The 7 Best Co-Working Spaces In Sydney


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More than rented desks, co-working spaces are community hubs that you can use to meet like-minded entrepreneurs, freelancers and business partners. Littered all over Sydney CBD and neighbouring suburbs, they have a lot in common - yet possess very individual quirks. We've walked Sydney streets and made mystery visits to each venue to find, review and shortlist the 7 best co-working spaces in Sydney, and help you choose the right office for your remote work or company needs.

Arielle Executive - Sydney, Melbourne, New York

Last updated: April 22nd, 2024

Best overall

Work Club

Premium co-working space with 4 locations across Sydney, Work Club is our #1 pick because of its serious members and luxury spaces.

Visit Work Club

Best for flexibility


WeWork offers a reliable, flexible and inexpensive service with 8 sites across Sydney CBD and hundreds of locations globally.

Visit WeWork

Best for tech startups


A mecca for hardcore early-stage entrepreneurs and developers, Fishburners is not just a co-working space - it’s an institution.

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Best if you're in fashion

La Porte

Spectacular offices 15 minutes outside of Sydney CBD. Because image is who you are, not where you work, darling.

Visit La Porte

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Arielle Executive - Sydney, Melbourne, New York

Last updated: April 22nd, 2024

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Finding the best coworking spaces in Sydney is tricky, with many purporting to offer a unique experience. The world has changed since the pandemic, and we live in a new “normal”. Except, for many, that new normal isn’t quite working out.

Are you still working hunched over your kitchen table or from a local coffee shop? Chances are, your productivity is suffering.

Humans are creatures of habit: we need structure and routine. We must compartmentalise our environments.

Whether you’re a digital nomad, small business owner, freelancer, or just looking for a flexible office space for your team, finding the right Sydney coworking space will give your well-being and productivity a much-needed rocket boost.

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1. Work Club, Sydney CBD.

Best premium experience, best overall.

coworking space sydney cbd

The first rule of Work Club is… we do talk about Work Club. It’s too bloody awesome not to, and features first in our review, as I found it transformational for my work habits.

At one point, it was like a second Sydney home to me.

From the moment you step over the threshold, you just know when you’re in a Work Club coworking space. A hotel-style concierge greets you, and once you’re in, the unmistakable trademark aesthetic envelops your senses.

It’s a blend of raw leather and Scandi-style furniture, dark and sophisticated. The vibe is one of a premium lounge for executives with rustic warehouse undertones.

It’s impossible not to be inspired and energised by the carefully curated environment. You’re sharing an environment with executives, serious business owners and their top employees; you feel like a boss.

Many coworking spaces claim to offer this, but Work Club has created a human ecosystem that unites diverse professionals and businesses around shared ideals.

coworking space sydney cbd

The Florence Guild events and masterclasses they run are executed particularly well.

I’ve been to so many in-house events that are awkward and involve too much forced fun.

As an introvert, that frustrates me – especially when a one-hour class is wasted by spending fifteen minutes going around the room and everyone introducing themselves.

I’ve never found that to be the case with Work Club. It’s no-nonsense, and they get straight down to business. Clearly, time is money.

Despite my initial preconceptions about the environment being exclusive and intimidating, I’ve never felt as comfortable and welcome in a coworking space.

Don’t just take my word for it. Work Club is best experienced in person, and I would totally recommend you book a tour at one of their Sydney CBD locations.

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Who It’s For.

Despite the moody interior, Work Club is home to a down-to-earth community.

coworking space sydney cbd

It’s geared more towards established businesses, although I did notice quite a few freelancer and pre-revenue startup types pecking away at keyboards in hotdesking sections.

There’s a range of all-inclusive membership plans on offer, including Club Membership, House Membership, Club Suites, Club Desks, and even Tailored Memberships.

If their standard plans don’t quite match your needs, they’ll customise your membership to suit you and your business.

