Advanced Job Interview Coaching.

For Senior Managers & Executives.

Be Bulletproof In Your Next Interview.

Be Memorable

Confidently stand out in a market saturated with quality candidates.

Be Effective

Impress the pickiest of recruiters and hiring managers by clearly articulating why you’re the best person for the job.

Be Confident

Know exactly what to say during the toughest of job interviews.

Why Do You Need Interview Coaching?

Because when you finally land that interview for your dream job, you want to walk into that room feeling like nothing can rattle you. That you can provide the best possible answer to any question which might be thrown at you.

5 Essential Skills
For Job Interview Success.

1. Effective Storytelling

You need to weave a captivating, enchanting story out of your work experience, but your story can’t be too detailed. You can’t limit your responses to mere facts, either – you have to engage the interviewer with stories that make the facts compelling. You must create action, scenes and characters.

2. Assertive Demenour

You need to appear relaxed, but you can’t come off as blasé. The trick is to be assertive, yet approachable.

3. Authentic Communication

You need to anticipate the typical interview questions, but your responses can’t seem rehearsed.

4. Clear Value Proposition

Showcasing your points of differentiation in a clear, succinct fashion is something that can only be achieved through practice and live feedback.

5. Listening Ability

Most importantly, you must always listen for your interviewer’s concerns and tie your stories back to them – are you the person who is able to solve the problems that their company is facing?

Highly Effective Job Interview Coaching

Our job interview coaching is designed specifically for professionals who are seeking senior
management and executive roles. Typically, two 1-hour coaching sessions are
required to fully prepare you for your next round of job interviews.

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