7 Best Dual Monitor Arms In Australia For 2023

Create an ergonomic dual monitor setup.


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Last updated: October 9th, 2023

what are the best dual monitor arms in australia

Last updated: October 9th, 2023

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Using two monitors at work? You can improve your productivity and comfort levels by setting up your computer screens ergonomically, with both screens at eye level. A strong dual monitor arm is your best friend.

Craning your neck to look up or down isn’t great, ergonomically speaking. A good dual monitor arm, combined with an adjustable desk and a top-notch ergonomic office chair, will keep your monitors in an optimal position for your eyes without restricting your ability to move.

Let’s compare the 7 best dual monitor arms on the Australian market for October 2023.

1. Desky Dual Monitor Arm.

best dual monitor arm

The Desky Clamp-On Dual Monitor Mount provides style and stability without sacrificing articulation. It supports monitors up to 30 inches in size and can support weights up to 10 kilograms.

Internal cable management system preserves a clean look of your desk setup.

  • If you want one monitor lower than the other, angled slightly, or positioned in portrait mode, the Desky mount lets you do it all.

It’s available in black and silver colours.

2. UpDown Dual Monitor Arm.

The UpDown Dual Monitor Arm has almost the same side-to-side reach, pitch, and yaw abilities as the Desky Dual Monitor Arm—except its maximum height is a few inches lower.

The UpDown Dual Monitor Stand will accommodate monitors up to 30 inches and about 3.5 kg while offering one of the tidiest internal cable management systems on the market.

It does beat the Desky arm in one important way – it offers the option of two types of VESA:

  • Recessed: for monitors with mounting points depressed into its back.
  • Non-recessed: for monitors with flat mounting points.

3. Everdesk Dual Monitor Arm.

A newcomer to the Australian market, Everdesk Dual Monitor Arm offers one of the best dual monitor arms for under $150.

It allows you to adjust the position of your monitors however you like, and if you want, you could even purchase a laptop tray (sold separately) to attach in place of one of the monitor mounts.

Integrated cable management is standard.

Unlike other monitor arms in this review, the Everdesk model is compatible with the UniGroove mounts in Everdesk standing desks.

  • The major benefit of this setup is a more portable installation.

The major benefit of this setup is a more portable installation.

It doesn’t have as much vertical articulation as Desky and UpDown monitor arms but is more suitable for home offices with space constraints. 

4. Omnidesk Dual Monitor Arm.

If you require something more substantial, Omnidesk’s Premium Dual Monitor Arm is your best choice. It can support monitors up to 25 pounds and 32 inches in size.

The large clamps and chunky metal construction promise very good stability. The VESA plates are also removable for easy installation. 

5. Vivo Dual Desk Clamp Stand.

You can find a monitor arm for less than $100, but you’re taking a chance when you do.

Companies that make them have little to no reputation, and it’s risky to trust them with expensive displays that could be damaged.

Expert Tip.

If you own expensive monitors, I recommend that you spend more on a dual monitor stand that will properly protect them.

That said, this monitor arm from Vivo is the best option I’ve found on Amazon. Boasting 4.5 stars from mind-boggling 58,000 reviews, it’s clear that people trust this product.

  • It’s made from steel and aluminum, can support monitors up to 27 inches in size and has a weight capacity of 10 kilograms.

The Vivo arm also comes with a 3-year warranty, something you won’t find with most other cheap options.

6. Zeus Dual Monitor Arm.

The clamp-on mount from Elite is expensive, but it’s made from solid metal and has fully adjustable arms. It also has a sleek, modern exterior that will look great in your office.

It can support monitors up to 10 kilograms and 32-inches, and you can position your monitors in just about any way you want thanks to each arm’s numerous points of articulation.


Elite will allow you to stack your monitors on top of each other, but that will only work for monitors under 24 inches.

7. Ergotron LX Dual Side-By-Side Arm.

The Ergotron clamp-on mount is both good-looking and stable, perfect for holding monitors up to 32 inches. It can support weights of 20 kilograms and has an internal cable management system to keep cords tidy.

  • Position your monitors however you want with the Ergotron mount.

You can have one lower than the other, slightly angled, or even in portrait mode.

Plus, it comes in three colours to match any style: black, white, and silver.

What To Look For In A Dual Monitor Arm.

Although a dual monitor stand might not look complex, there are several factors to take into account.