They don’t offer day passes for casual workers, presumably to ward off that species of the simultaneously frustrated and sanctimonious poseur – the wantrepreneur.

Oh, and I love the convenience of ordering my favourite coffee (or even a beer) and adding it to my tab. Nice touch, Work Club.

They’re obsessed with hospitality, and will offer everything from your morning coffee to your evening cocktail.

Some locations have themed restaurants where you can sample international cuisine, such as Nordic-inspired dishes.


Membership plans range from $200 monthly for individuals to $1,250 monthly for private office suites.


  • 200 George: Level 32, 200 George Street, Sydney
  • Supreme Court: Level 8, 99 Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW 2000
  • Barangaroo: Ground floor of AON building, 201 Kent St, Sydney
  • Barrack Place: Suite G.12, 151 Clarence Street, Sydney
  • Locomotive: 2 Locomotive St, Eveleigh

Reasons To Like:

  • Luxury and sophisticated decor.
  • Florence Guild events and masterclasses.
  • Bespoke and tailored memberships.

Reasons To Avoid:

  • Dark aesthetics may be offputting and intimidating for some.
  • Prices will be out of the budget of many small startups.

2. WeWork, Sydney CBD.

Best for cheap flexibility.

coworking space sydney cbd

It wouldn’t be a review of Sydney coworking spaces without a shoutout to the industry veteran WeWork.

They’re renowned for their stylish interior designs, so whichever of their eight coworking spaces in Sydney CBD you choose from, expect modern decor – although each has its own quirky identity.

In each, you’ll find traditional desks, breakout areas, private phone booths, tall tables for collaborative and informal working, and private meeting rooms.

Their common areas are the heart and soul of their locations, which are living-room-style workspaces designed for creativity, comfort, and productivity.

WeWork also provides flexible membership plans, including pay-as-you-go options (subject to availability) and monthly memberships on coworking spaces, dedicated desks, and private offices – giving you 24/7 access to multiple locations.

You could literally work in a different Sydney office every day for two weeks.

You can book a space on the day (subject to availability) and book meeting rooms by the hour, or you can take out a monthly membership.

coworking space sydney

As a member, you’ll get unlimited free coffee, fruit, craft tap beer after 1pm and other perks like business-class printing facilities.

They also run a partnership programme with other companies, giving you discounts on other digital services such as 30% off Hubspot, 15% off DocuSign, and many more.

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Who It’s For.

WeWork is a great coworking space in Sydney for those who value cheap, cheerful, and flexible.

Convenience is the name of the game. You can walk into any WeWork in the world and swipe your pass without interacting with another living soul.

Your bookings can now be managed with their slick On Demand app – great if you are allergic to bureaucracy and unnecessary admin-related conversations.

Also, if you like a change of scenery, under their Basic Membership ($185), you can switch things up and choose to work from Harris St or Miller St, whereas the Plus Membership, which costs $325, allows you to work from all Sydney locations.

You also get five free credits to book a meeting room per month with the Plus membership compared to two credits for the basic membership.
coworking space sydney CBD australia

Which WeWork site in Sydney is best?

I think natural light is essential for mood and productivity, so I feel good working from 333 George Street, Sydney CBD site, with its high windows. The one on Martin Place is a little pokey for my liking.

Expert Tip.

Jimmy’s Falafels is just across the road from the 333 George St location. I’m obsessed.

The Barangaroo and Pyrmont locations are also very modern and attract a younger crowd.

If you frequently travel, you can also work in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and hundreds of other locations across the world. You can find out which here.

You’ve also got 24/7 access in select locations, so if you work unorthodox patterns, you don’t have to worry about your office space closing until the next day.

Prices (vary slightly by location):

  • Hot desks starting at $45 per day.
  • Meeting rooms starting at $20 per seat per hour.
  • Private office starting at $850 per month.
  • Basic Membership at $185 per month.
  • All Access Membership at $325 per month.


