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In 2015, the best job opportunities will go to candidates who think beyond resumes and begin to think in terms of discovering and building their personal brand.

A professional resume is a great start, however to be ultra-competitive you must be wrestling with questions such as: is your online presence sufficient? What do you stand for? How do you assemble all of your personal brand elements into a cohesive strategy which will drive your career goals? Those are questions I can help you answer.

Are We Right For Each Other?
My resume writing services & LinkedIn profile writing services aren’t for everyone. You and I are probably a great fit if you’re seriously invested in your career and value quality. My clients tend to be driven by a desire to build, thrive on challenge and gravitate towards leadership.
Do You Offer A Guarantee?
Yes, I do. First of all, I am happy to work on your documents until I receive your approval that you are 100% happy with them. Secondly, if you find that the documents that you receive do not yield results, I encourage you to call me so that I can ask you the necessary questions in order to solve the problem you may be dealing with. Sometimes this means making adjustments to your resume and/or LinkedIn profile. Other times I will be able to offer you advice around what you’re not doing throughout the recruitment process that you ought to be. Each situation is different. We can have a chat to ascertain what the root cause of the problem may be. This means you can rest assured that I’m committed to creating results for you, not just writing you a pretty set of documents. Feedback from my clients >
How Do I Get The Ball Rolling?

Easy – simply click the “Buy Now” link on the Packages page. If you prefer to have a chat first, please give me a call. Alternatively, email me or tweet me. Contact details >

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