The year 2015 is nearly upon us and you might be thinking about a bold career move in the near future.

How confident are you that you can position yourself as the right candidate for the job?

Now is a good time to dust off (your possibly outdated) job search tactics and get them ready for the new year.

Make sure that your job search efforts have a healthy dose of online activity.


Chances are, some of your competitors already have spectacular LinkedIn profiles (as well as professional-looking websites, busy social media accounts and mentions in the media).

In 2015 and beyond this will become the norm, which means being armed only with a resume (even if it’s professionally written) might leave you outgunned during job search. Especially if you’re going for senior roles.

So, here are my top 3 tips for being the winning candidate in 2015.


1. LinkedIn Is No Longer Optional.

I’ve written plenty about the importance of having a great LinkedIn profile here and here.

Back then it was a “nice-to-have, bit not mission-critical” option – a bit like slightly larger-than-stock wheels on a late-model Audi 😉

Even so, I was advising all my clients and readers to get one, so that they could enjoy a comfortable advantage in a competitive job marketplace.

Today, the masses are embracing LinkedIn, so having a well-written profile in 2015 will no longer be about gaining first-mover advantage.

It will be about remaining competitive. So, either set aside a sensible amount of time and do it yourself, get me to do it, or at least let me show you what’s wrong with it.


2. Start Thinking Like A Marketer.

You and I will work until we’re older and our careers will be less structured than we had expected.

It means that marketing is no longer a skill that only business owners need to worry about. People who can clearly articulate and communicate their value proposition in order to sell themselves will thrive in tomorrow’s world.

For that reason I suggest you start following marketing blogs such as Jeff Bullas Blog and Problogger, which are aimed at showing everyday people how to harness the power of new media to create employment opportunities for themselves.


3. Extend Your Online Presence.

This takes time. The key to success is in learning to enjoy the process, rather than trying to get to a destination.


Your online presence should be a mouthpiece for your original thoughts, ideas and your unique view of the world.


It’s the way you connect with like-minded people. If you keep it within that context, it will never become a chore.

Start blogging.

When you start, it will be horrible (mine was too – if you want proof, scroll all the way back to the beginning of this blog). Over time, make your writing more and more tightly focused around your unique value proposition (see the point above about marketing).

Connect with people online through social networks.

For that to occur, you need to have spent some time wrestling with questions like “what do I stand for?”, “which people are ‘my’ people?” and “what problems do I want to specialise in solving?”. Again, this is a reiteration of my previous point about marketing.


Key Point To Remember.

I think that we’ll see a very big shake-up of work over the next decade. Some of these changes are very exciting, others are worrying.

Regardless, you and I will still be in the workforce, and the key to winning (rather than just surviving) in this fast-paced world is in being slightly ahead of the game. So get to it.



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