  • 64 York Street, Sydney
  • 1 Sussex Street, Barangaroo
  • 50 Miller Street, Sydney
  • 161 Castlereagh Street, Sydney
  • 383 George Street, Sydney
  • 320 Pitt Street, Sydney
  • 5 Martin Place, Sydney
  • 333 George Street, Sydney
  • 66 King Street, Sydney
  • 100 Harris Street, Pyrmont
  • 50 Carrington Street, Sydney

Reasons To Like:

  • Flexibility gives you access to multiple sites, 24/7.
  • Stylish common areas are great for impromptu breakout sessions.
  • On-demand app is easy to use for managing bookings.

Reasons To Avoid:

  • Pop music plays nonstop and it can be hard to ignore.
  • Communal spaces can get congested at times.
  • Showering facilities are basic.

3. Fishburners, Sydney CBD.

Best for start-ups and hardcore entrepreneurs.

where to find coworking in sydney

More than a coworking space, Fishburners is a community of young, hungry entrepreneurs.

It’s considered one of the best office spaces in Australia for a couple of reasons.

  • Firstly, it’s the epicentre of the startup community in Sydney CBD. Over 1,000 entrepreneurs engage with Fishburners every year, servicing 35,000 in total.
  • Secondly, they’re a not-for-profit organisation.

What does being a non-profit have to do with anything? Well, they’re a passion project, which means they can keep their prices competitive while they reinvest their profits.

Education, support, resources, and entrepreneur-centric experiences are outstanding.

They have a certain scrappy, gritty, Silicon Valley-esque vibe about them, but that’s the idea.

Day passe and membership prices are some of the most competitive in Sydney. There are a few membership levels you can choose from too, and the premises can be accessed 24/7 (great if you’re nocturnal).

Oh, and can we take a moment to appreciate the unlimited barista coffee, please?

coworking space sydney

Who It’s For.

This is a coworking space in Sydney CBD for those who wanna be a tech billionaire so frickin’ bad – for those who dare to dream big.

If coding for days while living on ramen profitability and rubbing shoulders with inspiring people is your thing, Fishburners is the best coworking space in Sydney, bar none.

Okay, so it’s unlikely any of us will become billionaires, but the millionaire mindset teaches us that if you hang around five millionaires, you will be the sixth.

It’s impossible not to be motivated by the entrepreneurs working out of Fishburners.

While they have a dedicated quiet space on Level 1, introverts might want to find somewhere less energetic and somewhere they can mix in a crowd and go unnoticed.

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The monthly events calendar attracts a lot of praise from members. They host Friday night pitches, Thursday lunch and learns, and monthly community mixers.

If you’re serious about self-development and growing your business, you can access all this as part of your existing membership.

Prices (excluding GST):

  • $40 per day.
  • $380 per month for 10 days per month on a community desk.
  • $495 per month for 24/7 access.
  • $615 per month for your own private desk and 24/7 access.


  • Level 2/11 York St, Sydney NSW 2000.

Reasons To Like:

  • Non-profit status means their focus is on excellence, not cheaping out.
  • Amenities such as unlimited printing and great coffee.
  • Great networking opportunities.

Reasons To Avoid:

  • College atmosphere aimed at a younger crowd.
  • Cliquey and quite challenging for newcomers to integrate.
  • Nowhere to hide since most of it is open plan.

4. La Porte Space, Rosebery.

Best if you’re in advertising, PR or fashion.

If money were no object, I could seriously live here. I wonder if there are any loopholes in laws for squatter’s rights at coworking spaces…

Hit me up if you know of any!

While not technically a coworking space, La Porte Space is a private office and event space like no other in Sydney – and is dripping with a Parisian influence.

Every detail is well thought out for office tenants, such as the French-style windows, shutters, ornate balustrades, arty lamps and lighting, and mirrors.

Beauty is in its subtleties.

The decor has soft neutral colours, mainly whites and ivories, and there is a fusion of classic and contemporary elements.

