The 5 Best Standing Desks in Australia: A Comprehensive Review For 2022

Upgrade your workplace with the best standing desk.


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Steven McConnell
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April 4, 2021

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Looking for the best standing desk in Australia? You’ve come to the right place! This article will compare 5 of the best standing desks on the Australian market. I’ll look at their features, pros and cons, and see how they stack up against each other.

Specifically, I’ll assess their:

  • build quality
  • ergonomics
  • design
  • value for money

I’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for an affordable option or something more luxurious. If you’re interested in my judging criteria, scroll down to the bottom of the article. But for now, let me put Australia’s 5 best sit-stand desks under the microscope and reveal my #1 choice for 2022.

1. UpDown Pro Desk.

Overall best standing desk in Australia.

best stand up desk in australia

Shown in photo: UpDown Pro Desk with recycled Messmate desktop and optional power rail.


The UpDown Pro Desk has taken the #1 spot in my review of Australia’s best standing desks for 2022 – because it provides the best range of customisation options in a supremely well-made and stylish package. It’s the last electric standing desk you’ll ever need to buy.


This standing desk is rich in desktop options, including Victorian Ash, Jarrah, Bamboo, Messmate and hard-wearing Melamine board.

The Australian-sourced, recycled hardwood eucalypt desktop (also known as Messmate) is my favourite option, with Victorian Ash and Acacia in a tie for second place.

I love the fact that UpDown Desk offers a risk-free, 30-day trial on all of its Pro series electric standing desks.

This spectacularly long trial period lets you experience the desk with complete peace of mind. Even more impressively, the company will pay for the shipping cost from anywhere in Australia if you return the desk. No other stand up desk manufacturer offers this.

sit stand desk australia

Shown in photo: UpDown Pro Desk with recycled Messmate desktop and black frame. Optioned with a power rail, anti-fatigue mat and single monitor arm.

But the best feature of the Up Down Pro is its bulletproof feel. The powder-coated steel frame feels ridiculously strong and satisfyingly chunky. It is very well-made, and the powder coating layer is thick enough to protect the standing desk from bumps and scuffs.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that you could probably drop this sit-stand desk from the 3rd storey window, and it would stay intact.

It’s almost over-engineered.

At the risk of sounding older than I am, I’ll say that the UpDown Pro’s build quality reminds me of “the good old times” – before Ikea and cheap, semi-disposable furniture flooded the Australian market.

If something does break or get wobbly, the standing desk’s frame and electrical components are backed by a 10-year Australian warranty.

Apart from rock-solid build quality, the UpDown Pro electric standing desk offers a massive range of options to personalise your workspace to your needs.

standing desks in australia

Shown in photo: Top down view of my personal UpDown Desk with New Messmate desktop. Yep, I need to invest in a better laptop stand.

Choose castor wheels, monitor arms, handy lockable drawers and power rails to build an ergonomic, stylish and efficient workspace – to your exact spec.


While the UpDown Pro desk’s range of options is comprehensive, it means you’ll probably spend above your budget.

By the time you option your desk with a beautiful hardwood desktop, a lockable drawer, a cable tray, an anti-fatigue standing mat and a cable management tray (essential, IMHO), you may spend more than you had initially planned.

That being said – a lot of these accessories are included at no extra charge during the April 2022 promotion.


Shown in photo: bamboo desktop, white desk frame and an optional metal drawer for UpDown Pro Desk.

Be aware that this standing desk is heavy – especially if you spec it with a hardwood desktop. This, of course, is the unavoidable flipside of its ridiculously strong metal construction – and won’t pose a problem once you set it up.

But remember to have a strong pair of hands nearby after assembly to help you manoeuvre it into position.

My other (albeit minor) frustration is that the cable management holes are optional. The company will drill the holes for you (if you purchase the grommets at the same time as the desk), but be mindful that this will void the 30-day trial on the desktop.

accessories for standup desk

Shown in photo: optional cable management holes with metal grommets are an $84 option – and void the 30-day trial.

My suggestion is that you skip the cable management holes altogether (to preserve the 30-day trial), run your cables directly to the back and be sure to spec your stand-up desk with a power rail + cable tray.

This will keep all your cables neatly tucked behind the desk and your power sources within easy reach. (I personally really dislike having to fish under my desk for an available power socket).


The UpDown Pro Series is my #1 recommended sit-stand desk in Australia because it has every feature you need in a stylish, robust package. This desk will add to – not detract from – your WFH environment.

I’m a lover of solid wood furniture, so I upgraded to the UpDown Pro from the Artiss (see below).

