Best Work From Home Furniture For 2024

Create a comfortable and productive WFH workspace.


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Last updated: December 19th, 2023

work from home furniture

Last updated: December 19th, 2023

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The start of the year is the perfect time to update your home office with the best work-from-home furniture. Immediately after the pandemic, working from home has increased to 67%, and years later, in 2024, you are likely still WFH or working in a hybrid way.

Ensuring you have everything you need in your home office promotes: 

  • A productive working environment.
  • Your comfort and well-being.

Below are our top 9 home office furniture essentials to ensure you enjoy your time at work.

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1. Height-Adjustable Desk.

standing desk for home office

A standing desk will promote your health by encouraging movement throughout your workday. It is a centrepiece of your home office. Be sure to:

You can build even more mobility into your workday by adding an under-desk treadmill to your setup.

2. Ergonomic Office Chair.

ergonomic office chair

All chairs that you buy for your home office must be ergonomic friendly, as you’re likely to spend the next few years sitting in them for long periods.

Furniture designed with ergonomics in mind will offer maximum comfort and enhance productivity.

The best ergonomic office chairs should have the following: 

  • Headrest: You can lean on this throughout the day.
  • Backrest: Your home office chair should recline 110 degrees to reduce pressure on the spine.
  • Lumbar support: The chair should curve to support your spine. Ensure you sit in the back (not the front of the chair).
  • Swivel capacity: This will allow you to move about the workspace to reach for items quickly. 

An ergonomic chair will work well with a height-adjustable table, as you can position both heights to your comfort level. 

3. Filing Cabinets.

filing cabinets home office

Boring, I know. But because you’re setting up your office in your home, you need to make best use of available space.

Filing cabinets allow you to store small items, gadgets and – of course – business documents. Several styles are available, and my favourite is available via Everdesk (as an optional extra with their standing desks).

I suggest you choose one with: 

  • Multiple drawers: To prevent papers from piling up in one compartment.
  • Labels for drawers: To better organise by theme, year, or otherwise. 
  • Draw dividers: To split your files into smaller segments – for example, by month and year. 


Make sure that your cabinet is lockable, so that you can use it for storing sensitive or confidential items.

4. Desk Organiser.

desktop organiser

A desk organiser (and/or a monitor riser) will allow you to keep your table accessible and clean. 

Science has shown that adopting a minimalist outlook on your space can increase your mental clarity plus allow you to focus.

Expert Tip!

Clutter around the table will not only cause distraction but can also limit the working space available. Make it a habit to do a weekly de-clutter of your desk.

There are several types of desk organisers: 

  • Item specific: For example, stationary or tech organisers.
  • All-in-one desk organiser: This is suitable for large desks needing a quick fix.
  • Generic organisers: These are our favourites. You can buy tubs and trays from Ikea or Howard’s Storage to place in your drawers.

A desk organiser makes it easier to manage your workspace. Moreover, it allows quick and easy access to your necessities.

Nothing is worse than looking for an item in a hurry and not knowing where you’ve stored it. 

5. Small Sofa.

home office couch

A sofa may often be dismissed from work-from-home furniture, but it is essential for well-being. 

You may also have visitors who require somewhere comfortable to sit.

I recommend: 

  • A sofa that can accommodate up to three people.
  • One that matches the aesthetic of your office – no vibrant colours or loud prints (unless, of course, that is your style). 
  • Placing the sofa across from your desk so you can speak to guests without having to join them on the sofa.


It’s essential to provide yourself with ‘break-zones’ that encourage you to step away from your desk. When you need a break, you can read or recline on the sofa. 

6. Coffee And Tea Station. 

home office coffee machine

Unlike a morning commute to the office, you might not be spoilt for choice with cafes nearby to grab a morning brew.

You can save money (in the long run) by investing in the following: 

If you have room in your home office, you can place this on a bench near your desk – on a lovely tray with clean mugs, sugar, and spoons. 

Expert Tip.

It’s when you want to offer your business guests tea or coffee on arrival, but don’t want them to enter the central area of your house. 

7. Printer And Paper Shredder.

home office furniture

Working from home, you will want to dispose of confidential and private papers effectively.

You should set up a specific space for a printer and paper shredder side by side so they do not clutter your desk. You can recycle this paper in your household bin.

8. Whiteboard.

home office whiteboard

A whiteboard is a great way to visualise, plan and mind-map strategies, especially with team members.

Studies have shown that using a physical pen is more successful when planning than using digital methods. 

Whiteboards also: 

  • Allow for collaborative brainstorming and planning.
  • Allow you to attach notes (magnetic whiteboards). 
  • Provide a larger space to manage information.
  • Are easy and quick to clean. 

9. Wellbeing Items. 

furniture for home office

Let’s not overlook the importance of the space being comfortable and positive.

The ancient principles of feng-shui encourage placing items in balance with the natural world.

For well-being, you should include the following: 

  • Art: Prints or inspiring framed photographs can help boost your motivation.
  • Feature lighting: This can improve the space’s ambience and tailor the environment to your needs at different times of the day. Explore our lighting guide here
  • Aromatherapy: An oil diffuser or candle can increase productivity and reduce stress.
  • Rug: A comfy rug will soften hard floors and improve sound acoustics in the space.
  • Plants: These make the space look relaxing and inviting and can increase focus and positivity.
  • Under-the-desk treadmill: Increasing your steps whilst working from home should be a priority.

Bottom Line About Essential Work From Home Furniture.

You must create a comfortable and productive workspace for a home office.

  • One way to do this is by considering ergonomics when choosing furniture to support your body.
  • Another way is to style the space, so you feel optimistic about being in it.

Practical work-from-home furniture should also support your posture and help prevent injuries, whilst investing in quality furnishings will help you get the most out of your workspace.


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