Our traditional approach to our working life is that we don’t like it. Most people experience bouts of ‘Monday-itis’, and each day post-Monday just brings you closer to Friday, where cheers of ‘TGIF’ roar through the office.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I find it quite unappealing to think that complaining about how much we hate work has become so acceptable in our culture. It’s almost an ingrained normality. In fact, most would find it strange to hear that a friend can’t wait to go to work on Monday! “What’s wrong with them? They love work?”

Everyone is waiting to leave work so that real life can begin. You know, the life you actually enjoy (because, of course, work is not to be enjoyed. That’s just work).
Most people only work because it pays the bills, and gives us money to do things that we actually want to do, for real (because work isn’t it).

What an inspiring way to live!

Now, I invite you to question yourself here. Does life really have to be this way? Could it be possible, that you could enjoy work, as much as you enjoy life outside of work? I think so.

Enter Virginie. A lovely French girl who works at our local gelato shop. My fiancé and I go there quite frequently, and Virginie is always there, and is always smiling.

She stands out from the others like a sore thumb. Whilst everyone is moaning and groaning when the store is packed to the brim, and the queue extends out the door and almost around the corner of the street,
Virginie isn’t fretting like the rest. Her love for each moment is clearly evident in her dancing around, her singing to the music on the radio and her vivaciousness. She is the only person in the store that talks to us as though she remembers us, and we genuinely feel her care and engagement.

Each time she insists on us trying new flavours, and without us even asking, she recommends her favourites (mind you, other shop assistants are frustrated when we ask). She even helps with suggestions when she is not the shop assistant that is helping us.

How can people who perform the exact same duties, have such a different outlook on their jobs?

I believe it’s in their reason for being there. Virginie *wants* to be there, and she wholeheartedly is there to contribute. Virginie isn’t just thinking about her paycheck. She is there, giving herself fully to her customers in each and every moment. And she outperforms herself each and every time. And as a result, she loves her job whilst others are counting down the minutes until they can go home!

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