15 Best Standing Desks In Australia For 2024 [Tested]


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Choosing the best standing desk is crucial for your productivity and comfort. However, a sharp increase in work from home arrangements has resulted in hundreds of electric standing desks (also known as sit-stand desks or stand-up desks) flooding the Australian market. Most of them look very similar - because they are. Yet, important differences become apparent once you start to look carefully. I studied, reviewed and ranked the 14 best standing desks in Australia for 2024 to help you make the right decision and save you hours of research time.

Last updated: May 17th, 2024

Best overall standing desk

UpDown Pro

Remarkably strong frame, large selection of gorgeous hardwood desktops and a risk-free 100-day trial make this the best standing desk in Australia.

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Best standing desk for creatives

Desky Dual

Desky Dual trades some robustness for a superior power management system and a convenient scallop. Perfect for creators as well as video and photography pros.

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Best standing desk under $400


Surprisingly strong, no-nonsense and available in 3 desktop colours, the Artiss is the best sit-stand desk for people on a very tight budget.

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Opinions in this review are based on my personal experience with the products. Brands don’t get to offer editorial input nor see the review before it goes live, but may compensate me at no cost to you, if you choose to purchase a product on this page. Can you trust this review? Read the financial and editorial disclaimers.

Last updated: May 17th, 2024

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Are you ready to switch from your wobbly home office desk to a premium standing desk with rock-solid stability? I made the change a few years ago – and learned a lot along the way. In this review of the best standing desks in Australia, I’ll share everything I know to prevent you from making a wrong decision.

While electric standing desks look similar, a few crucial differences set them apart. For example, some have generous risk-free trials while others don’t.

A few brands offer over-engineered desk frames to ensure rock-solid stability, while others prioritise cable management.

I’ve researched over 50 desks to create this list of 15 finalists.

Expert Tip.

Standing desk companies offer regular promotions, making like-for-like price comparisons challenging. I suggest you ignore their listed prices and compare the final prices in shopping carts, including shipping and any bonus accessories.

1. UpDown Pro.

Best overall standing desk in Australia.

ergonomic standing desk

Above: Gorgeous hardwood desktops are just the beginning. The UpDown Pro standing desk with New Messmate desktop, plus a few accessories.

The UpDown Pro Standing Desk continues to hold the title of Australia’s best standing desk in my books – because it provides the most solid frame in a supremely well-made and stylish package.

It’s the last electric standing desk you’ll ever need to buy.

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This standing desk is available in 10 beautifully crafted desktop options, including Acacia, Bamboo, Rubberwood and hard-wearing Melamine board.

My favourite option is the Australian-sourced hardwood eucalypt desktop, Messmate (or Stringybark).

Sourced in southeast Australia, it has lovely grain and is available in recycled or freshly cut options.

Victorian Ash and Acacia desktops tie in second place.

Not only is a hardwood desktop beautiful to the eye and feels nice to touch, but at 27mm, it’s 2mm thicker than the competition, which amplifies that rock-solid, quality feel.

best standing desk australia

Above: The UpDown Pro sit-stand desk is optioned with a lockable metal drawer (must-have accessory), standing mat and a power rail. The cable management spine is from Bradteck.

While hardwood is excellent for creating stunning home offices, office fitouts require a more pragmatic approach.

This is where UpDown’s Bamboo and Melamine desktop options become your best friend. Inexpensive and hard-wearing, they’re excellent for creating rows of desks that will accommodate larger teams.


I love that UpDown Desk offers a risk-free, 100-day trial on all its Pro series electric standing desks. The company will pay for the cost of returning your desk from anywhere in Australia if you choose to send it back.

But the best feature of the UpDown Pro stand-up desk is its bulletproof feel. The steel frame feels ridiculously strong and looks satisfyingly chunky.

It’s also very stable – even at the highest positions.

The powder coating layer is thicker than competitors’, protecting the desk from bumps and scuffs.

ergonomic standing desk

Above: A must-have accessory, UpDown’s lockable box is stylish, solid and practical. You can stash some books or papers in the slot above it.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that you could drop this sit-stand desk from the 3rd storey window, and it would stay intact.

It’s almost over-engineered.

At the risk of sounding older than I am, I’ll say that the UpDown Pro’s build quality reminds me of “the good old times” – before cheap, semi-disposable furniture flooded the Australian market.

If something breaks or gets wobbly, the standing desk’s frame and electrical components are backed by a 10-year Australian warranty.

In addition to its rock-solid build quality, the UpDown Pro electric standing desk offers a dual motor system for smooth, vibration-free adjustments.

Thanks to its dual motors, the desk rises and lowers at a rapid clip of 32 mm/sec.

Customer reviews regularly praise the company for its friendly service and fast shipping.

The company appears to be responsive and accommodating, as websites like ProductReview are full of feedback like this:

Planning to share your UpDown Pro with your husband, wife or business partner?

Avoid office squabbles by saving your preferred desk height into one of four memory presets.

Meanwhile, the built-in anti-collision feature prevents pinched fingers and damaged office chairs.
factors to consider when choosing a standing desk.jpg

Above: The 150 x 75 cm desktop provides a lot of real estate for all your hardware, accessories and stationery.

If you’re like me, you’ll want to personalise your workspace. UpDown doesn’t let you down with a comprehensive range of standing desk accessories.

Grab castor wheels, monitor arms, handy lockable drawers and power rails to build an ergonomic, stylish home office to your exact spec.

Expert Tip.

When adding accessories, keep an eye on the total cost to avoid blowing your budget. You may end up with a $2,500 bill after planning to spend only $1,500.


The UpDown doesn’t feature pre-drilled holes in the desktop. While you can easily assemble the UpDown desk using the included tools and a screwdriver, a power drill will make the process faster.


The folks at UpDown contacted me to let me know that they’re introducing threaded inserts that will allow you to bolt the desktop onto the frame. Having to drive screws into the desktop is about to become a thing of the past. Threaded inserts are now available across most of the range (as of May 2024).

Three desktop widths (120, 150, and 180cm) are available, but only one depth (75cm).

This may not fit smaller home offices, so ensure you have enough space to accommodate the depth.

Expert Tip.

UpDown will happily create a custom desktop size if your office is tiny or unusually shaped. Alternatively, the shallower Artiss (below) may be the better option for you.

UpDown’s cable management systems are good – without being outstanding.

height adjustable desks australia

Above: UpDown in standing position. Note the chunky frame and the stylish hardwood desktop.

The company sells a clamp-on power rail ($199) with 2 X 240v and 2 X USB-A plugs and an under-desk cable tray ($49).

They will do a good job, but if you want fast access to more power outlets, consider a Desky (below). Its integrated cable management system is hard to beat.

Expert Tip.

The UpDown desk is heavy, especially when specced with a hardwood desktop. This is congruent with its strong metal construction, but you may need an extra pair of hands after assembly to help you manoeuvre it into position.

best standing desk

Above: The UpDown controller offers electric height adjustment with 4 memory presets and pleasantly tactile buttons.

My last quibble with the Updown standing desk is that the company doesn’t accept Amex at checkout. Small business customers like me may see this as an unnecessary roadblock.

Rather than eliminating the Amex payment option altogether, how about offering it with a small surcharge, UpDown?


How Does The UpDown Pro Stack Up?Score
Build Quality5/5
Cable Management4/5
Ease of Assembly4/5
Extra Features4/5
Warranties & Returns5/5

The UpDown Pro Series is my #1 best sit-stand desk in Australia as we enter 2024. This desk is for people who want the highest quality – and don’t mind paying for it.

