“Success Gap” Is The Reason Why Strong Candidates Often Get Overlooked For Top Leadership Roles

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Companies are notorious for hiring the wrong candidates into senior management and leadership roles. Why does this happen?

You want to rise to the top of an organisation, drive strategy, lead a high-performance team, be respected, and make a hefty amount of money along the way.

You know you have the goods.

Yet you often get overlooked for internal promotions. And when you apply for external roles, you get overlooked by recruiters and hiring managers. What’s going on?

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The Missing Ingredient.

I meet a lot of experienced senior business leaders who find themselves in this situation.

Despite their enviable track records and strong communication skills, they fail to successfully attract (and/or compete for) top jobs because they can’t effectively articulate their commercial value to potential employers and recruiters.

When asked to talk about themselves – via their resume, their LinkedIn profile, during a job interview, or even over a coffee – they stumble and sell themselves short.

They lack the ability to sell and market themselves.

To be more specific, they don’t clearly know what their value is – which means they can’t live, breathe and communicate that value.

This is unfortunate, because it means that candidates who do talk a good game – even though they lack the skills to back it up – often get the job instead.

How To Fix The Problem.

The key to fixing this issue lays in reducing or eliminating what I call the Success Gap. 

Let me explain. I’m not saying that you haven’t attained success in your career thus far. I’m specifically referring to your ability to succeed in job search.

Within this context, your Success Gap is the difference between your actual value and the value you’re able to articulate, define, communicate and own when you’re pitching yourself to potential employers.

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Your Success Gap is one of the main reasons why you—and other perfectly qualified candidates–get overlooked, while less-than-stellar people make it into the top ranks.

Your Success Gap represents scads of untapped potential and missed opportunities.

How To Close The Gap. 

Here’s the good news: You can eliminate your success gap by defining your candidate value proposition. Creating a strong value proposition is a lengthy process (our team spends over 20 hours with each client), but I can get you moving in the right direction by giving you a few pointers here.

An effective value proposition:

  • positions you as a clear answer to a specific set of commercial challenges
  • establishes your unique point of difference, and
  • weaves a clear narrative through your career history, positioning each career move as strategically relevant to your intended direction.

This value proposition then needs to be intentionally disseminated across every touch point of your personal brand. Specifically, your:

  • resume
  • LinkedIn profile summary
  • online headshot
  • interview answers
  • (optionally) thought leadership pieces, websites, evidence of speaking engagements and mentions in the media

(Related Article: How To Start Building Your Personal Brand).

5 Steps To Job Search Success.

Take an honest look at your resume. Does it do justice to your career, or does it sell you short? Does it make you look different to another, similarly qualified candidate? Does it speak into the needs of hiring managers? If not, rewrite it – or hire us to do it for you.

Examine your online presence. Does it support the idea that you’re an authority, an expert and a forward-looking thinker? If not, write a few thought leadership pieces, get interviewed by the media, start a blog – or hire us to do it for you.

Audit your LinkedIn profile. Does it grab the reader by the eyeballs? Does it tell your career story in a compelling manner, in a way that showcases your value and demonstrates your intended direction? If not, rewrite it – or hire us to do it for you.

Speaking of LinkedIn, how is your profile headshot? Is it sharp, professional and interesting? If not, get a new one – or hire us to do it for you.

Assess your interview capabilities. There’s no point in undoing everything you’ve worked so hard for by not being able to communicate your value live and in person. Are you prepared for tricky questions? Are you able to sell yourself by showing how the value you’ve delivered in your past roles will help you succeed in the role you’re interviewing for? If not, improve your job interview skills or hire us to help you with it.

Right about now, you’re likely feeling a bit overwhelmed. But fear not.

We Can Help You With All Of The Above.

Let me ask you this – what would your career look like, if your success gap were to disappear, or become negligible?

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Eliminating the job search success gap in careers of senior business leaders is the reason we go to work.

Partner with us, and we’ll take the entire problem off your hands. In the next few weeks, your ability to market and sell yourself can increase by a large margin.

Arielle Executive is here to help you realise your career potential, reach your goals, have more freedom and more money to do the things you want.

Author and meditation teacher Rod Stryker summed it best:

“Your long-term happiness and fulfilment depend on your ability to fulfil your soul’s unique purpose and to fill the place in the world that only you can fill, making the contribution that only you can make.”

It’s your life. Let’s do this thing.





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