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If you Google “resume writing examples” (link opens in a new tab), you’ll be faced with an ubiquitous resume format which has been the staple of resume writing since late 1990s.

In a nutshell, it looks like this:

resume example 1

The biggest problems here are:

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Getting interviews can be tough in the current market.

You may have 30 years’ of relevant experience, recognition and a skills list that would put Cirque de Soleil performers to shame but you keep hitting closed doors in your job search.

There are many reasons as to why job searches are difficult:

  • slower economy,
  • fewer available senior roles,
  • development of the hidden job market, and
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It’s no secret that I love LinkedIn.

I think the platform has deservedly become the weapon of choice for professionals, managers and executives who are serious about advancing and future-proofing their career.

You can use LinkedIn in one of two ways:

  1. Actively (while on the job hunt) – to discover available job opportunities and get in front of recruiters.
  2. Passively (while happily employed) – to build your network and increase your visibility while attracting potential opportunities and planning your next career move.

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Your desire to chase status and perks may be ruining your career.

Take, for example, your answer to “what do you do?”

It’s normal to wish you had an impressive job title, so that you can fleetingly bask in warmth of the other person’s approval. If your job title isn’t that impressive, it may be tempting to hide behind the brand name of your company instead. Continue Reading…