It’s a luxury office with a fresh and pure ambience, not at all like some executive workspaces, which seem as though they’ve been designed by and for woodlice, given the collective obsession for all things dark and dingy.

You’ll not find it difficult to relax in one of the 30 distinctive offices.

However, you’ll need to add your name to a waiting list, as they’re in high demand. To be notified when a luxury creative suite becomes available, click here.

As well as offices, there are three dedicated event spaces, and there’s a green outdoor area, photography studio, private dining room, cafe, sauna, and gym.

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Who It’s For.

Given its unique identity, it’s a space where artists, designers, fashionistas, and photographers commonly hang out, but it’s not exclusively reserved for those belonging to the creative industries.

coworking space sydney

The luxury offices are well-suited to those looking for a private office. It’s a luxury space, and as such, the price reflects that.

A private, dedicated desk costs a whopping $400 per week, and an office suite costs around $600 per week.

Given the price, it’s an inappropriate choice for smaller businesses and start-ups, as that’s a significant overhead that’s not directly delivering a return on investment.

A luxury office space is a nice-to-have rather than a necessity.

An office space like La Porte would be great for executives or business owners in the fashion, PR or advertising industries, where image is not optional.

Located outside of Sydney CBD in the rapidly-gentrifying suburb of Rosebery, La Porte is surrounded by great takeaways, lunch joints and cafes.

Prices (excluding GST):

  • Exact prices are available upon request.
  • Rough price guide: $1,100 per month for a private office.


  • 87-103 Epsom Road, Rosebery.

Reasons To Like:

  • Very few tenants on casual memberships, meaning you’ll get to know your neighbours.
  • Sophisticated and classy office spaces.
  • Amenities give it the vibe of a wellness retreat.

Reasons To Avoid:

  • Price – for most, this is a luxury, not a necessity.
  • Not a great amount of communal space for networking.
  • You can’t hot desk or use breakout areas to add variation to your working day.

5. Tank Stream Labs, Sydney CBD.

Best for high-calibre teams and corporate crowds.

coworking space in sydney

Tank Stream Labs operates from four locations in Sydney CBD. Even Andrew Banks, an investor on Shark Tank, is a big fan.

“I love the idea I’ll be surrounded by enterprising young people all having a go at their own business.”, he gushed.

While each of the four locations has a slightly different identity, there are some commonalities at their core.

Tank Stream sites have a traditional corporate office aesthetic and vibe. Dedicated desks are frequently occupied by law firms, finance guys, and white-collar workers wearing suits and ties.

What I mean is that the floor plan reflects a typical corporate office space, where every employee has a standardised desk space that looks like .. a corporate Sydney CBD office.

No frills, no fuss. Exactly the opposite of La Porte’s approach!

The spaces are designed to accommodate large numbers of remote workers, and there’s excellent meeting room availability too.

There’s less fancy decor and modernity – the focus is on practicality.

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The four Tank Stream Labs coworking spaces scattered around Sydney CBD are the Sydney Startup Hub, Scaleup Hub, Social Impact Hub, and Sydney Barangaroo.

As the names imply, each has its own respective market segment that they cater for.

My favourite site is Barangaroo – it’s a sort of one-size-fits-all and offers spectacular views with plenty of natural light.

Who It’s For.

Tank Stream Labs’ serviced offices are built to accommodate larger teams rather than the casual freelancer looking to hot desk.

They have full floors available for you and your entire team.

Also, if your current Sydney office is undergoing refurbishment or if you need a temporary solution, a Tank Stream Labs coworking place is a great stopgap.

Given Tank Stream Labs’ emphasis on private office space, owners of companies that handle sensitive or protected information (looking at you, cybersecurity firms), can discuss special arrangements.

One thing I think is really cool is the guest check-in feature.

When guests arrive at reception, they can use the self-check-in service, and you’ll automatically receive an email or text notification. Handy if you have lots of client meetings and visits from other stakeholders.

