It’s no secret that I love LinkedIn.

I think the platform has deservedly become the weapon of choice for professionals, managers and executives who are serious about advancing and future-proofing their career.

You can use LinkedIn in one of two ways:

    1. Actively (while on the job hunt) – to discover available job opportunities and get in front of recruiters.


  1. Passively (while happily employed) – to build your network and increase your visibility while attracting potential opportunities and planning your next career move.


(You can also – obviously – use a combination of both).

The good news is that LinkedIn is rolling out two new features which will improve your effectiveness with both of those approaches.


1. Mobile Job-Seeker App (Coming to Australia in Q4 2014).

Mobile job search is on a dramatic rise. People are looking for jobs during lunch breaks, commutes to work and trips to the office toilet cubicle.

Career authority JobVite discovered that 43% of job-seekers have used their phone or tablet to search for a job.

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In the meantime, a recent Glassdoor survey suggests that this trend will rise to 90% before 2014 ends.

LinkedIn is aware of this.

The new Job Search App was released in the US iTunes Store last month and, if usual timelines are adhered to, it will be available to Australian job-seekers before Q4.

Your current, main LinkedIn mobile app already has a job-search feature, however this standalone (and free) app will take things further.

LinkedIn emphasises improved privacy through total separation of your professional everyday LinkedIn activity and your job search activity on the platform. This means you won’t need to worry about your current employer finding out about your secret ambitions to work for Google.

The app will also offer enhanced job recommendation matches and a significant reduction in time it takes to search and apply for jobs. Read more about it here.

2. LinkedIn Publishing Platform. (Currently By Special Request Only).

I’m sure you’ve come across a few articles by a LinkedIn Influencer in your time.

Now you have the opportunity to have a voice on LinkedIn and leverage the credibility associated with being a published author on the platform.

LinkedIn is in the process of rolling out the feature to the masses, but you can skip the queue by requesting early access.

To improve your chances of successfully being accepted, it’s a good idea to already have a couple of your blog posts published around the web (you’ll need to provide links to those in the sign-up form).

Like any good thing online, this feature will get abused (I’ll give it 18 months before a flood of mediocre, self-promotional content floods your LinkedIn stream), so having first-mover advantage will enable you to make the most of this new feature and create content which won’t be drowning in a sea of competition.


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