It looks great, will last a lifetime, and is sold by an Australian company that cares about its customers.

Yes, there are sit-stand desks with more sophisticated cable management systems and pre-drilled desktop holes, but these are minor quibbles.

Expert Tip.

If you live around Melbourne, UpDown can assemble your new standing desk for $149.

I love solid wood furniture, so I upgraded to the UpDown Pro from The Artiss standing desk.

If you are the same, opt for a hardwood Messmite or Victorian Ash desktop on your UpDown Pro desk – you won’t regret it.

best sit stand desk australia

Above: the New Messmate hardwood desktop is particularly pretty in the morning sun.

Which size should you choose? In my personal experience, the 150 cm X 75 cm desktop offers the best balance between usability and bulk in a typical home office.

✔ 100-day, risk-free trial period
✔ Toughest steel frame in the business
✔ 100% Australian owned
✘ Hardwood options get expensive

What’s The Cost Of The UpDown Pro?

The UpDown Pro Series stand-up desk isn’t cheap, but you get what you pay for.

As a guide, prices start at $900 for a desk with a Melamine desktop. Expect to pay about $2,000 for a fully featured model with hardwood and optional extras.

Updown Pro Key Specifications.

Load Capacity150 kg (dynamic load)
Desktop Sizes180/150/120 cm (W) x 75 cm (D)
Extension HeightBetween 64 cm and 129 cm
Warranty10 years on frame, 5 years on desktop
Risk-Free Trial100 days

2. Desky Dual.

Best for creatives.

desky vs updown desk vs omnidesk

Above: Desky Dual with a bamboo desktop. It’s a very handsome desk, and I love the darkened accents on the rear edge.

The Desky Dual adjustable standing desk is very similar in price, construction and design to the UpDown Pro Standing Desk, but it varies in 3 important ways:

  • Optional scallop at the back of the desk.
  • Advanced power management systems.
  • Slightly less heavy-duty construction.

Let’s take a look at this sit-stand desk in detail.


The perfect standing desk doesn’t exist. You’ll need to make a tradeoff on either quality, features or price. I help you do it towards the end of the review.


I love the optional carved scallop at the rear of this desk.

desky stand up desk

Above: Desky Dual’s Bamboo desktop surprised me. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did.

This feature is available only on Deskys – and allows you to manage cables without drilling holes in the desktop or pinching the cables between the wall and the desk.

Desky’s range of desktop choices is excellent but not as varied as UpDown Desk’s. That said, Desky offers its desks with grey legs as an option, while UpDown doesn’t.

Bamboo vs Hardwood Desktops: Which Are Best?

Bamboo is inexpensive and practical, yet it doesn’t look cheap. Hardwood is more stylish and durable.

Bamboo, the colour I chose for this review, is modern and inexpensive.

But if you want your home office to have an airy yet luxurious feel, opt for hardwood Red Oak or Walnut options.

Does Desky offer a risk-free trial?

Not exactly.

While you can technically return the Desky within 7 days of delivery, you’ll have to pay for return shipping.

This will not be a cheap exercise, as you’ll be sending a freight courier to a residential location.

The moral of this story is – you’re highly unlikely to return your Desky standing desk.

Desky’s generous 10-year warranty will give you peace of mind, while the option to integrate up to 10 X 240v power sockets directly into its cable management tray will please owners of elaborate multi-device workstations.

sit stand desk

Above: Desky’s optional under-desk drawer is useful but doesn’t look as nice or sleek as the UpDown Desk’s equivalent.

Expert Tip.

This power management system makes Desky the best choice for video editors and pro photographers who appreciate abundant, easy-to-access power points.

Both UpDown and Stand Desk are more limiting in this regard.

I hate having to fish for an available power socket inside a cable management tray, so I think this is a great design choice by Desky.

which stand up desk should i buy

Above: The 150×75 size allows you to work standing while providing ample space for a couple of screens.

Business customers will appreciate that, unlike UpDown, Desky offers Amex at checkout.


Let’s talk numbers. The Desky Dual’s frame weighs 36kg versus UpDown Pro’s 41kg. The maximum weight capacity, meanwhile, is 20kg less than the UpDown Pro’s.

You’re not likely to exceed its 140kg limit or break it, but the numbers suggest Desky’s construction contains less metal in the base.

The frame’s weight is a good proxy for the standing desk’s overall ruggedness.
desky desk controller

Above: The Desky controller is very smart-looking. Its buttons are organized in two rows instead of one, making it more substantial than the others.

Desky’s maximum height range of 125cm is slightly less than UpDown’s 129cm (with desktop).

Tall folks like me (I’m 200cm) value every additional centimetre of standing height.

Desky has recently expanded its range of desktops to include some epoxy resin cut-throughs. I’m not sure what they were thinking, but they’re definitely not my cup of tea.

Finally, Desky’s assembly instructions are outstanding – about on par with UpDown’s and StandDesk’s. You get a large booklet and clearly labelled packets of bolts. It’s Lego for grown-ups.

Above: Desky’s wood desktops with epoxy cut-throughs have a garish vibe. Definitely not classy.


How Does The Desky Dual Stack Up?Score
Build Quality4
Cable Management5
Ease of Assembly4
Extra Features4
Warranties & Returns4

The Desky Dual is an excellent electric standing desk.

Even though the UpDown Pro edges it out in the latest update of this review, it’s a fabulous choice for creators, podcasters, and video and photography professionals who will fully take advantage of Desky’s excellent cable management system.

Yes, its lifting capacity is 10 kg less than the UpDown Pro.

It also trails UpDown in frame weight (36 kg vs 41 kg) and maximum height (125 cm vs 127.5 cm).

But these minor quibbles won’t matter to 90% of customers.

I’ve scoured through online reviews to see if customers are upset with Desky for any reasons, and I couldn’t find any major issues.

A few people had minor glitches with delivery, but these were resolved reasonably well.

A typical Desky review is from a raving customer like this one:

The lack of a risk-free trial is somewhat disappointing, but this is offset by the fact that Desky is a well-known, premium Australian brand.

The odds of you wanting to return your Desky are very slim.

✔ Scalloped design allows neat placement against a wall
✔ Optional 8 power sockets
✘ Less heavy duty than the UpDown
✘ Less generous trial than UpDown

What’s The Cost Of The Desky Dual?

Prices start at $900 plus shipping, and top out at about $2,300.

This places the Desky Dual in the same price range as the UpDown Pro. Use the coupon “arielle” to get a $100 discount.

Key Specifications.

Load Capacity140 kg (dynamic)
Desktop Sizes180/150/120 cm (W) x 75 cm (D)
Extension HeightBetween 60 cm and 125 cm
Warranty10 years on frame, 5 years on desktop
Risk Free TrialNone

3. Artiss Standing Desk.

Best cheap electric standing desk under $400.

Above: Cute and compact, the Artiss sit-stand desk is in the lowered position.

The Artiss is my third-best standing desk in Australia because it offers a lot of value for a relatively small price.

Customers agree – the desk is currently the #1 Best Seller in the Home Office Desks category on Amazon Australia, with a 4.6-star rating.

I had one of these desks in my home office for almost two years until I upgraded to the UpDown Pro Series (mostly because I wanted a desk made from hardwood), and I had very few complaints about it.

