Bespoke Outplacement Services For Senior Managers & Executives.

Career transition services and outplacement programs in Sydney, Melbourne and across Australia.

Not All Outplacement Services Are The Same.

Most career transition firms deliver their services through an assembly-line process that relies heavily on cookie-cutter resume writing, elementary coaching and online content. In contrast, Arielle Executive offers your company - and your departing leaders - a suite of bespoke outplacement services that make a real difference in the job market.

Outplacement Programs That Rebuild Employee Confidence.

A successful career transition begins by connecting the dots of the employee's background to craft a compelling career narrative and a unique value proposition. Using these as a departure point, we build their resume and LinkedIn profile. Job hunt strategy follows, and is backed up by interview support plus 6 months of career strategy mentoring to help them capitalise on all opportunities that come their way.

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Our Clients Agree.

"Arielle recently did a makeover of my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. The results were simply amazing! I have since taken on a very exciting assignment and am very grateful for the fantastic result, which was in no small part as due to the work done with the Arielle team."

Aaron McGrath

Executive Director, Luxury International Hotels & Resorts

"Irene and her team were a pleasure to deal with. They helped me with professional career documents and advice that I have no doubt will help me stand out from the crowd. Irene was professional, interested and thorough. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Irene and her team at Arielle."

David Cuda

Finance Director, OPTUS

Outplacement Programs That Elevate Brand Reputation.

When departing employees are treated well and supported in their transition to new jobs, company culture improves, and the employer brand thrives. By maintaining excellent relationships with your exiting employees you play the long game, and ensure that your future dealings with them are positive.

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We Understand Executive Needs Better Than Anyone.

Since 2011, we've provided career transition services to over 3,000 senior Australian business leaders. Focusing on personal brand management, strategic career coaching and ongoing job search support, our career consultants help redundant employees maintain career momentum, leverage the hidden job market and successfully navigate career change.

Providing Clarity During Career Transition.

Our role is not to prescribe what a business leader should do next, but to facilitate a process whereby they feel empowered to make an informed career decision based on having a fuller picture of their attributes and marketable assets.

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Outplacement Programs.

Arielle Executive has received over 130 five-star reviews over the past 10 years on Google alone. These are just a few of our success stories.

Helping Exiting Employees Win.

After choosing our executive career transition service, exiting employees have transitioned into senior leadership roles at these companies:

Executive Outplacement Service
Without A Cookie Cutter In Sight.

Every career and every organisation are different, which is why all outplacement work that Arielle Executive offers can be customised. Tell us about your goals and your budget, and we'll build a career transition program that's right for your organisation and your employees.

Career Transition Support That Is More Human.

By offering personal, 1:1 conversations, we help employees get excited about the next chapter of their careers, rather than leaving them feeling unsupported and focused on their uncertainties and concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

No. Solving problems of a strictly defined clientele enables us to be highly effective at what we do. As an executive outplacement service, we only work with business leaders in senior management, board and executive roles.
Outplacement costs vary, depending on the seniority of your transitioning employee, the tier of the outplacement firm and the amount of support they provide. A ballpark fee estimate for an executive at a top-tier firm is about $10,000-$20,000.
The outplacement industry has a poor reputation in some circles, with many providers offering a "one size fits all" approach that doesn't always meet the needs of individual employees. At Arielle Executive, we take a different approach. We believe that every career and organisation are unique, and offer a brand-centric, 100% customisable outplacement service that is tailored to each company's and individual's needs.
When choosing an outplacement provider, it's important to consider the type of support your employees will need and make sure the provider you select can offer that level of service. Specifically, ensure that the firm agrees to write the resume and LinkedIn profile from the ground-up, and revise them if necessary. Writing a great set of career marketing documents takes a lot of time and skill, and a lot of outplacement firms cut costs by outsourcing it back to the employee. Common myths used to justify this are: "it's better for the employee to write it, and for us to simply provide feedback" and "executives don't need great resumes because networking is more important".
Outplacement packages vary depending on the provider, but they typically include a combination of resume writing assistance, job search strategy coaching, interview preparation and workshops on networking or starting your own business.
Yes. While most of our clients are from Sydney and Melbourne, we can provide you with second-to-none outplacement services if your exiting employees are based elsewhere in Australia or overseas.
We regularly outplacement services to high-profile executives of publicly listed Australian companies, senior government officials and leaders of well-known international unicorn startups, which means we understand the importance of discretion and privacy.
Most outplacement providers offer services for a set period of time, typically 6 to 12 months. Some providers may offer longer or shorter terms, depending on the needs of your transitioning employees.
"Career transition services" and "outplacement services" are interchangeable terms. They refer to the services provided by outplacement firms to help employees transition to a new job after a redundancy.
Layoffs can be devastating. Outplacement is a service offered by some employers to help employees transition to a new job after being laid off. It typically includes services such as resume writing assistance, job search coaching, and interview preparation. Some outplacement firms also offer workshops on topics like networking or how to start your own business. For employers, outplacement can be a way to show they care about their employees and want to help them succeed, even after they leave the company. It can also help with employee morale and retention, as workers who feel supported during a layoff may be more likely to stay with the company in the future.

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