If you are the same, opt for a hardwood Messmite or Victorian Ash desktop on your UpDown Pro desk – you won’t regret it.

the best standing desk in australia

Shown in photo: A close-up of my UpDown Pro with a New Messmate desktop. The colour is particularly pretty when the Sun hits it.

Not only is hardwood beautiful to the eye and great to touch, but at 27mm it’s 2mm thicker than the other options, which amplifies that rock-solid, quality feel.

✔ Huge selection of optional accessories
✔ 30-day, risk-free trial period
✔ Sturdy and wobble-free
✔ 100% Australian owned
✘ Options can get expensive
✘ No pre-made cable holes


The UpDown Pro Series stand-up desk isn’t cheap, but you get what you pay for. Prices start at $899 for a desk with a Melamine desktop and top out north of $2,000 when specced with hardwood and optional extras.

The good news is that during April of 2022, UpDown will give you about $300 of accessories for free by including a complimentary cable tray, metal drawers and cable management kit with any Pro series standing desk.

As a next step, I suggest that you use the UpDown Desk Builder to configure your perfect desk and get an instant price.


➤ Load capacity: 160 kg
➤ Work area: 150cm (W) x 75cm (D)
➤ Extension Height: Between 64cm and 127.5cm

2. Desky Dual Stand Up Desk.

Best if UpDown Pro doesn’t offer enough options.

best standing desk australia

Shown in photo: Desky Dual with a hardwood Pheasantwood desktop. Yep, whoa.

The Desky Dual adjustable standing desk is very similar in price, construction and design to the UpDown Pro Desk, but it varies in 3 important ways:

  • Optional scallop at the back of the desk (for improved cable management).
  • Different desktop wood choices.
  • Slightly less heavy-duty construction.

Let’s take a look at this sit-stand desk in detail.


I love the option of a carved scallop at the rear of this sit-stand desk. This is an excellent feature if you plan to position your desk flush against the wall.

It allows you to run cables to the back without drilling holes in the wood or pinching the cables between the wall and the desk.

If UpDown Pro’s desktop colours don’t fit your decor, the Desky Dual offers a few unique alternatives.

For example, Dark Bamboo is a sleek, stylish and inexpensive option. But if you want your stand up desk’s vibe to be less “Death Star” and more “luxury catamaran”, opt for hardwood Pheasantwood, Red Oak or Walnut options.

best standing desk australia 2022

Shown in photo: Desky Dual with a Melamine top in Burnished Wood colour. Also, notice how the rear scallop creates room for cables and monitor arms.

Like the UpDown Pro, Desky offers a trial, but its duration is less generous at 7 days (vs UpDown’s 30 days) and conditional on you not affixing the desktop to the frame (which would create holes). In contrast, the UpDown Pro can be returned even if you have screwed the desktop to the desk frame.

Desky’s generous 10-year warranty ensures peace of mind, while the option to integrate up to 8 power sockets underneath the desk will keep owners of elaborate multi-device workstations clutter-free.


Let’s talk numbers. The Desky Dual’s frame weighs 36kg versus UpDown Pro’s 41kg. It’s also rated at 20kg less than the UpDown Pro.

You’re not likely to exceed its 140kg rating or break it, but the numbers do suggest that Desky’s construction contains less metal in the base.

The frame’s weight is a good proxy for the standing desk’s overall ruggedness.

best sit stand desk in australia

Shown in photo: Another angle of the Desky Dual with dark frame legs and a Pheasantwood desktop.

Desky’s maximum elevation of 125cm is slightly less than UpDown’s 127.5cm. It’s not meaningful for most people, but tall folks like me (I’m 200cm) will value every additional centimetre.

Finally, Desky’s assembly instructions are good, but if you’re not mechanically minded, you’ll need more than the quoted 30 minutes to put it together.


The Desky Dual is an excellent electric standing desk.

Even though the UpDown Pro edges it out in my comparison of best standing desks in Australia, it’s a fabulous choice for people who don’t plan to push the limits of the desk’s load and height limits, for whom the scallop option is of benefit or who fall in love with one of the Desky’s wood colour choices.

✔ Scalloped design allows neat placement against a wall or an opposite desk
✔ Optional 8 power sockets under the desk
✔ Unique colour options
✘ Less heavy duty than the UpDown Pro
✘ Less generous trial than that of the UpDown Pro
✘ Maximum elevation could be higher


Prices start at $875 and top out at just above $2,000. This places the Desky Dual in the same price range as the UpDown Pro.

Please check the current price on the manufacturer’s website.


➤ Load capacity: 140kg
➤ Work area: 150 cm (W) X 75 cm (D)
➤ Extension Height: Between 60cm and 125cm

3. Movi Desk Converter.

Best sit-stand converter for your existing desk.