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Artiss sells two models of this standing desk. One of them is better than the other:

  • Premium ($369). Dual motors, memory presets, 100 kg lift rating.
  • Base ($299). Single motor, no memory presets, 70 kg lift rating.


Throughout this review, I’m referring to the Premium model. But if you’re on a very strict budget, the Base model is about $70 cheaper, and is your next best choice. I’ll provide links to both below.


Let’s start with simplicity. When ordering your Artiss standing desk, you only have two decisions: desktop colour and leg colour.

There’s also a choice of 120 cm and 140 cm desktop sizes, but I recommend that you automatically default to the larger 140cm size to maximise your desk space.

Expert Tip.

The price difference between the two sizes is less than $30. Unless you have severe space constraints, you’d be mad not to order the larger one.

height adjustable desk australia

Above: Artiss’ fuss-free approach is evident here. No cable management channel and no under-desk drawers are available. Also, note the single metal cross-member. All other desks in this review have two.

This lack of complex options translates to a low price.

Because the Artiss is one of the cheapest standing desks in Australia, I was worried that its electric height adjustment controller would look and feel like a children’s toy.

I’m happy to report that this isn’t the case; it’s sufficiently modern and robust.

In fact, the entire desk is surprisingly well-made. Yes, the desktop is not made from real wood, but it feels pretty nice to the touch.

Dual motors at this price point are a nice surprise, and the desk with smoothness and effortlessness of its more pricey rivals.

The 25 mm/sec lift rate is about 30% slower than that of premium desk brands, but do you really care?

And yes, the desk frame is a bit thin on metal (more about this shortly), but the Artiss is surprisingly sturdy – even at the tallest heights.

But the best feature of this desk is its price.

You can have it delivered to your door for between $299-$369, depending on model. That’s incredible value if all you want is a no-nonsense WFH setup.


While the desktop material doesn’t look and feel cheap, you won’t mistake it for solid hardwood from a premium manufacturer like UpDown or Desky.

sit stand desk

Above: Artiss’ desktop is made from a laminate that imitates the look and feel of real wood. As far as imitations go, it’s a very good one.

In my opinion, the desk’s look and feel are spot-on for this price point.

It’s better than Ikea, but it’s not quite Coco Republic. The desk looks practical and charismatic rather than beautiful and high-end.

Expert Tip.

Get an UpDown Pro (my #1 best standing desk in Australia, for 2024) if you want a statement piece that turns heads.

Another thing I don’t love is Artiss‘ 100 kg load capacity.

While this is enough to support a couple of monitors, a computer, and your body parts’ weight, the UpDown Pro beats this figure by over 50%, with its 150 kg maximum load rating.

It confirms that the UpDown Pro desk is one of Australia’s flagship premium standing desks, while the Artiss is the best option to keep costs down.

best standing desk australia

Above: 140cm width is enough to position two laptops side-by-side comfortably, but don’t expect to fit a second person here.

Cable management is not even on Artiss’ radar. You don’t get any cable management channels (and can’t buy one as an option), grommets or pre-cut grooves.

But you do get a packet of cable ties, dear user.

It’s like getting a free cup of water on a Jetstar flight – you know it’s not much, but you get excited anyway.

Finally, the desk frame itself.

It’s significantly less significant than the frames of its premium rivals. The Artiss is the only desk here with a single cross-member, and its legs are clearly made from thinner sheet metal.

I wouldn’t use this desk for carrying heavy-duty loads, but it’s perfectly OK for everyday tasking and emailing.


How Does The Artiss Stack Up?Score
Build Quality3/5
Cable Management2/5
Ease of Assembly3/5
Extra Features2/5
Warranties & Returns2/5

As someone who has used this standing desk for almost 2 years, I know it deserves the #3 spot. It’s also the best choice if your budget is between $300 – $360.

If I had to summarise the Artiss in a single phrase, it’d be “outstanding value for money”.

✔ Stylish control panel
✔ Very sturdy
✔ Not expensive
✘ Not a statement piece
✘ 100 kg load capacity is decent without being outstanding
✘ Bamboo desktop isn’t available

What’s The Cost Of The Artiss Desk?

The Artiss stand-up desk is very well-priced. Expect to pay between $299 and $369 for this bloody bargain.

Key Specifications.

Load Capacity70-100 kg (dynamic load)
Desktop Sizes120 cm X 60 cm or 140 cm X 70 cm
Extension HeightBetween 70 cm and 120 cm
Warranty1 year
Risk-Free TrialHell no

4. Stand Desk Pro.

Best premium alternative to UpDown & Desky.

electric standing desk

Above: the Stand Desk Pro with a white birch plywood desktop.

StandDesk is a very competent brand in the Australian standing desk market. You get many of the same features as you do with UpDown with Desky – and a few unique ones – at competitive pricing.

The company’s focus on your health and the environment is another key differentiator. Let me explain.

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Solvent-free paints? Check.

Formaldyhyde-free bonding agents? Check.

Biodegradable packaging? Check.

In fact, Stand Desk has gone to extreme lengths to reduce plastic waste. 98% of its packaging is recyclable or biodegradable.

But StandDesk’s environmental stewardship credentials don’t stop there.

As a 1% For The Planet member, it gives 1% of its annual revenue to environmental causes.

Impressed with the company’s values? Well, finish eating your quinoa, tie your hair in a man bun and listen to what I have to say about its standing desks.

First, Stand Desk offers a 100-day, risk-free trial – to help you ensure that this is the best standing desk for your home office.

If you don’t like your desk, contact Stand Desk; they’ll pick it up at no charge, covering all costs.

Until now, UpDown was the only company in Australia offering such a generous and risk-free trial.

Build quality is also fantastic.

You get a solid metal frame that is on par with Desky’s.

It doesn’t quite beat the UpDown Pro for the sheer amount of metal in the frame, but 90% of people cannot tell the difference in the real world.

electric adjustable standing desk australia

Above: Stand Desk’s frame is on par with Desky’s – but not quite as chunky as UpDown‘s.

Stand Desk‘s pricing is also quite sharp. You can get the flagship Stand Desk Pro model with a 150 cm X 80 cm desktop and a free cable management tray for about $1,000.

Stand Desk offers some cheaper models in its range if that’s outside your budget.

You will save about $150, but lose some desk speed and the integrated 10W phone charger.

I hate messy desktop cables, so I wouldn’t do it. This charger is one of my favourite features.


It allows you to charge your phone by placing it on the desktop – without needing another messy cable.

In fact, people at Stand Desk appear to share my distaste for tangled cables – because the obsession with tidy power supplies extends to the (optional) lockable metal drawer.

You get two USB-A and two USB-C sockets inside the drawer.
standing desk drawer

Above: Stand Desk’s metal drawer will set you back $149 extra. Quite shallow, it’s useful for phones, iPads and small notepads only.

An app with Bluetooth connectivity is also included. You can use it to program a sit/stand schedule that will keep your blood flowing.

It’s also the only desk in this review that will respond to your voice commands. Yes, you can raise or lower the StandDesk via Siri or Google Assistant using the app. #whatwilltheythinkofnext

The desk speed of 8 cm/sec deserves a double-take. It’s the fastest on the Australian market – by a long shot.

Is it necessary? Probably not in a practical sense, but it does speak to the horsepower of the desk’s electric motors.

Last but certainly not least – the warranty.

StandDesk’s 10 years of coverage on its desk frame and desktops is the most generous of all desks in this review.

