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I speak with many CEOs as part of my job and I have a huge amount of respect for people who take on that role because I understand that, mostly, it’s not about titles, pay and prestige.

The bigger the CEO job, the more it is about managing uncertainty, shouldering huge amounts of responsibility, weathering criticism and solving problems that most of us don’t want to (or can’t) deal with.

Being a CEO is also often seen as an all-consuming job. How can you possibly make it to your kid’s 6pm soccer match, be with your family for dinner AND spearhead your company’s expansion into Asia? Continue Reading…

I found myself welling up with emotion as I watched the Rabbitohs bruise the Bulldogs over the weekend.

Not because I have a strong allegiance to either club (I haven’t).
Not because I care much about football (I don’t).

This was the most watched NRL grand final in history not because die-hard football fans came out to see great football.

It happened because everyday bystanders like me got swept up in droves by the desire to hear the punchline of a great story, which was bigger than rugby league itself. And the story goes something like this Continue Reading…

When I was a corporate HR manager, hundreds of resumes crossed my desk for every job ad I posted.

These days, I also view, critique and write resumes every day as part of my awesome job here at Arielle.

It means that every day I see mistakes and some of them are repeated very, very often. Let me share with you the top 4 resume mistakes which will kill your job application. Continue Reading…

A lot of people ask me, “what is personal branding?”

It’s a very valid question. The concept of personal branding isn’t new, however the frequency with which it’s being thrown around has exploded in recent 12 months.

This has led to many misconceptions, the most unfortunate of which is, perhaps, the confusion of the concept with personal image Continue Reading…

Looking for in-depth, intelligent analysis of leadership and management issues which are facing Australian executives in 2014? Take a look at our curated list below. Continue Reading…