My long-awaited personal branding guide for job-seekers is finally out.

Featuring resources, tutorials and videos from world’s leading thinkers on personal branding, it’s the most comprehensive and up-to-date guide for professionals, executives and managers who want to establish a strong presence online and attract the best job opportunities.

If you’ve heard that developing a personal brand is a necessity, but you don’t know where to start, this is for you.

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I just went through a very interesting process of moving.

As I picked each item I own, one by one, I noticed that I value physical objects less than I ever have.

Sure, there are sentimentally important things, like gifts from special people I’ve received over the years. Continue Reading…

Ah, March. The excitement of a New Year has worn off, Valentine’s Day and the ensuing rush for overpriced roses is over and the Easter holiday is AGES away.

Have you found yourself clockwatching at work recently?

  • Dragging yourself out of bed at silly o’clock in the dark and wondering why you are bothering?
  • Browsing recruitment websites and job-boards?
  • Feeling a bit fed up with work?

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For the past few months I’ve been following studies which look at how employers will use social media when hiring you. Here are some interesting takeaways:


1. 93% Of Recruiters Will Check Your Social Media Profiles.

This is a huge jump from a few years ago, when only 30-40% of recruiters reported this to be a standard practice. (I think those statistics were skewed towards under-reporting due to concerns about ethics, but that’s another story).

The message is clear – social recruiting is now an ESSENTIAL practice. Your LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter will probably Continue Reading…

The dating game is often characterised by pre-occupation with facts:

“He is witty.”
“She is intelligent.”
“He drives an Audi.”
“She is a banker with UBS.”
“That’s a pretty sharp suit.”
“She is quite pretty.”

Of course, it’s not really those facts that we care about. Rather, we Continue Reading…

I’m not surprised that the Qantas debate has taken an ugly turn.

In case you missed it, last week, two Sunrise hosts were caught in a crossfire between pro-Qantas reform Jeff Kennett and more conservatively-minded Mark Latham.

I’m all up for lean, modern companies which can compete in the global market.

Though it’s disappointing to see politicians indulging in the same, narrow-minded, cheap rhetoric, rather than wrestling with impact of that decision and looking at ways to minimise the impact on 5,000 people whose jobs Continue Reading…

What’s the biggest mistake you’re likely to make during job search?

If you’re like most people in the process of self-marketing yourself to prospective employers and recruiters, you think a lot about the content of your presentation:

  • how you talk
  • what you say
  • what your resume looks like
  • how your personal brand looks online

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We get so caught up in our life that we fall into the trap of thinking that others have the same world-views, interests and priorities as us.

Yes, I get that you..

  • have done an enormous amount of tasks in your job.
  • have a mountain of experience that you want to list, which you think is important.
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Have you noticed that there’s a lot of talk about “the changing world of employment”?

Conversations about positive leadership, authenticity, employee engagement and meaningful workplaces are becoming the norm. There are voices in this community which speak louder than others and which disseminate ideas which would have seemed radical just a few years ago.

Here’s a list of thought leaders whose ideas I get inspired by (OK, so there’s 6, not 5). If you’re an executive or a manager and you, like me, wrestle with the question “what will the workplaces of tomorrow look like?”, you’ll enjoy these:

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It’s interesting that we often refer to our jobs as “roles”. I don’t think this choice of word is accidental.

What is a role? The word itself implies an adopted, temporary way of being.

It is something that an actor plays out. However, the same actor doesn’t view his job of acting as a role. Acting is what he does. An actor is who he is.

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