No fine print, no need to post favourable reviews, and no selective coverage. Just a complete peace of mind that the desk will last.


I only have two minor gripes with the desk.

The first downside of the Stand Desk Pro is its limited range of desktop materials.

You can choose bamboo, birch plywood or one of two hardwood options (American Oak or American Walnut).

I’ve been told by the company that more hardwood options will become available from January 2024. Naturally, they’ll command higher prices than birch and bamboo options.

Second, I don’t love the appearance of the cable hole at the rear of the desk.

While I appreciate its utility of hiding cables, I think the appearance looks somewhat unfinished.

Expert Tip.

A grommet that will tidy up the hole costs $3.22 at Bunnings as of December 2023 🙂 You’re welcome.

The low-ish 100 kg lift rating doesn’t worry me too much, as StandDesk appears to have artificially low-balled it (perhaps to minimise the risk of abuse?).

I’ve compared the Stand Desk and the Desky Dual frames side-by-side in my house, and they appear to be made by the same manufacturer.

Even the stickers and serial numbers are the same.

Yet, the Desky is officially rated at 140 kg while the Stand Desk to 100 kg.

How Fast Is The Wireless Charger?

Don’t expect fast charging speeds from StandDesk’s wireless 10W charger. It will recharge a totally empty phone in about 3-4 hours. Some users online reported minor connectivity issues, but I didn’t experience this problem.


How Does The Stand Desk Stack Up?Score
Build Quality4/5
Cable Management4/5
Ease of Assembly5/5
Extra Features4/5
Warranties & Returns4/5

Stand Desk is giving UpDown Pro and Desky a run for their money.

If you like the idea of wireless charging, tidy cables, easy assembly and doing your bit to reduce plastic waste, it could be a winner.

The company clearly cares about sustainability while creating products less likely to trigger allergic reactions in sensitive people.

✔ Birch plywood desktop looks great in a creative space
✔ Solid frame
✔ Wireless charger
✘ No hardwood option
✘ Cable management hole could be tidier

What’s The Price Of The StandDesk Pro?

The Stand Desk Pro is priced about on par with Desky and UpDown, but you may be able to catch it cheaper during a sale.

Expect to pay about $1,000 for a model with a 150 cm X 80 cm desktop.

A cable management channel is included for free, but budget another $250 for a standing mat and a drawer. Both are essential accessories, IMO.

Key Specifications.

Load Capacity150 kg (dynamic load)
Desktop Sizes120 x 70, 150 x 80, 180 x 80
Extension HeightBetween 64 cm and 127 cm
Warranty10 years on frame, 10 years on desktop
Risk-Free Trial100 days

5. Stilford Lectern.

Most versatile standing desk. Best for tiny spaces.

Above: You can roll the Stilford Lectern anywhere you want.

I encountered this puppy while browsing the standing desks section of my local Officeworks. Initially expecting to dismiss it as cheap rubbish, I quickly realised how wrong I was.

This is a very impressive little standing desk. So much so that I ended up buying one.


Hold on, Steven. This is not a real standing desk, I hear you say.

And you’re right.

But not everyone needs a full-size, electrically adjustable, non-movable monstrosity that costs $2,000.


The Stilford Lectern will appeal to people who want to keep their existing desk, but also want to stand for a few hours daily.

You can roll it around, which gives you the flexibility to work from your living room one day and from your balcony the next.

Its tiny footprint means you can stash it away in an unused part of your home when you’re done with it.

The build quality is a welcome surprise.

Despite its single-pole design, it’s more sturdy than many standing desks I’ve had the (mis)fortune to use. Even at full extension, it doesn’t wobble, and all parts feel good to the touch.

Above: A handy tray for your stationery is at the rear of the desktop.

Yes, the desktop is made from particle board. And yes, it’s not the same as Eucalyptus hardwood. But the price point is important – you’re paying just over $300 for this puppy.

Expert Tip.

Officeworks will deliver the Stilford Lectern to most metro areas for $49.95

The height adjustment is very simple and fully manual, via a little lever at the bottom of the desktop. Also, at the back of the desktop, you get a little tray for pens and a coffee cup.


Yes, the Stilford lectern is cheap, but some will say that at $306, it’s overpriced. After all, an Ikea Trotten (below) is $299! And it’s a real standing desk, with a larger desktop and two legs.

That is a valid point, but your decision will depend on your needs:

  • If you need the cheapest possible traditional standing desk, buy the Trotten.
  • But if you need a smart-looking, well-built, movable standing table, get the Stilford.

The rest of Stilford’s downsides are, predictably, the opposites of its strengths.

Expert Tip.

The workspace is not large. It is enough for a laptop, an external keyboard and mouse, a small notepad, a phone, and a few pens, but not much more.

Speaking of laptops, they’re the best use case for this desk. Despite its sturdiness, I wouldn’t place a computer monitor or desktop computer on it.

Above: Despite its compact size, the desktop is large enough to be useful.

You’ll start rolling it, forget to unplug the cable and watch your expensive electrical equipment tumble to the ground.

Stilford would agree with my recommendation, so it doesn’t offer cable management accessories with the lectern. But you can definitely park it next to a wall power plug to charge your laptop.


How Does Stilford Lectern Stack Up?Score
Build Quality4/5
Cable Management0/5
Ease of Assembly5/5
Extra Features2/5
Warranties & Returns4/5

Very inexpensive and very versatile, the Stilford is the oddball standing desk in this review. In the ocean of same-same products, it offers you the flexibility that no other standing desk can.

✔ Surprisingly well-built and sturdy.
✔ Cheap!
✔ Very compact and moveable.
✘ Tiny workspace
✘ No cable management whatsoever.

Key Specifications.

Load Capacity40 kg
Desktop Size60 X 50
Extension HeightBetween 75 cm and 11.5 cm
Warranty15 years on frame
Risk-Free TrialNone

6. Ikea Trotten.

Best standing desk for impoverished students (we’ve all been there).

ikea standing desk

Above: The Ikea Trotten looks quite smart from a distance. You notice the budget construction when you get close and interact with it.

The Ikea Trotten is a manual standing desk for people on a tight budget. I inspected it closely the last time I visited Ikea and walked away feeling more impressed than I thought I’d be.

  • I expected it to feel cheap, wobbly and flimsy, but it wasn’t.

Of course, it was nowhere near as sturdy as the premium options from UpDown and Desky, but at 20-40% of their price (depending on your choice of desktop), it’s not a fair comparison.

A cheap and cheerful vibe is certainly there, but for about $300, can you complain?

Well, yes.

Because the Artiss is $450 – and it’s much better. And it will get delivered to your door.

The Trotten will appeal to university students and early-stage startup founders who have been kicked out of all local cafes for overstaying their welcome.

The main problem with the Ikea Trotten is its tiny 50kg maximum load limit.

Expert Tip.

Laptop warriors won’t find this a problem, but if you have a couple of monitors and a desktop PC, you may find yourself nudging against it rather quickly. Don’t forget that your arms rest on your desk – and count towards the weight limit.

If you’re committed to inflicting an Ikea product upon yourself, you may want to know that the company offers two more options:

  • Ikea Idasen sit-stand desk.
  • Ikea Bekant sit-stand desk.

I conclusively axed them from this line-up for reasons I will outline shortly – in the “Notable Exclusions” section below.


  • The cheapest standing desk in Australia.
  • Ikea reputation.


  • Looks and feels cheap – because it is.
  • Um. Ikea reputation.


