For the past few months I’ve been following studies which look at how employers will use social media when hiring you. Here are some interesting takeaways:


1. 93% Of Recruiters Will Check Your Social Media Profiles.

This is a huge jump from a few years ago, when only 30-40% of recruiters reported this to be a standard practice. (I think those statistics were skewed towards under-reporting due to concerns about ethics, but that’s another story).

The message is clear – social recruiting is now an ESSENTIAL practice. Your LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter will probably get checked. Are they in order?


2. 94% Of Recruiters Use LinkedIn As A Primary Tool For Finding & Contacting You.

Job boards are not going away any time soon, but if you’re not on LinkedIn, your chances of being found are compromised.


3. “High Quality Candidates” Are On LinkedIn.

This is a perception amongst recruiters and it’s probably due to relative newness of the platform – it hasn’t yet been heavily abused (although we are already seeing that happening).

The statistics support that view. Salary, length of tenure, education levels and experience are higher amongst job-seekers on LinkedIn, compared with classified ads and job boards.


4. 43% Of Us Have Used Our Mobile Device To Look For A Job.

I’m not surprised – the simplicity and ease of use that LinkedIn App’s Jobs Function offers is astounding. You can scroll through a personalised list of available jobs – and apply for them – while you’re waiting for your latte.


5. 18% Of Recruiters Use Twitter and 25% use Facebook To Vet Candidates AFTER The Interview Process.

Integrity is important. The old “I have to clean up my Facebook because I’m applying for jobs” mentality no longer applies.

Your digital social media imprint should be nothing but an echo chamber for who you are in real life. Hold yourself to the highest standard of behaviour both online and off.

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