1. Mounting Type.

Every product on this list has a VESA mount, which is the standard type for monitors.

You must ensure that your monitor is VESA compatible; simply check the back of your monitor for four screw holes in a square shape. If they are present, then you’re good to go; however, if not, then find a different stand.

2. Weight And Size Limit.

Before making your purchase, double-check the weight and size of your monitors to be on the safe side.

Most mounts list the maximum monitor size and weight they can support in their product descriptions. They’re also quite often stamped onto the products themselves.

3. Range Of Motion (Articulation).

The main reason to get a monitor mount is the extra options you have for positioning.

Expert Tip.

Articulation describes how many joints there are and how flexible they are, which translates into the arm’s range of motion.

With any of the stands on this list, you’ll be able to angle, raise/lower, and turn your monitors between landscape and portrait mode.

4. Clamp vs Freestanding.

The two most popular types of mounts are desk clamps and freestanding mounts. Clamp mounts attach to a side of your desk, while freestanding ones sit on top of your desk like a regular stand.

Which design is best for your home office?

I believe that the security offered by clamp dual monitor arms makes them a better choice. The last thing you want is two of your monitors tipping off your desktop.

What’s Better: A Single Dual Monitor Arm or Two Single Monitor Arms?

This is a controversial topic! While a dual monitor arm is the simplest and cleanest method of mounting dual monitors on your desk, there are some compelling reasons to use two single monitor arms instead.

1. Independence.

You’ll have more options for positioning each monitor independently. If you need your monitors close together or far apart, no problem!

With a dual monitor arm, you’re limited to the predetermined distance between the two mounting brackets

2. Flexibility.

If one monitor is a different size or weight than the other, you can simply purchase two single monitor arms that accommodate your respective monitors

3. Scalability.

If you ever upgrade to a larger monitor or add a third monitor to your setup, it’s much easier (and cheaper) to add another single monitor arm than replacing your dual monitor arm with a triple monitor arm.

Can You Use A Monitor Arm On A Glass Desk?

Some dual monitor arms can be used on a glass desk, but avoid desk-mounted monitor stands, which apply too much clamping force and may break the desk.

If your desk can handle the weight of two monitors, a desktop monitor stand should suffice. If weight is an issue, go for a wall-mounted stand instead.

Before You Buy A Dual Monitor Arm.

Before you hit “buy now” on any of the above dual monitor arms in this review, take into account these important factors.

1. Check Your monitors For VESA Mounts.

This is a standard configuration maintained by the Video Electronics Standards Association, commonly known as VESA, so users can buy new stands easily.


The VESA standard for monitor mounts comes in two sizes, the smaller size being 75mm x 75mm or the larger option at 100mm by 100 mm. Most modern PC monitors fit into one of these two categories.

2. Check The Weight Of Your Monitors.

Make sure that your chosen monitor arm can support your screens.

Although there is some wiggle room with size, resist the temptation to exceed weight limits set by manufacturers of dual monitor arms – it’ll save you a lot of money and headaches down the road.

What Are The Benefits Of A Dual Monitor Stand?

When you buy two monitors and place them side-by-side, you will eliminate a huge amount of space from your desktop and will struggle to put them into an ergonomic position.

  • This is where dual monitor arms come to the rescue.

They improve the ergonomics of your office setup and decrease the chances of a monitor falling on the ground.

1. Keep Your Desk Clutter-Free.

A single monitor can take up a surprising amount of space on your desk. Dual monitors, placed on their native stands, will dominate your entire desktop.

A dual monitor arm lets you delete the chunky native monitor stands by floating your monitors in the air, giving you back your desktop in the process.

2. Keep Your Monitors In An Ergonomic Position.

With a regular monitor stand, you’re stuck. You can’t move it around easily (side-to-side movement isn’t an option – and back-to-front movement is restricted).

(Related: What Are The Benefits Of An Ergonomic Chair, Exactly?)

3. Reduce The Risk Of Damage.

Freestanding monitors can fall off your desk easily. This is especially problematic if you have babies or pets running around the house.

  • A dual monitor arm is a great way to increase the safety of your monitors.

By mounting them on the wall or attaching them to your desk, you will make it much harder for them to fall and break.

4. Look More Professional.

A single monitor, placed in the middle of your desk, looks great. But when you add a second monitor, things start to look a bit “gamer”.

With a dual monitor arm, you can preserve the clean, minimalist and professional aesthetic of your office space.


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