  • Max load capacity: 50 kg
  • Work area: 120cm (W) x 70cm (D)


How Does The Ikea Trotten Stack Up?Score
Build Quality3/5
Cable Management3/5
Ease of Assembly3/5
Extra Features2/5
Warranties & Returns4/5

7. SecretLab Magnus Pro.

Best sit-stand desk for gamers.

best standing desks australia

Above: SecretLab’s marketing is slick, and the desk’s features are abundant.

The Magnus Pro is a height-adjustable standing desk that markets itself as a feature piece you will want to display as a piece de resistance to your gaming setup.

It’s working.

I wonder what my wife would say if I quit my job and told her I’m becoming a professional Counterstrike player.

  • GeT_RiGhT, I’m coming for you.

On a serious note, this review of the best sit-stand desks in Australia isn’t aimed at gamers, so I demoted the Magnus Pro to the bottom of the list.

I doubt many Australian WFH professionals will appreciate the desk’s rainbow colour strip as much as 18-year-old teenagers do.

But I chose to include it because it sets such a high bar in desk design – and I’m hoping that other manufacturers start taking notice.

  • Magnus Pro’s integrated power delivery system is genius.

Why do you need to run an ugly power cable up the desk’s leg when you can run it inside the leg?

magnus lab standing desk power supply

Above: The integrated power supply is genius. It plugs into the base of the leg, removing the need for unsightly cables.

The desk’s height controller is also fully integrated – and not bolted on like an afterthought. Although not for everyone, the whole desk looks decidedly modern, edgy and fresh.

The main downsides of the Magnus Pro are the flipside of its strengths:

  • The aesthetic is very “Darth Vader”.
  • No white melamine desktop options.

The 5-year warranty is also dubious and raises questions about the sit-stand desk’s build quality.


  • Huge range of optional features.
  • Innovative cable management system.
  • Striking design that will appeal to young men.


  • Aesthetic aimed at Gen Z and gamers. Not for mature WFH professionals.
  • Short warranty period.


  • Max load capacity: 120 kg
  • Desktop dimensions: 150 cm x 70 cm
  • Extension height: between 65 cm and 125 cm


How Does The SecretLab Magnus Stack Up?Score
Build Quality4/5
Cable Management5/5
Ease of Assembly4/5
Extra Features4/5
Warranties & Returns3/5

Is Melamine Better Than Wood Veneer?

The biggest difference between melamine and wood veneer is that the former is made from plastic, while the latter is made from real wood. Both are bonded to a particle board during manufacture to create the outermost layer of the desktop. Melamine is cheaper and more durable, so it’s more popular in commercial offices.

8. MOOV Desk Loaded.

Bespoke standing desk for lovers of fine furniture.

Another new player in Australia, the Melbourne-made MOOV bucks the trend by steering away from the “cheap and cheerful” end of the market and squarely targeting the astute furniture shopper.

The $2995 price tag and 4-6 week lead time are intimidating at first (especially considering you can have an Updown Desk delivered to your door for under $1500 within 3 days).

But a closer look reveals the logic behind the numbers.

The built-in wooden drawer design gives the desk a striking look, making it stand out in the ocean of “me-too” two-legs-and-a-benchtop designs.

Combine this with gorgeous hardwood desktops (you get a choice of Tassie Oak, Blackwood and my old favourite – Recycled Messmate), and you end up with a standing desk that will elicit a double-take from anyone who enters your home office.

Is that worth almost $3,000 to you?

That’s up to you to decide.

Expert Tip.

Oh, and delivery is extra. It will set you back $154 if you live in Melbourne and an eye-watering $330 if you live in Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane or anywhere in Tasmania.

A 30-day trial is available, with Melbournians having the option of a free pickup.

However, interstate customers will need to pay the return postage, which means the trial will cost $660.

Not quite risk-free, is it?

Strangely, I couldn’t find any warranty info about the Moov.

But judging by the appearance of the legs and controller, my guess is the company using the ubiquitous Jiecang frames that you’ll find under Deskys, Omnidesks and the like.

It’s a reliable frame with solid electronics, and the manufacturer typically covers it for 7-10 years.


  • Excellent hand-made desktops, created locally in Australia.
  • Very aggressive pricing (they appear to be consistently undercutting UpDown and Desky by $20-$50).


  • Expensive! In fact, it’s the most expensive desk on this list.
  • Expensive shipping – especially if you live outside of Melbourne.
  • The 30-day trial doesn’t cover shipping.


How Does MOOV Sit-Stand Desk Stack Up?Score
Build Quality4/5
Cable Management3/5
Ease of Assembly4/5
Extra Features4/5
Warranties & Returns2/5

9. Vari Desk.

First honourable mention.

varidesk vs omnidesk australia

The VariDesk company was founded in 2013 by Jason McCann, to help out a friend who suffered from chronic back problems.

It is very popular in the American market but less well-known in Australia.

While it’s an excellent desk, I didn’t feel the need to include it because:

  • It’s very similar to UpDown, Desky & Stand Desk – and we don’t need another “me-too” desk to make our comparison more complex.
  • Unlike UpDown & Desky, it’s headquartered in the US. Don’t know about you, but I’d rather deal with an Aussie company, not because of a misguided sense of patriotism but because if something goes wrong, I’d rather have a local throat to choke.

Vari tries very hard to make the desk appear unique.

“T-style legs provide enhanced stability”, gushes the marketing brochure. But truth be told, almost all stand-up desks have this leg design, making that statement redundant.

I also don’t buy Vari’s “assembly takes 5 minutes or less” claim. As someone who has assembled dozens of standing desks, I can tell you that this is a very optimistic assessment.

Australians can order the Vari desk only in a compact 122 cm X 76 cm size.

It’s very good for smaller spaces, but far from ideal for people who live in large Aussie homes and/or need more desktop real estate.

However, the Vari does differ in one important way – its 32mm thick desktops. Compared with StandDesk’s 27mm and other brands’ 25mm, it’s quite a jump.

Why should you care?

  • Better Aesthetics. A thicker desktop looks satisfyingly chunky.
  • Taller max desktop height. It’s valuable if you’re a rare person above 210 cm in height.

I will also give Vari credit for offering a 30-day risk-free trial with free return pickup. UpDown and Stand Desk have been leading the pack in this department until now, and it’s good to see Vari join in.


  • Desktops are thicker than most.
  • 30-day risk-free trial.
  • Well-known global brand name (but less so in Australia).


  • Not headquartered in Australia.
  • It’s basically a rebadged Desky.


  • Max load capacity: 99.8 kg
  • Desktop area: 122cm (W) x 76cm (D)
  • Extension Range: 63.5 cm to 128 cm


How Does The Vari Desk Stack Up?Score
Build Quality4/5
Cable Management4/5
Ease of Assembly4/5
Extra Features3/5
Warranties & Returns3/5

10. Omnidesk.

Second honourable mention.

sit stand desk for australians

Like UpDown Desk and Stand Desk, OmniDesk started offering a 100-day trial in 2019. Unlike UpDown, OmniDesk will only cover the cost of return postage for Sydney and Melbourne residents.

You’ll have to cover the courier’s fee if you live outside these areas – and it will not be negligible.

This is disappointing.

  • But the main reason I omitted Omnidesk from the leaderboard is the same reason I omitted Vari.

While it’s well-built and attractive, it doesn’t bring anything new to the table that the existing frontrunners already don’t.