Shown in photo: The Movi doesn’t eat into your desk’s usable space while giving you the option to elevate your workspace.

The Movi standing desk converter snatched the #3 spot in my review of best standing desks in Australia. It’s a standing desk for people who don’t want a standing desk but want to enjoy all of its benefits.


The Movi will convert your traditional desk into an electric sit-stand desk with a button push.

The super-quiet electric motor and spacious 115cm x 70cm work area design are just a few things to love about this height-adjustable standing desk converter.

You can choose from Lite and Pro models, with the latter including nice-to-have (but not essential) features like one-button memory recall and two USB charging ports.

electric standing desks australia

Shown in photo: Both stylish and practical, the Movi is an inexpensive alternative to “proper” standing desks.

Like most desk converters, the Movi arrives fully assembled at your door, and the 2-year warranty covers all parts.


Be mindful that it’s only rated at 15 kg. A chunky monitor plus a couple of peripherals will see you nudging against that limit.

The Movi standing desk converter may not be the best solution if you’re used to having multiple heavy monitors.


The Movi desk converter is a stylish, budget-friendly bamboo desktop that converts your existing desk into a standing table.

It’s not designed for heavy loads and can get a bit wobbly at maximum extension. However, it’s a compelling option in this price bracket.

✔ No assembly is required
✔ Low cost (when compared with dedicated standing desks)
✔ Keep your current desk
✔ Award-winning design
✘ Moderate 15kg weight rating


The Movi standing desk converter starts at $599. Please check current price on the manufacturer’s website.


➤ Load capacity: 15 kg
➤ Work area: 115cm (W) x 70cm (D)
➤ Footprint: 109cm (W) x 52cm (D)
➤ Extension Height: Elevates up to 44cm above your existing desk

4. Artiss Standing Desk.

The best budget electric standing desk.


Shown in photo: Artiss sit-stand desk with white frame and natural oak top.

The Artiss is my 4th best overall standing desk in Australia – because you get a lot of value for a relatively small price.

Customers agree – the desk is currently the #1 Best Seller in the Home Office Desks category on Amazon Australia, with a 4.6-star rating.

I had one of these desks in my home office for almost 2 years until I upgraded to the UpDown Pro Series (mostly because I wanted a desk made from hardwood) – and I had very few complaints about it.


Let’s start with simplicity. When ordering your Artiss standing desk, you only have two decisions to make – desktop colour and your colour.

Well, there’s also a choice of 120cm and 140cm desktop sizes, but I recommend that you automatically default to the larger 140cm size to maximise your desk space.

The lack of extra options means the price stays low while you get all the essential features.

Further on that note, the standing desk includes cable management holes, complete with grommets – as standard (hooray!).

artiss stand up desk review

The Artiss stand-up desk offers four colour desktop choices, all at the same price point. My pick is walnut, matched to a black frame.

Because the Artiss standing desk isn’t expensive, I was worried that its electronics would look and feel like they belong on a children’s toy.

To my great surprise, the height adjustment buttons proved to have a nice, tactile feel – and the control module itself features a minimalist, modern design.


While the desktop material doesn’t look and feel cheap, it’s not to be mistaken for a bamboo desktop or a solid hardwood Tasmanian Oak, either.

In my opinion, the look and feel of the desk are exactly spot-on for this price point. Think ‘Ikea’ rather than ‘Coco Republic’. The standing desk looks well-designed and charismatic rather than beautiful and high-end.

standing desk for home office

Shown in photo: Artiss sit-stand desk with black frame and walnut top. The exact combination I chose for my home office.

Get yourself an UpDown Pro (my #1 best standing desk in Australia) if you want the latter. You’ll get a piece that elevates your WFH space, and will last for 10+ years.

Another interesting observation is the Artiss‘ 70kg load capacity.

While this is enough to support a couple of monitors, a computer, and your body parts’ weight, the UpDown Pro beats this figure by over 200%, with its 160kg maximum load rating.

It confirms my observation that the UpDown desk is one of the flagship, premium standing desks in Australia, while the Artiss is the best option if you want to keep your costs down.


As someone who has owned this standing desk for almost 2 years, I know first-hand that it deserves the #4 spot overall. It’s also the best standing desk in Australia if your budget needs to stay around $600.

If I had to summarise the Artiss electric standing desk in a single phrase, it’d be “outstanding value for money”.

✔ Stylish control panel
✔ Very sturdy
✔ Not expensive
✘ Not a statement piece
✘ 70kg load capacity is decent without being outstanding
✘ Bamboo desktop isn’t available


The Artiss stand-up desk is very well-priced. Expect to pay between $600 and $700 – and not a cent more. Shop the best deals here.