Prices (excluding GST):

  • Dedicated Membership from $500 – $1,295 per month.
  • Flexible Membership from $400 per month.
  • Day Rate from $75.
  • Digital Membership from $75 per month.


  • Level 17, International Tower 3, 300 Barangaroo Ave; 24 Campbell St, Sydney NSW 2000
  • Levels 6, 7 & 8, Sydney Start-up Hub 11 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000
  • 120 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Reasons To Like:

  • Four different Sydney coworking spaces to choose from according to the stage of your business growth.
  • 24/7 building access.
  • Great for larger teams.

Reasons To Avoid:

  • Uninspiring design that makes you feel like you’re at work.
  • Day rate is expensive and poor value for money for casual users.
  • Solopreneurs and those occupying hot desks might feel lost working around larger teams.

6. Desk Space, Darlinghurst.

Best for freelancers and solopreneurs.

best coworking space sydney

Desk Space is based in Darlinghurst and is a prime location for the cool kids.

I’ve heard it referred to as a woke space, as opposed to a work space, and while I think that’s perhaps an exaggerated trope, it certainly tilts toward being a liberal (with a lower-case “l”) community of “free thinkers”.

The surrounding area offers a decent all-around experience; it’s filled with OK cafes and restaurants, while the backstreets lead to an independent theatre and a wine bar or two.

Darlinghurst is not the bohemian wonderland that it used to be, but it still manages to offer a few niceties.

Inside, Desk Space boasts an open-plan layout, and its minimalist design gives the place a clean and spacious look.

Exposed wooden beams, stanchions, and conduits punctuate the wide open space.

The contrast of white walls and dark wood flooring is complemented by rare art collections, strategically placed plants throughout.

Believe it or not, researchers have evidenced a biological reason why plants in the office could increase productivity by 15%. The association with nature reduces stress and promotes feelings of calm and tranquillity.

On a separate note, what good are meeting rooms if you can never access them because others are always hogging them?

Thankfully, with Desk Space, there’s enough to go around, and you’ll rarely struggle to find one when the need arises.

The room booking system and notifications make it super simple to manage, too.

One of the things which sets this place apart is the team’s customer service and friendliness. They’re always visible and pleasant, and they provide you with good coffee every morning, and they even surprise you with treats such as soup days, Tim Tams, and even random pizza lunches.

Who It’s For.

The blend of rustic and contemporary interiors makes you feel as though you’ve just stumbled into a minimalist art exhibition—without the snobbery and pretentiousness.

Despite its arty allure, Desk Space is not exclusive to those in creative disciplines.

sydney coworking space

In fact, its open-plan layout encourages a culture of collaboration and participation, which fosters a vibrant community and is a hit with solopreneurs working for Sydney-based and international businesses.

The place is dog-friendly (for dogs that are trained, of course), which means your pooch can come to work with you every day and will now be your honourary colleague.

There’s a real buzz in the air, and there are Spotify playlists that play all the latest chilled beats.

If you’re looking for a Sydney coworking space with a library silence, you might not appreciate the infectious vibe of Desk Space!

It’s a space that’s very much alive.

Different membership plans are on offer, catering to your needs and offering a significant degree of flexibility. You can choose from a part-time membership, or full-time membership and enjoy private offices and meeting rooms.

Prices (excluding GST):

  • Part-Time Membership starting at $50.
  • Full-Time Membership starting at $700 per month.
  • Private Office starting at $1,740 per month.
  • Meeting Rooms starting at $40 per hour.


  • 1-3/85 William Street, Darlinghurst.

Reasons To Like:

  • Great location for a niche crowd.
  • Rustic and contemporary interior looks like a minimalist art exhibition.
  • Plenty of meeting rooms available.

Reasons To Avoid:

  • Too niche and alternative for some crowds.
  • Quite a noisy and distracting environment.
  • Being dog-friendly might not be your thing, especially if you have allergies.