Is Omnidesk An Australian Brand?

The company has roots in Singapore but has a permanent stand-up desk showroom in Melbourne. Fun fact: founders Marcus and Joe Wee are professional gamers and owners of the computer brand Aftershock.

A lot of people get stuck in analysis paralysis when looking for the best standing desk in Australia. They endlessly delay the decision and waste hours comparing very similar products.

You don’t need another “me-too” desk on your shortlist.

Omnidesk does deserve a call-out for two things.

First, its accessories range is huge – and beats all other brands.

  • You get spoiled for choice with a huge range of power risers, stylish lighting options, cable pass-through grommets and even subwoofers.

Second, people with a lot of gear will appreciate Omnidesk’s 183 cm X 76 cm maximum desktop size. Most manufacturers max out at 180 cm X 75 cm.

It’s definitely not a huge difference, but professional YouTubers and podcasters know that in that game, every centimetre counts.


Omnidesks electric desks are quite handsome and have a very good 130kg maximum weight rating, but the selection of desktop colours is limited to only five. OmniDesk’s frames are also 5.5 kg lighter than the UpDown Pro, which suggests it’s not quite bulletproof.


  • A 100-day trial is available (return shipping only in Sydney and Melbourne metro areas).
  • Massive range of accessories.
  • Established company with a showroom in Melbourne


  • Good desk, but almost identical to UpDown, Desky and Stand Desk.


  • Max load capacity: 130 kg
  • Desktop size options: 122 cm X 76 cm, 152 cm X 76 cm, 183 cm X 76 cm
  • Height range: 63.7 cm – 125 cm


How Does The OmniDesk Stack Up?Score
Build Quality4/5
Cable Management4/5
Ease of Assembly4/5
Extra Features3/5
Warranties & Returns3/5

11. Recess Desk.

Third honourable mention.

recess standing desk vs omnidesk

Blink, and you’ll miss it. Recess is the quiet achiever of the industry.

Two desktop sizes are available.

  • The smaller 120 cm X 70 cm competes against the Artiss, and is best suited to smaller home offices. It sells for $825, which seems like a good deal – until you see an Artiss for $400.
  • The larger 150 cm X 75 cm competes against premium options like Desky and UpDown Pro. It undercuts them by about $1,000, including shipping, by about $50. But gives you an inferior particle chipboard desktop instead of bamboo.

Is Wood Veneer Real Wood?

Wood veneer desktops are made by attaching a thin slice to a particle board. While veneers use a piece of real wood (not manufactured material that looks like wood), they need to be sealed with a thick layer of lacquer to prevent moisture from entering and warping the board.

Speaking of desktops, I love the bevelled edges, which only Recess and Stand Desk seem to do.

A lifetime warranty is also reassuring.

Oh, and the company is committed to sustainability by offering carbon offsets at checkouts and using recyclable packaging.

It’s a good product, but I’m leaving it in the “honourable mentions” sections because it stumbles on price and doesn’t offer any features that we can’t get with UpDown, Desky and Artiss.


  • Nice design details.
  • Funky colours.
  • Cheap and cheerful.
  • Great warranty.


  • Another “me-too” desk.
  • Range of options could be better.


  • Max load capacity: 125 kg
  • Desktop area: 120 cm x 70 cm, 150 cm X 75 cm
  • Extension Height: Between 65 cm and 130 cm

12. Flexispot Comhar.

Fourth honourable mention.

I get excited when I see a stand-up desk that breaks the familiar “two lets and a wooden desktop” mould. The Flexispot Comhar does this by offering us a drawer and chargers built into its slimline desktop.

The drawer is shallow but very wide and reasonably deep. You won’t be able to store bulky objects in it, but it’s perfect for notepads, spare laptops, and stationery.

The company is known globally for its competitively-priced standing desks, and has recently started offering some of its range on Australian shores.

Unfortunately, the dual-motor Comhar Pro isn’t yet available in Australia; we’re limited to the single-motor Comhar model.

However, we do have a choice of bamboo and particle desktop options, as well as black-and-white frames.

The 120X60 cm desktop size competes head-on with Artiss’ base model, and is perfect for small inner-city apartments.

But while the Artiss doesn’t cost more than $300, the Flexispot desk will cost almost $500. Thankfully, delivery is included in the price.

Also included is a 30-day trial that allows you to return the desk. However, unlike the unconditional trials offered by UpDown and Stand Desk, Flexispot’s trial will charge you for the cost of shipping and a 10-15% restocking fee.


  • Unique design with built-in desktop and charger.
  • Limited trial.


  • Pricing is sharp, but needs to be sharper in this company.
  • Dual motor model isn’t coming to Australian shores.
  • Only one desktop size.

13. Deskbird.

Fifth honourable mention.

heavy duty standing desk australia

The Deskbird brand is a relative newcomer to Australia and appears to compete in the mid-range category with Recess and JasonL.

Their home page boldly declares the brand as “the best standing desk”.

Does the claim hold up?

Deskbird’s most unique feature is its desktop depth.

Whereas most manufacturers opt for a 150 x 75 cm desktop size, Deskbird defaults to 150 x 80 cm.


This extra 5 cm of room makes the less suitable for smaller home offices but more useful for people with a lot of gear. Apart from Deskbird, only Stand Desk offers this feature.

The 165 kg max weight rating is the second surprise.

I don’t trust this claim completely, as the desk frame appears to be made by Jiecang, a Chinese company that makes Desky, Omnidesk and Stand Desk frames.

My gut feeling is that the 165 kg weight rating was achieved by re-rating the Jiecang frame and throttling the lifting speed down to 4 cm/sec.

In contrast, the Stand Desk offers a 100 kg weight rating but achieves a speed of 8 cm/sec.

Unfortunately, Deskbird doesn’t offer a risk-free trial. While their return policy includes a “no-questions-asked refund”, you’d need to ship the desk back at your own expense.

Expert Tip.

Shipping a heavy furniture item from a residential address is very expensive. You’re unlikely to return your desk for this reason alone.


  • Extra generous desktop size with fabulous desktop choices.
  • Pre-drilled holes for easy assembly.
  • Long 10-year warranty.


  • No 100% risk-free trial.
  • Relatively new business (will they be around in 5 years time?)
  • I don’t like the weight rating shenanigans.

14. Adjustable Desks Australia.

A lot of potential but not enough trust.

adjustable desks australia

I didn’t include Adjustable Desks Australia among the frontrunners because I don’t love anonymous brands with websites full of stock images.

  • I suspect this is a dropshipping brand run by online marketers rather than furniture retailers.

While their desks appear loaded with good features (120 kg weight capacity, dual motors, 3-stage legs), they’re not groundbreaking and not anything you can’t get elsewhere – even among budget brands.

I prefer ordering a desk from a website with visible owners, social media accounts, a physical address, or a phone number.

If something goes wrong during ordering or I need to submit a warranty claim, I’d rather deal with an established Australian company.


  • Decent range of electric standing desks.
  • Australianmade desktops.
  • Sharp pricing.


  • No visible people or physical premises associated with the brand.
  • No compelling reasons to buy instead of a Desky, UpDown Pro or Stand Desk.

15. Ikea Idasen & Bekant.

Ikea standing desks should be illegal.

ikea idasen

Bekant sit-stand desk is Ikea’s cheap-ish option. I excluded it from this lineup because of its telescopic round legs (notorious for being wobbly) and so-so desktop finish.