➤ Load capacity: 70 kg
➤ Work area: 140cm (W) x 70cm (D) or 120cm (W) x 60cm (D)
➤ Extension Height: Between 72cm and 122cm

5. Vari Standing Desk.

Best standing desk for taller people.

electic standing desk australia


The Vari Desk is the Toyota Camry of height-adjustable standing desks. It won’t win any design awards, nor does it do anything other standing desks can’t.

But – like the Artiss stand-up desk, it’s practical, user-friendly and relatively inexpensive.

The Vari is for you if you want a good stand-up desk without blowing the budget. That being said, the Artiss does pretty much everything that the Vari does – for about $300 less. This is why the Artiss is my #4 choice, and the Vari is in the #5 spot.

However, the Vari desk does have one party trick up its sleeve. It boasts a best-in-class extension height of 128cm, making it a perfect fit for taller people like me (I’m 2 metres tall!).

You can choose between five colour finishes and the company claims that the desk’s T-style legs provide enhanced stability (truth be told, almost all stand up desks that are being sold in 2022 have this type of leg design).


✔ Tallest desk on the market
✔ Claimed assembly time of 5 minutes
✘ “Corporate-ish” design


➤ Load capacity: 99.8 kg
➤ Work area: 122cm (W) x 76cm (D)
➤ Extension Height: Between 63.5 cm and 128 cm

6. XDesk Encore.

The Lamborghini of stand-up desks, shipped from the U.S.

sit to stand desk australia

The XDesk Encore is a height-adjustable standing desk that you will want to proudly display as a centrepiece of your office space, rather than hiding it in the back room of your house.

Designed and built-in good ol’ Texas, USA, this ergonomic desk uses sustainable materials such as natural bamboo and recycled aluminium to remind us that ergonomic home office furniture can be beautiful.

Modern yet understated, the XDesk Encore features handy integrated storage bins and shelves to keep your most important tools organised and close by.

The option to seamlessly connect Harmon Kardon speakers seems a tad excessive, but I’d undoubtedly tick it if I set out to build the ultimate WFH workstation.

I love XDesk’s “build your desk” website functionality, which allows you to configure and order your standing desk exactly to your spec.

The main downside that I can see with the XDesk Encore (or any standing desk in the XDesk range, for that matter), is the need to organise shipment directly from the US.

They do ship worldwide, but you will need to obtain a shipping quote before placing your order, either by calling (00+1) 512-212-7758 or using their international shipping form.

Finally, there’s the question of compatibility with international electricity grids. The desk is built with North American power supplies in mind, which means you’ll need to fork out another $60-$250 on a step-down transformer to plug it into a typical Australian household power socket.


✔ Best in class lifting speed
✔ Ultra-quiet operation: 60db during transitions
✔ Elegant design: no exposed screws, hardware or motors
✘ Shipped from the US
✘ Requires a step-down transformer to work in Australia
✘ Costly, especially if you get carried away with options


➤ Load capacity: 160 kg
➤ Work area: 160cm (W) x 80cm (D)
➤ Extension Height: Between 60 cm and 128 cm

Why Did I Write A Monster Review Of The Best Standing Desks In Australia?

review of electric sit stand desks
Two years ago, I decided to upgrade my home office with an electrically adjustable standing desk, to have the option of working from a standing position with the push of a button.

The issue?

The Australian market is flooded with standing desks from local and international brands. Some electric standing desks are cheap and flimsy, while others are unnecessary overpriced.

My first port of call was Ikea, home of the Bekant sit-stand desk and the Idasen sit-stand desk. To cut a long story short, I disqualified them within five minutes. Too nasty.

Back on the Internet, I found reviews standing desks lacking in necessary context and detail. Most of them simply rehashed the specs I could easily find on manufacturers’ websites and padded them with meaningless superlatives.

I decided to invest quite a bit of time in research, so that I could buy the best sit-stand desk for my needs.

The research took me over 40 hours, and I hope to save you time by sharing my discoveries below.

I ended up buying the Artiss standing desk because, at the time, I had a limited budget and didn’t want to spend more than $700. I needed a sit-stand that would work well, look good, and wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg.

Two years later, I moved into a different home and decided to use this as an opportunity to upgrade my WFH environment. The Artiss height-adjustable standing desk went into storage, and I bought the UpDown desk instead.

This explains why my analyses of the Artiss and the UpDown desk above are rich in detail, while those of the Movi, the Vari, Xdesk and Desky are more factual.

I’ve actually personally owned and used the first two in my home office.

