Increase Your Influence.

Get Interviewed By Media & Top Bloggers.

Being interviewed is one of the most effective ways to cement your credibility and expand the reach of your brand. We can use our media contacts to put you forward as the preferred interview subject on topics that are relevant to your brand.

Build Brand Awareness
Get your brand in front of potential employers, recruiters and business partners.
Establish Brand Authority
Reach more people with your message and let the world know that you are the go-to expert in your field.

Expand Your Network
Attract connection requests which can allow you to expand your influence and provide unexpected opportunities.

Email Interviews.

The most flexible, yet very effective option is email Q&A. We will make all necessary media arrangements and send you 5-10 questions. Answer them in your free time and email them back.

Audio Interviews.

More than 90% of communication is non-verbal. Multimedia interviews through podcasting and webinars allow you to communicate with your audience on a deeper level, communicating who you are and what you stand for with more impact.

Express Your Interest.

Start An Obligation-Free Conversation.

We arrange interview opportunities for managers & executives who have a foundational level of branding and are interested in establishing themselves as thought leaders.

What Makes Us Unique?

At our core are class-leading levels of Human Resources and Digital Marketing expertise, which enable us to equip you with tools that make you significantly more marketable during job search.

How did all this come about? Well, it started with a passion for working with people, words and technology (that sounds a bit cheesy, but it’s true and we like it – bear with us!)

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  • The fastest way to contact us
    is by submitting the form on the
    left. But our Sydney number is
    (02) 8007 5600