The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club.
The second rule of Fight Club is you DO NOT talk about Fight Club.

Can you see where I’m going with this yet?

The first rule of personal branding is: do not talk only about yourself.
The second rule of personal branding is: DO NOT talk only about yourself.

Now, the third rule of personal branding is to ask yourself – “what do people care about?”

If anyone says at this point, “my personal brand!”..

Show them Rule 1 & 2.


The Most Important Question.

Many people will also ask at this point – “who are my people?”

Which is a great question.

Because this is where it has to start. Defining your crowd. There’s no point Tweeting away and posting tips on Google+ if you don’t know who you’re aiming at.

Your crowd is who you can make the most difference to with skills, thoughts and ideas that are your own.


Think About Your Gifts.

I write resumes for job-seekers because I’ve been the hiring manager who was receiving resumes for 10 years and I know what they want to hear from you.

I also write a lot about personal branding because I see the employment landscape changing rapidly before us and I want you to be ahead of the pack.


The Future Of Job Search.

In 5 years no-one will be applying for jobs by emailing a resume.

It’s bad news for resume-writing side of my business, but great news for you – if you start thinking about your talents and making a difference to people online through them, you’ll be the one who finds yourself with opportunities presenting themselves to you through your online network.

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The key is to start now – to be ahead of the pack. Building a brand is not a difficult, but also not a quick process.