highly capable, handpicked team, and together we cut through the noise of corporate conformity to get to the core of your unique offering. We help you, the free agent, to articulate your value through strategic and targeted brand-centred scoping sessions, which form the cornerstone of the work that follows.

Our true executive search expertise allows us to bring your story to life, backing your brand up with authentic personality traits, deep-seated principles, real commercial know-how and genuine business acumen. Whilst our traditional product range remains ever strong, I am a passionate proponent of the necessity for these to be accompanied by a strong foundation of digital assets, which strengthen and leverage your ability to be found within the midst of the online, passive candidate pool.

Clients often tell me that we “perform magic” – and I believe that these results are product of our unique ability to naturally observe, listen, question then intuitively uncover and pick out our clients’ strengths, translating those into value beyond the typical core capabilities. With the arrival of globalisation and the Information Age, stability in the workplace has given way to unpredictable change.

Both adaptability and entrepreneurial agility are instrumental in achieving and sustaining career success. In order to out-manoeuvre your competition, your future at work dictates that you start thinking of yourself as a start-up. And we can help you do so.

Steven McConnell

Digital Marketing Strategist


Quick Bio:

I am an Internet entrepreneur with 10 years’ experience in constructing and implementing results-driven digital marketing campaigns. I am known for delivering ahead-of-the-curve marketing strategies that have not only allowed Arielle as a brand to flourish, but have seen our clientele gain and hold a strong competitive advantage.


My Story:

In my element when bringing entrepreneurial brands to the forefront of their market, I am able to draw linkages not visible to most. My passion and experience-based intuition result in the execution of brands whose purpose deeply resonates with their intended audience, connecting at their core and eliciting the desired response to move people and inspire action.

In the rapidly evolving world that is the digital landscape, I keep abreast of a vast number of constantly shifting variables, specialising in tying together strategically chosen elements that come together to fulfil on a singular purpose that is your brand and your unique offering to the market.

For me, brand building is more than just a job, it’s about solving complex problems that not only illuminate my clients’ sense of purpose, but fulfils on my own, too. I connect the dots not for the destination, but for the fascinating journey that unfolds each and every time.

There’s beauty in simplicity, and I enjoy simplifying complexity in a way that adds volumes of impact and elegance to your brand.

Building a brand can be likened to building a car (my other passion – did you guess?). It is a process of breathing life and personality into an entity that by default doesn’t possess those life-like characteristics. There are only a few cars in the world that are said to have soul and character – the Porsche 911 and the Ferrari F40, to name two.

These have transcended their role as modes of transport to now stand out a cut above the rest as iconic expressions of a sharply defined, unapologetic, honest-to-the-bone purpose. My aim is to achieve this personification with every brand I build – and in the career arena this means elevating you beyond the mere “this is my job” towards the “this is what I stand for”.

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