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Do You Have The Right Mindset For Building A Personal Brand?

  Now, let me translate Jay’s theory of pre-eminence into what it means in the context of what it means to grow your personal brand. Let’s indulge in a few formulae: Brand = Reputation. Also, Reputation = Creating Value For Others x Time If you hold those...

4 Minutest With… Series

For example….   Brand ambassadors can be a powerful way to support PR and influence campaigns. They provide expert voices to tell brands’ stories and can help establish a brand’s credibility and authenticity with the media, bloggers and other influencers....

Hierarchy of personal branding services.

Three circles, one inside another. Core – personal branding positioning session Innermost circle – resume, linkedin, etc Next – content Outer – social media Outer outer – paid social strategies, get interviewed, etc....

What You Should Keep In Mind When Registering A Website.

Thinking about amplifying your brand with a personal blog? Well, you are no longer limited to having a website with a generic domain extension like .com – you can be www.andrew.ceo, if you like. But does better customisation lead to more traffic?

What Personal Branding Companies Are Not Telling You.

Most image management / reputation management / personal branding companies are coming at the problem from a needy / fear based angle. We come at it from a value add / improve life angle. They’re all missing the point – personal branding doesn’t...

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