There was a time when you could simply be seen as a leader in your industry, by having an intricate and successful past that people knew about. In those days, you wouldn’t have to do very much to change, improve or move forward, yet you still would be at an advantage, and could successfully remain in front of your competition.

Times have changed.

Now, in order to have a seat at the table, you must keep up with what’s going on in the market. You need to stay one step ahead of industry trends. You need to be abreast of standards and norms and you need to be thinking about what you can do to solve customer problems in ways better than it’s currently being done.

Not only must you outdo your competition, but you must outlove them. Providing them with more value. Contribute to them. Stop wondering about what YOU can get from the deal, and start making a difference.

It used to be the case that an industry leader would always win over small business. Now the little guys, who provide a newer/funkier/authentic level of service and are able to pay more attention to detail, can very easily use the internet, technology, and their lack of bureaucracy and ability to innovate quicker than the larger organisations, to outmanouver the big players who have forgotten to continue evolving, who have forgotten to connect and to care, and instead have relied on their previous successes, thinking that this run of success would last forever.

So, if you’re a Leader in your field, don’t be too sure of yourself. There is somebody out there, right now, who is inching and ever so swiftly starting to move ahead of you. This person will outmanouver you if you don’t continue to fine-tune your story, to refine your offering, to push through boundaries and to start to view old problems in a new way.

Those of you who want to be at the top of your field, NOW is the chance to make a start. You can use the fact that most people in your field have become complacent to your advantage. Most of your competition will continue to do the same thing until it’s too late and they realise that they’re behind. Once they realise this, you will be miles ahead, and it will take a LOT of work just to play catch-ups. You will have evolved so far beyond your current boundaries, that the difference between you two will be exponentially disparate – too much so for them to simply read a few blogs and catch up overnight.

Think of the retail shops that have collapsed over the last few years. Think of the huge companies that were once blooming, and now are nowhere to be seen. This happened because they missed opportunities to keep ahead of the competition, to stay with the times. They continued doing what used to work, only to realise that it wouldn’t work forever after it was too late and the loss was too great.

What does this mean for you? Well, I’m glad that you asked. 🙂

Whilst most people are sending out their resumes, you can be one step ahead of them. You can send out a resume, attaching a link to your LinkedIn profile AND your blog where you talk about your thoughts on the challenges the industry is facing, and share your opinion on how these issues can be overcome. You can turn an old problem into a solution. This will put you within the top 1% of high performing individuals within your field.

We are at a critical point right now, where the majority of the market has not yet caught on with the online presence storm that has taken over countries abroad and is only set to soar more and more. By being aware of this, you are already leagues ahead of people who don’t even know it exists.

Don’t become complacent and don’t be the business that thinks they’ve made it, only to stop actually competing.

Your Competition Is Always Moving Forward. Are you Keeping Up?

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