How To Get A Job: Essential Guide For Sales & Marketing Professionals

Avoid costly job search mistakes.

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You're a gun sales or marketing pro. And it's time for you to get your next job. Follow these tips to find your next role in no time.

To all you Sales and Marketing professionals, listen up. The time has come for you to find your next job. You’ve felt this for a while.

But here’s the rub.

You’re stretched. Busy. Running a million kilometres per minute.

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Which means your attention span is, err, challenged at best. As such, your efforts toward getting that job likely go down something like this.


Hmm, a rare free moment. Ditch social media and scour for jobs on your phone.

Whoops, text. Lunch plans. Shoot, email from your boss. Need to button up that client presentation yesterday.

Okay, now what were we doing? Oh yeah, trying to get a new job. Time to get off the train.



At your desk. Yikes! Important stimulus coming from all directions. Duck. Focus. Flat white.

Okay, the first fire of the day extinguished.

Now, back to finding that job.

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Is it the caffeine, or the fact that there are literally hundreds of open jobs right now?

Worse, from what you can see on LinkedIn, each already has 50+ applicants … and will get filled faster than you can apply for them.


How are you going to compete with so much going on at work right now?

Plus, you’re recalling how many applications you’ve sent off in a rush, using the resume you had handy – even though it wasn’t quite tailored to the role — with no reply at all.

Not exactly working for you, is it?

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You know more about how to find (and get) your next job than you think. Because the truth is, landing a great Sales or Marketing role is all about marketing (and selling) yourself.

Cool. Now we’re talking about something you’re an expert in. Let’s get stuck into it.

Conversions Are King.

Being who you are, you know all about conversions. And that there are two ways to increase them:

  • increase your number of traffic/leads
  • increase your conversion rate

Most newbies choose the former. They begin to buy ANY traffic. They speak to any lead – qualified or not.

The veterans do the opposite. They buy only highly targeted traffic. They speak only to highly qualified leads.

Now, About Finding A Job.

When recruiters and hiring managers determine whether or not to hire you, they’re making a similar purchasing decision.

Which means finding a job means progressing yourself along a typical marketing and sales funnel.

With one distinct exception.

You’re the product for sale, and these are your promotional materials:

  • your resume, LinkedIn, online presence = “lead generation” = marketing
  • your job interview performance = “sealing the deal” = sales

By now it’s obvious why your current strategy (where you’re using the same untargeted resume to apply for any closely related marketing or sales role) is ineffective.

Just like the marketing newbies buying any traffic.

Don’t Be “That” Candidate.

In recruiting circles (which are notoriously small), this job search strategy is known with some disdain as “spray and pray”.

You quickly become known as a “frequent flyer” applicant. Applying for everything. Looking for any job except the one you’ve got.

Code word = Desperate.

Which explains why you’ve been hearing … crickets.

But wait. I did say there was another option to increase your conversions.

Why not increase your conversion rate instead?

Define Your Value Proposition.

The brand expert in you knows that the trick to a high conversion rate is an effective value proposition (aka Unique Selling Proposition).

In job search, it’s no different.

Remember when I pointed out how many jobs are out there right now? It’s only going to get worse.

According to Deloitte, scads more jobs will pop up in Australia over the next few years. To the tune of 30,000 if you’re a marketer!

Positioning yourself as a brand today sets the foundation for your future career moves.

Defining your value proposition will help you:

  • attract the right career opportunities
  • stand apart from the competition as a candidate of choice
  • position yourself as a thought leader

Think Of It This Way.

Instead of being the CMO (or ‘someday aspiring to be’-CMO) of your current company, you’re the CMO of a new company.

It’s Called You, Inc.

You are now the entrepreneur of your career. Feels amazing, right?

As such, the first order of business is creating a concrete, meaningful USP that speaks directly to the most critical needs of business decision makers.

In the job search context, your USP needs to say…

  • I’m someone who uniquely gets your commercial realities
  • I have what it takes to solve your deepest problems, and here’s why

Remember, though – and this is a big caveat – when you’re marketing and selling yourself to recruiter or hiring manager, track record trumps all.

Your USP Is Your Brand Promise.

  • it’s not about saying how good you are
  • it’s about showing people how good you are with a demonstrated and sustained track record of excellence

To define your brand, you must align each of your career moves into a cohesive narrative, using every role and various points of interest to their best, and most relevant, advantage.

The end result should be powerful enough to stand for you when you’re not there.

You’ll know you’ve succeeded when your brand story does two things:

  • enables an interested party to place your experience into context
  • provides a convincing answer to the most difficult, yet inevitable question…

Why You?

Speaking of tough questions, while the true story of your accomplishments will form the core of your brand, some soul searching does come into play.

Being clear on what you offer, and what want from your career can help you stay motivated when the competition is steep, and it takes grit to gain traction.

But take heed: time and focus are required to do this work alone.

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Tools To Seal The Deal.

Speaking of time and focus, now that you’re armed with your USP, you’re ready to update your resume and LinkedIn profile.

There are two ways to go about this work:

  1. Do it yourself
  2. Get professional help

Option #1: Do It Yourself.


– Fix Your Resume.

Considering writing it yourself? Clear a weekend on your calendar, eliminate distractions and make the time investment.

Cosy up with some strong tea and our guide to writing a professional resume that can be customised for your job search needs.

Before we move onto LinkedIn, one last pro tip on crafting your own resume: outsmart the technology.

Most companies use a technology called an ATS, or Applicant Tracking System, to review the resumes that come in through their career website.

Used to be, an ATS did a cursory screen for keywords. Today, thanks to AI, they are sophisticated robots. And their main objective is to deliver the top 20% of applicants for any open requisition to their human recruiters.

How can you avoid winding up in the other 80%? Check out our post on writing a resume to beat the bots.


– Leverage Your LinkedIn Profile.

Much like the relationship between an email campaign and a landing page, your resume and LinkedIn profile serve two distinct purposes when you’re marketing yourself for a new job.

My advice? Resist the time-saving temptation to make them mirror images of each other.

Whereas your resume is a fact-based, tightly sequenced document, LinkedIn is your chance to share your story and your personality (professionally, mind you)—and to build your network.

Bonus: it’s an ideal platform to establish yourself as a thought leader since it’s easy to post personally crafted content.

Still not convinced you need both? Read our detailed post on the relationship between your resume and your LinkedIn profile.

By now, you can see that marketing yourself is quite the project.

Let’s move on.

Option #2: Get Professional Help.


– Hire A Branding Agency.

How to align your resume, LinkedIn profile and interview performance such that they speak incisively into employers’ needs?

Simple. Hire Arielle Executive.

We can take the entire effort off your hands. And the best part is, we’re experts at what we do.

Here’s proof you can understand.

Our digital marketing generates a mind-boggling amount of revenue from the traffic we buy.

To be specific, $250 in revenue per single $9 CPC click. Not per sale. Per click. That’s $27.7 in revenue for every $1 spent on advertising.

And that’s not including LTV. That’s just the first sale.


– Our Secret?

We know who our customer is, what language they speak, what their pain points are and — most critically — how to solve for them.

Let us help you sharpen your USP.

Don’t go to market until you’re crystal clear on what your next career move should be, and why you’re the ideal candidate for that type of role.

Don’t go to market until you’re ready to make that sale.

“There’s no such thing as a no-sale call. A sale is made on every call you make. Either you sell the client some stock, or he sells you a reason he can’t. Either way, a sale is made. The question is, who is gonna close? You or him?” – Jim Young, Boiler Room

Be relentless.


– Steven


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