The Ikea Idasen sit-stand desk is the flagship, but it also didn’t make the cut.

While its desktop is much better than Bekant’s the telescopic legs are a deal-breaker.

It retails for about $950; for this price, you’re almost in UpDown, Desky, and StandDesk territory.


  • Very cheap.
  • Great returns policy.


  • Looks and feels cheap.
  • Round leg design tends to wobble.
  • The Ikea brand isn’t associated with premium goods.

7 Factors To Consider When Buying A Standing Desk.

Here are my most important factors for choosing a sit-stand desk.

DeskUpDown ProDesky DualArtiss DeskStand DeskIkea TrottenSecretlab Magnus
Build Quality543434
Cable Management451435
Ease Of Assembly443534
Extra Features441424
Warranties & Returns542443

UpDown Pro is the clear winner, scoring highly across all categories except “Extra Features”.

The Desky Dual, budget Artiss and gamer-oriented Secretlab Magnus also do well.

Meanwhile, the cheap, somewhat nasty, yet very popular Ikea Trotten trails the pack. 

My Criteria For Choosing The Best Standing Desk.

Here are the categories I used to evaluate each standing desk:

Build qualityDoes the desk wobble? How much metal is in the frame? How thick are the crossmembers? Does the controller feel cheap?
AestheticsHow many desktop wood choices are available? Do entry-level wood choices feel cheap?
Warranties & returnsWhat do you get, above and beyond the standard Australian consumer protections? Can you get a full refund if you don’t like the desk?
Ease of assemblyHow clear are the assembly instructions? How many boxes does the desk arrive in? Do the parts fit logically?
Cable managementIs the cable tray included? How useful is it? Does the desk have grommets, cable channels or scallops?
Extra featuresDoes the desk have any unexpected “nice to have” features? (For example, wireless charging pads).
PriceHow much value does the standing desk offer in the context of its price segment?

What Are The 3 Types Of Standing Desks?

You’ve probably realised that “standing desk” can refer to one of 3 product types.

Terms like “standing desk”, “adjustable sit-stand desk”, “standing table” and “stand-up desk” are often used interchangeably when referring to all of these product types.

adjustable height stand up desk

1. Sit-Stand Desk Converters.

Above: A very basic standing desk converter. You can pick one of these up for less than $250.

A converter is a device you place on top of your existing desktop. It moves up and down, elevating your workspace.

People choose converters because they’re much cheaper than floor-standing electric standing desks. They’re also more practical, as you can keep your existing desk (and put away the converter if you don’t use it).

I didn’t give a huge amount to sit-stand desk converters in this review.

They’re a suboptimal option because of their poor lifting capacity. They also raise your existing desktop by about 3 cm, creating a need for a taller office chair.

2. Adjustable Height Standing Desks.

The main focus of my review of the best standing desks in Australia, floor standing adjustable desks offer unbeatable ergonomics. You gain two desks in one device – a standing desk and a traditional sitting desk.

They are available in three types:

  • Manually Adjustable. You change the desk’s height by operating a hand crank. These desks have low lifting capacity (between 50 kg and 100 kg) but are cheaper than electrically adjustable desks.
  • Electrically Adjustable. You raise and lower the desk by pushing a button, and letting the motors do the rest. Single-motor models have lower lifting capacities (between 60 kg and 80 kg), while dual-motor models can lift as much as 150 kg.
  • Pneumatically Adjustable. Relatively rare in Australia, these use a pressure coil assembly to push the desktop up. I don’t recommend them, as they’re simultaneously complex and expensive.

Expert Tip.

The main downside of an adjustable height floor standing desk is that it will make your current desk obsolete. You’ll need to sell it or give it away.

3. Fixed Height Standing Desks.

Fixed-height standing desks are typically made from wood, and feature much smaller desktops.

I eliminated them from this review entirely – because of their limited value in the context of WFH.

Ergonomics is all about adjustment. Why confine yourself to a fixed standing height when you have one that adjusts perfectly to your needs?

Frequently Asked Questions About Standing Desks.

I receive a lot of emails from people who are about to purchase their first stand-up desk. Below are my answers to the most common queries.

1. Manual vs Electric Standing Desks: Which Are Best?

Some people prefer manual standing desks because of their apparent reliability. The fewer electronics, the fewer chances of something going wrong, right?


Manual lifting mechanisms are not immune from failure, while modern electronics are extremely reliable and cheap.

You are not likely to experience issues with the lifting motors of your electric standing desk – especially if you buy one of the best-rated options in my review.

Expert Tip.

Only buy a manual standing desk if your office doesn’t have a reliable power supply.

2. Are Standing Desks Good For Your Health?

Yes and no.

According to Australian musculoskeletal physiotherapist Antony Lo, moving throughout your workday is the most important thing you can do for your health.

“Standing gives you opportunities to move more – that’s it”, says Antony.

your body is happiest if it adopts various positions throughout the day. Alternate between sitting and standing every 1-2 hours for best results.

That said, standing desks are not a miracle cure that is guaranteed to make your aches disappear.

3. Are Standing Desks Worth It?

I believe so. After switching from a regular sit-down desk, I honestly haven’t looked back.

Studies have shown that standing desks increase productivity by as much as 45%. Users report improved energy levels and a better overall mood.

4. Which Accessories Should I Buy For My Stand-Up Desk?

Don’t get carried away. It’s easy to spend over $3,000 on desk accessories, but in my experience, most of them are useless. Here are the top five upgrades I recommend:

AccessoryBudgetWhy You Need It
Ergonomic Chair$350-$2,000Chairs with at least 8 points of adjustment and 8 years of warranty are best.
Lockable Drawer$100-$150Located under your desktop, it keeps your workspace clutter-free.
Cable Management$100-$200Invest in a cable channel, extra power boards, cable ties and a cable spine to keep your workspace tidy and remove tripping hazards.
Lockable Storage Cabinet$200-$300For keeping your paperwork, files, extra hardware and spare stationery.
Standing Mat$50Non-negotiable. A mat quadruples the length of time you can stand before your feet get sore.

Expert Tip.

People accessorise their stand-up desks with under-desk treadmills and balance boards, but in my experience, these are fads that are more likely to collect dust than help you get in shape.

5. How long do adjustable desks last?

The majority of adjustable desk manufacturers provide a minimum three-year warranty, while the top ones offer a 10-year on all parts and desktops.

Your adjustable desk will serve you reliably for a long time as long as you don’t approach or exceed its maximum lifting capacity.

6. Do electric adjustable standing desks consume a lot of electricity?

Contrary to popular belief, electric standing desks consume minimal electricity.

Typically, they use around 150 W when actively in use, solely powering the dual motors and (if present) the wireless phone charger.

If you continuously adjust the desk between sitting and standing positions for 1 year, you’d use about $50 of electricity.

7. What size desktop is best for my home office?

Most sit-stand desktops on the Australian market are sold in the following widths:

120 cmBest for small inner-city apartments and terraces (less than 120 square metres).
150 cmBest for regular-sized Australian homes (250 – 350 square metres).
180 cmBest for two-person setups, as well as single users with a lot of gear.

What if I Have A Very Small Home Office?

Keep your desktop’s depth under 60 cm (most desktops range between 60 cm and 80 cm).

8. Should I buy a standing desk?

Research indicates that standing desks may help reduce the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and muscle atrophy.