7. The Porter Coworking Space, Sydney CBD.

Best for executives and making an impression.

sydney cbd coworking space

The Porter is a premium executive coworking lounge in the heart of Sydney CBD. It’s an upmarket destination that deviates from the traditional four walls of a typical office.

The organic space gives members the freedom to engage with it in their preferred way.

What does this mean, exactly?

The workspace is fluid, and the floor plan is modular; you can explore the many different breakout areas, including The Lounge, The Studio, Chairman’s Lounge, The Atelier, The Library, The Chalet, and the Catering Project.

Each of these spaces is its own unique microcosm with its own characteristics and vibe.

You’ll find spaces designed for collaboration, comfortable areas to relax with a coffee for informal meetings, and tech-enabled spaces for workshops.

You can even have a communal meeting in the warmth of a cosy fire.

I’d recommend you take a 3D tour on their website.

The first impression you get when exploring is that the facilities on offer here are state-of-the-art.

It’s located about a one-minute walk away from the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Sydney Opera House, perfect for when you fancy taking a lunchtime stroll.

It’s a stone’s throw away from Sydney CBD, too, so if fine-dining experiences at rooftop bars with panoramic harbour views are your thing, be sure to enquire about their availability, as their memberships are subject to waiting periods.

Who It’s For.

Bold and striking. I’m talking about the interior, of course, but I sense that people who come here want to project a similar image.

Some might find the environment intimidating, owing to the associations of power and wealth. Barefoot hippies from Darlinghurst are unlikely to become members here.

It’s one of those places that exude grandeur from every pore. And a senior executive or a seasoned businessperson would find themselves in good company here.

Dark furnishings give the workspace a very sleek, upmarket look, making it a good fit for high-stakes meetings and company events.

If you’re the type of person who likes to switch on “dark mode” when using software, The Porter is likely to be an office space that suits your style.

If you like natural light, this ain’t the one for you, since there aren’t many windows.

Despite its luxury aesthetic, memberships and day passes are reasonably priced.

Prices (excluding GST):

  • The last time they published prices was in 2015, and all prices are now available upon request.


  • 1 O’Connell St, Sydney NSW 2000.

Reasons To Like:

  • Modular layout and flexible workspaces.
  • Perfect networking opportunity for the elite.
  • Located in an affluent and upmarket area close to Sydney Harbour.

Reasons To Avoid:

  • Dark and gloomy aesthetic has you stepping outside like Count Dracula, recoiling and hissing when exposed to sunlight!
  • Despite the comfiness, many of the spaces aren’t ergo-friendly and there’s a lack of ergonomic chairs.
  • Lack of pricing information hints at extortionate prices.

Example House, Potts Point.

Honourable mention.

coworking space sydney potts point

Note: It’s not clear whether Example House is still trading. I’ve made contact with their team and await an update.

Example House is a quirky independent co-working space, and it’s in a prime location within walking distance of Rushcutters Bay Park and the best of Potts Point.

I mean, these are distractions, of course, and you may need to resist the temptation of taking extra-long lunch breaks, but it’s great if you like to go for brisk walks to break up the monotony of sitting all day.

Its convenient location means nothing is holding you back from exploring local amenities after work.

You’ll also find many cafes and restaurants nearby; Figo (Italian) and Enya (Japanese) are incredibly popular.

There are 20 dedicated desks available for hire, multiple breakout areas, and private meeting rooms; and while the capacity is on the low end, it’s home to a close-knit community of creatives, which means it’s also less noisy than co-working spaces that boast bigger capacities.

What’s more, they even have showers and fresh towel service, meaning you can cool off on those hot days; or if you like to cycle to work, you can freshen up.

Speaking of community, there’s also a fully functional bar for those hard-earned post-work drinks – or as a lunchtime treat; I won’t judge.

Who It’s For.

According to co-director Andy El-Bayeh, “[It’s] a place to share knowledge, share laughs, share space, and share success.”

