Looking for in-depth, intelligent analysis of leadership and management issues which are facing Australian executives in 2014? Take a look at our curated list below.


1. Best Advice To New CEOs (or Those Who Want To Be) [PODCAST].

Leadership is a tough game. During your tenure in senior management, you’ll experience more stress than you can imagine. How do you excel, make a difference and leave a legacy – all while looking after yourself? Is that even possible? Michael Hyatt, ex-CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers shares lessons he learned along his journey of becoming a world-class leader. More >


2. 4 Ways To Get Headhunted.

First, get out there and start networking. The key is to not be overly salesy when you meet people – listening is a huge part of networking – but still ensuring they know your quality and reputation. James Caan, a global influencer and leader, provides insight on how to make the right moves and get noticed. More >


3. Why 70% Of Top Companies Are Failing At Employee Engagement.

If you’re like most HR leaders, the thought of employee retention is near the top of your priorities. Do you feel that your company is doing enough to keep its best staff? If your answer is “No”, you’re not alone – 70% of senior HR managers feel the same way. What can be done to prepare for the staffing challenges that lay ahead? More >


4. How To Lead A Diverse Group Of People Toward A Collective Goal [VIDEO].

What can an army general teach us about building a sense of shared purpose among people of many ages and skill sets? By listening and learning — and addressing the possibility of failure.

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