Some of the links below are affiliate links; I may get paid a small commission if you decide to buy a desk that I recommend.

My conclusions are not driven by financial incentives, and I’ll be surprised if the commissions end up being more than beer money. My primary goal is to share my thought process around choosing the best sit-stand desk on the Australian market.

If you find my findings useful, I’d love to hear from you – please let me know whether you agree with my results in the comments below. If you have further questions, do the same – I’ll be happy to give more insight.

EDIT: During lockdowns, I decided to continue pimping my work-from-home space to ensure that I remain healthy, happy and productive. Check out my thoughts on the best coffee machines for those who work from home.

Are Standing Desks Actually Worth It?

standing desks review

I believe so. Standing desks are linked to higher rates of productivity by as much as 45%.

Users experience lower heart rates, improved energy levels, and a better overall mood than those who only use sit-down desks.

3 Types Of Standing Desks In Australia.

The terms “standing desk”, “sit-stand desk” and “stand up desk” are interchangeably used to refer to one of three types of desks that are available on the Australian market.

Those are:

  • Dedicated Standing Desks
  • Desk Converters
  • Fixed Height Standing Desks

adjustable height stand up desk

For this review, I only considered electric standing desks in the first two categories – products that either transform your existing desk or replace it with an adjustable one.

I fixed height standing desks because of their limited utility in the context of WFH. Most home offices don’t have the space – or the need – for a dedicated standing-only desk.

Manual vs Electric Standing Desk: Which Is Best?

Some people prefer manual standing desks because of their apparent reliability. The fewer electronics, the fewer chances of something going wrong, right?

I don’t buy into this argument.

Manual lifting mechanisms are not immune from failure, while modern electronics are extremely reliable. Unless you opt for a very cheap electric standing desk, you’re not likely to experience issues with your desk’s push-button electric lift.

Skip the manual standing desk – unless your office doesn’t have a reliable power supply.

My Methodology For Choosing The Best Standing Desk.

Some people value design at the expense of everything else. Others prefer practicality – even if it’s packaged up in ugly forms.

I’m the type of person who does not like to trade off practicality for good design, and vice versa.

Performance and design – at least for me – are always the winning combination. That’s why I use Apple Mac laptops as work machines and drive a Land Rover Discovery.

Products like these inspire me because they score highly across those two – diametrically opposed from an engineering point of view – dimensions.

For this test of the best sit-stand desks in Australia, I identified the following as essential criteria:

  • Aesthetics (design, UX)
  • Ruggedness (build quality, solid feel)
  • Value for money

The more highly the standing desk scored across those 3 criteria, the more likely it was to win my award of The Best Standing Desk In Australia.

Best Accessories For Your Stand Up Desk.

While your electrically adjustable stand-up desk is the ergonomic centre of your WFH activity, it’s useful to remember that your home office upgrade is not complete until you consider at least some of the following:

  • Chairs / Stools
  • Accessories
  • Storage
  • Power & Data Cable Management
  • Acoustics

Check for these with each manufacturer. Some standing desk manufacturers offer these as options; others as inclusions.

EDIT: Consider fuelling your WFH productivity with a coffee machine for your home office. I just wrote a review to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Standing Desks Improve Your Health.

Working from home can be the ultimate perk.

Indeed, the arrival of 2022 has heralded a new era for remote work. Advancing technology coupled with the devastating impact of COVID-19 has enabled more businesses and employees alike to wake up to the prospect of working from home (WFH).

However, working from home is not without challenges.

When you first start working from home, you roll with the punches. You work hunched over your kitchen table. You work lounging on your living room couch. You work while reclining on the back deck.

Then you quickly realise that these short-term adaptations come with a cost. You start to get aches and pains in your neck. Your posture suffers. You may even get a digestive issue or heart disease. Your productivity suffers.

A dedicated standing desk helps you dodge those issues. By choosing an UpDown Desk, an Artiss Desk a Movi Standing Desk Converter or another high-quality standing desk, you invest in your physical and mental health while upgrading your office space.

Summary Of The Best Standing Desks.

The finalists:

  • UpDown Desk – Best overall standup desk in Australia.
  • Desky Dual – Best if you need scallops or unique colour options.
  • Artiss Desk – Best value standup desk.
  • Movi Pro – Best sit-stand desk converter.
  • Vari Desk – Best for taller people.
  • XDesk Encore- Best for creating a “WOW” effect. The Lamborghini of standing desks.

Did not qualify for this review:

  • Bekant Sit Stand Desk
  • Idasen Sit Stand Desk
  • Zen Space Desks
  • The Omnidesk

Enjoy “the new normal”!


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