That’s why they run member events such as wellness Wednesdays, collaboration forums, and industry events.

The team are calling on people in the creative industries to get involved.

If you’re a photographer, writer, journalist, web designer, interior designer, content creator, be sure to add this to your shortlist.

Bringing together a bunch of smart and passionate people fosters a team approach, despite individuals working in their respective businesses.

Working alone can be isolating, so if you’re looking for meaningful interaction with a small community of like-minded entrepreneurs, this is your place.

There’s also lightning-fast WiFi, so if slow internet speed makes you want to start vandalising office furniture (not recommended, but I do sympathise), you won’t have that worry here.

Prices (excluding GST):

  • Monthly memberships start at $40 per day.


  • 69 Roslyn Street, Rushcutters Bay, NSW 2011.

Reasons To Like:

  • Small close-knit community means it’s easier to form relationships.
  • Perfect hive for creatives.
  • Lightingfast Wi-fi (so no more angry outbursts!)

Reasons To Avoid:

  • Small and cliquey, meaning if you don’t like your coworkers, you’ll be unable to avoid them.
  • There aren’t any hot desks or private phone booths where you can escape to.
  • Not many additional features and amenities.

FAQs About Finding the Best Coworking Spaces In Sydney.

If you’re looking for the best coworking spaces in Sydney, consider the following…

What should I look for when choosing a Sydney coworking space?

In your quest to find the best coworking space, these are some of the most important factors that you want to weigh up:

  • Location – find a conveniently located coworking space that’s easily accessible, preferably near public transportation and near local eateries.
  • Amenities – you want a coworking space that offers high-speed unlimited internet, comfortable workstations, meeting rooms, private suites, printing facilities, kitchen areas, and access to complimentary beverages.
  • Flexibility – it’s always nice to have the option to choose between open seating or dedicated desks; flexibility of membership plans and contracts is a bonus, too.
  • Atmosphere – find the right vibe for you; the atmosphere of a coworking space will shape your experience.
  • Price – ensure the price aligns with your budget, but don’t focus solely on cost; first and foremost, you want to ensure that the space meets all your needs.
  • Testimonials – check out the Google Reviews and TrustPilot feedback that others have left to get a feel for a place before committing.

Is it worth paying for a coworking space?

Yes, no, maybe… It all depends on your specific needs, work style, and the value you place on the amenities, networking, and overall work experience that a coworking space offers.

If you find that you’re not as productive at home or working in cafes, then you’d benefit from the structure that a coworking space brings.

What are the downsides of coworking space?

There’s a lack of privacy in coworking spaces, and that might be an issue if you take regular phone calls or partake in video meetings. It may not always be possible to find a private phone booth, so you’re going to want to invest in a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones.


Also, coworking spaces can be noisy.

After a while, it tends to become white noise, but if you find listening to gossip or business talk distracting (or if you’re an introvert who just finds people in general nauseating), that pair of noise-cancelling headphones will come in handy again and drown out the sound.

What is the difference between coworking and shared office space?

Many people use these terms interchangeably, but they’re actually unique propositions in their own right. A shared office space resembles a traditional office, except it’s shared.

Shared office spaces often feature private offices and cubicles, and rigid lease agreements and longer-term commitments are commonplace.

There is a greater focus on providing a physical workspace rather than ancillary services, which can often be more cost-effective.

As for coworking spaces, they typically have an open layout with a variety of work areas, such as open desks, communal tables, and shared common spaces.

Flexible membership options are often offered, allowing individuals or teams to choose from various plans.

With a coworking space, you can expect a wider range of amenities, such as high-speed internet, meeting rooms, event spaces, kitchen facilities, and complimentary refreshments.

Final Words About Finding A Coworking Space In Sydney.

I hope you found the above information helpful in your search for the best Sydney coworking space.

There’s a lot to digest, and each space has its own unique identity, so take your time to find the right coworking space in Sydney for you.


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