I recommend that you take such research with a pinch of salt, as it’s based on self-reported surveys that measure relatively short time spans. Rely on your common sense instead:

  • A sedentary lifestyle isn’t ideal for longevity.
  • A stand-up desk encourages you to move throughout your day.
  • Standing places a load on your joints, bones and muscles, forcing them to strengthen.

9. What’s the difference between static and dynamic rating?

Your forearms aren’t that heavy, and neither are your computer, monitor, coffee mug, and notepad. They are unlikely to weigh more than 25 kg.

Expert Tip.

Standing desk manufacturers tend to rate their desks to between 50 kg and 150 kg. While you’re never likely to exceed their limits during a typical workday, the rating is a great proxy indicator of the desk’s overall build quality. A higher rating means stronger motors and more metal in the desk frame. It also means the desk is less likely to wobble when fully loaded with equipment.

Here’s what you need to know about static desk lift capacities:

Static RatingRefers to the maximum load you can place on a stationary desk.
Dynamic RatingRefers to the maximum load you can place on the desk while it’s either rising or lowering.

Burnt-out motors are typically the most common cause of electric desk faults. The less wear and tear you place on the motors, the longer they’re likely to last.


If your desk is rated to 60 kg and you place a 30 kg load on it, it will operate at 50% of its maximum capacity. However, if your desk is rated to 150 kg, the same load will only represent 20% of its maximum capacity.

The latter scenario will likely result in warranty claims or expensive repairs.

Why Did I Review The Best Standing Desks In Australia?

During the pandemic, I decided to upgrade my home office with an electrically adjustable standing desk. I wanted to have a welcoming, comfortable WFH setup.

I quickly realised that the Australian market is flooded with standing desks from local and international brands.

Most seemed cheap and flimsy, while others were unnecessarily overpriced.

Ikea offered a few options, too – the Bekant sit-stand desk and the Idasen sit-stand desk. I drove to my local store, found them and .. rejected them within 1 minute. They, too, were flimsy and cheap.

Back on the Internet, I found reviews of standing desks lacking in necessary context and detail.

Most of them rehashed the specs I could easily find on manufacturers’ websites and padded them with meaningless superlatives.

I persevered, spending over 50 hours on research, and choosing the best sit-stand desk for my needs at the time – the Artiss.

I had a limited budget and didn’t want to spend more than $500 on a desk during times of uncertainty.

Two years later, I moved back to Sydney and decided to use this as an opportunity to upgrade my WFH setup.

Once again, I went deep down into the WFH rabbit hole, learning about posture, workplace ergonomics and Australian standing desk manufacturers.

The result?

I sold the Artiss height-adjustable standing desk on Gumtree and bought the UpDown Desk instead.

Everything I learned about electric height-adjustable standing desks is in this blog post. I update it regularly because my inbox gets swamped with new questions, like:

“UpDown Pro vs Omnidesk: which one should I get?”
“Expensive hardwood standing desks vs cheaper bamboo standing desks: what are the differences, really?”
“ZenDesk vs Ikea Trotten: why is the first so much more expensive?”
“Which standing desk features matter, and which are marketing hyperbole that I can ignore?”
“Dedicated stand-up desk manufacturers (e.g., Desky, UpDown) vs mass retailers (Officeworks, Elite Furniture, JasonL: what are the pros and cons?”

I’m hoping that the updates help you pick the best standing desk for your needs.

Bottom Line About The Best Standing Desks In Australia.

After studying the market and testing several desks, here’s my current list of finalists for 2024:

UpDown DeskBest overall standing desk in Australia.
Desky DualBest if you need scallops, integrated cable management or unique colour options.
Artiss DeskBest cheap standup desk.
Stand DeskBest new standing desk on the Australian market.

Hopefully, I was able to help you choose the best standing desk in Australia. Get one for your home office to become more active throughout your workday and increase your productivity.


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  1. Thank you for such a thorough review of standing desks. I have been trying to find a sit-stand desk that doesn’t wobble, and that will last for many years. As someone who is new to working from home, I appreciate you sharing insights from your extensive WFH experiences. You definitely know more value than other reviewers online.

    • Thanks for stopping by, James. I spend about a week writing this review, so I’m glad you’ve found it useful.

  2. Many thanks for such a comprehensive review of standing desks, Steven.

    In the end, I have purchased the UpDown Pro (as per your recommendations). And yes, I opted for the hardwood messmate desktop, just like the one you have in your photos.

    I agree with you that most standing desks are almost the same. But the small differences matter a lot. I chose the UpDown over the Desky because of the added metal in the desk frame and the 100-day trial.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing your experiences!


    • Congrats on choosing the Messmate – it’s definitely one of the best options that UpDown offers. I’m glad you found my review useful!

    • I have both the UpDown and the Desky in my office, which I share with my wife. She inherited the UpDown and loves it. I’m currently using the Desky because I run a lot of video equipment and find its extra power delivery capabilities very useful.

  3. Hi Steven, your review of the best sit-stand desks saved me hours of research. I was on the fence between the Omnidesk and a Desky Dual for weeks, and reading your opinion on both gave me the clarity I needed. Thanks!

    • Hi Janine, you’re welcome. I’ve spent weeks of my life researching stand-up desks, so I’m glad that my efforts didn’t go to waste.

  4. Thanks for this comprehensive review – what’s your view of corner sit/stand setups? Anything to look out for?

    • Hi Sally, we have a review of corner desk setups. Just google “Arielle” + “corner desk setups”.

  5. Steven, I’m a university student and, unfortunately, don’t have enough funds to purchase an UpDown Pro with a hardwood desktop like the one you have in the photos. Should I get an EverDesk or a Desky with a bamboo desktop? Thanks in advance, J.

    • Hey J, thanks for reading. I feel your dilemma, bro. You get more accessories with the EverDesk while saving about $100, but the Desky has a larger desktop and better cable management. Get the Desky Dual if you can stretch the budget enough.

  6. Hi Steven, thank you for your extensive review as I got a lot out of it. If looking for budget desk, wanted to get your view on Artiss vs Oikiture. Thank you in advance.

    • Hey Dee, thanks for the compliment. I had a look at the specs for both and am almost certain that the Artiss and the Oikiture are the same stand-up desk, made for different brands with minor cosmetic differences.

  7. Many Australian standing desk retailers appear to be out of stock right now. For example, StandDesk doesn’t have many of its frame sizes available. Zen and Kergo are in the same boat.

    • You’re spot on. Something unusual is happening with supply chains. I’m investigating.

  8. Hi Steven, thanks for your great review!
    Do you have any particular recommendations for standing desks for short people? I am 4’11’’ and whilst a starting height of 60cm would just manageable (Desky looks good from that regard) I would also be interested in desks that go below 60cm in their range. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Amy, you stumped me with this one. I’ve never come across desks that lowers beyond 60cm, but I may have a workaround for you.

      Consider pairing your standing desk with a drafting chair – this will give you the extra height you need while sitting. If you want something special, Herman Miller offers a few of its chairs as drafting stools. Otherwise, lot of retailers have good options for $500-$1,000.


  9. Late comment since I just found this article while shopping for my desk.

    My problem was minimum height. I need under 70cm for correct sitting posture. Was hard to figure out but eventually minimum specified height was without desktop.. so add 2.5cm and then if you want casters which I did add another 6cm .. so 60+2.5+6=68.5 which is fine luckily but had to restrict myself to the lower end min height available tables. They should make desks with min height of 50cm to cover more people and have 4 stage masts for the tables to get the same height.

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