Omnidesk Ascent Standing Desk Review

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Last updated: 09th Jul 2024

omnidesk ascent standing desk review

Last updated: 09th Jul 2024

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I have physically tested and reviewed most standing desks on the Australian market. Omnidesk’s latest flagship – the Ascent – has so far escaped my scrutiny. But this is all about to change.

I’ve watched all the reviews online (so you don’t have to), scoured Reddit and read customer reviews, to bring you my verdict. Let’s dive in.

Quick Verdict.

The Omnidesk Ascent is a stunner with its sleek design and gorgeous hardwood top options. If you have a decent budget (around $1400), get the Wildwood spec for the beauty of its hardwood.

The Ascent has features you’d expect in a premium standing desk, like programmable height presets, a mobile app, and advanced cable management.

However, it comes at a premium price and has minor stability issues at full height.

If aesthetics and functionality are your top priorities — and you can handle the cost — this desk is a solid choice.

Extra Desktop Size. The Ascent offers the largest desktop sizes of all standing desks in Australia.Price of Accessories. Start ticking the list of (admittedly seductive) options and your total price will skyrocket.
Huge Range Of Options. You can customise your Ascent by choosing from 6 hardwood, 2 melamine and 1 softwood desktop options as well as several edge shapes.Minor Wobbles. The Ascent starts to wobble more than competitors once you push it above medium height.

Who Should Buy The Omnidesk Ascent?

Designers, photographers, Millennials, Gen Z, influencers, bloggers, gamers.

Expert Tip.

Design cues like the multicolour backlight on the height controller subtly indicate that the desk is aimed at the younger generation, especially those in creative fields.

5 Things I Love About The Omnidesk Ascent.

The Ascent is Omnidesk’s new flagship model, replacing the Pro at the top of the lineup. You get a lot for your buck:

  • Wide Desktop Option: While the Ascent is available in three widths (122cm, 153cm and 183cm), the widest size is the largest of all standing desks available in Australia. It commands space beautifully. If you have the space in your home office, this is your best pick.
  • Programmable Controller: It’s a modern gadget with a funky multicoloured backlight and four programmable height options. Big buttons mean you don’t have to squint at it whenever you adjust the desk. You’ll find a very similar-looking controller on Desky standing desks.
  • Advanced Cable Management: The optional ($79) cable management tray is adjustable in length and keeps all your wires neatly organized and out of sight. Wildwood and Radiance variants of the desk have a built-in cable cutout at the rear. You can run your unsightly cables through it directly into the cable management tray.
  • Customisable Looks: Omnidesk offers a healthy amount of customisation to make the desk your own. Apart from the three desktop widths I mentioned earlier, you get 6 hardwood material options on the Wildwood desktop, as well as straight and curved bamboo desktop options on the standard Ascent.
  • Gorgeous Hardwood Look: If you read my blog, you know that I love hardwood furniture. Ascent’s Wildwood range doesn’t disappoint. I recommend you opt for lighter tones like Natural Hevea or Acacia light – this will enable you to create contrast with dark desktop mats and accessories.

Did You Know?

You can view the Ascent standing desk before you buy it at the company’s Melbourne showroom. Apart from Desky, Omnidesk is the only Australian standing desk company that offers this option.

Above: Spec your standing desk with a light-coloured desktop to create striking contrasts with dark, creamy and terracotta colours.

5 Things I Hate About The Omnidesk Ascent.

Despite its strengths, the Ascent has several quirks and downsides:

  • High-ish Price Point: Starting at around $1000 for the base Bamboo and increasing to over $1800 for hardwood options, the Ascent is definitely an investment. It’s priced on par with other premium standing desks like UpDown Pro and Desky Dual. While it offers great features, it may not be affordable for everyone.
  • App Connectivity Issues: While the Omnidesk Life app offers extensive customisation options — from height adjustments to LED colour settings — it can be slow to connect at times. This makes quick adjustments less convenient than they should be.
  • Weight: This thing is heavy! Moving the 37.5 kg frame around will demand some muscle power or an extra pair of hands.
  • Stability Concerns: At its medium to highest settings, especially with heavy hardwood tops adding to a high center of gravity, the Ascent isn’t as stable as it could be. While it doesn’t interfere significantly with work tasks, some wobbling does occur.
  • Vulnerability Of Wood Surface: The beautiful hardwood surface is unfortunately prone to scratches. Moving equipment around without caution can easily mar its pristine look.


Disappointingly, Omnidesk doesn’t offer a risk-free trial. Stand Desk, VariDesk and UpDown Pro are the only three desks to offer this in Australia.

Technical Specifications.

Key facts you need to know before you buy:

Height Range60-125cm
Motor Speed 60mm/sec
Max Load130 kg
Frame Weight37.5 kg

Is the Omnidesk Ascent A Good Buy?

So, is the Omnidesk Ascent worth splurging on? If you’re tired of slouching over your kitchen table and are ready for an upgrade, I think it is.

The company markets it as a pinnacle of standing desks, and they’re almost correct. It’s a very competent product, but in a very crowded marketplace it doesn’t stand out for any particular reason.

For me, it doesn’t have that special “it” factor that UpDown Desk has.

If you’re looking for a good alternative, the Ascent’s closest cousin is the Desky standing desk. In fact, both companies share the same frame supplier (Jiecang), albeight the frame models themselves are slightly different.


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