I just went through a very interesting process of moving.

As I picked each item I own, one by one, I noticed that I value physical objects less than I ever have.

Sure, there are sentimentally important things, like gifts from special people I’ve received over the years.

And I love life’s little luxuries, like my favourite comfy couch, my Mac Air and my compact Olympus camera, which I try to take everywhere to capture moments with my friends.

However, for majority of my physical belongings I feel very little attachment.

Much less than, say, the attachment I remember my family felt for the audio/visual equipment proudly on display in the living room, the unique china propped up behind glass in the same living room and the black leather couches, also on display in the err, living room.


What Do I Value?

For me, the living room objects have 70% functional and 30% design value.

I simply want them to serve their purpose and to have a pleasant aesthetic. I really couldn’t care less about showing off fancy china to guests who come to my home.

What I do care greatly about, however, are my digital assets. The ideas on this blog. My Twitter feed. The reviews my customers leave about my personal branding services online. The quality of my guest posts all over the Internet. The people I’m connected to on LinkedIn.


Is It Real?

When I really think about it, I realise that most of my most cherished assets don’t really exist in the physical world.

I can’t touch, feel or smell my LinkedIn profile. Yet, its contents has a very real, profound impact on my physical life.

It means opportunities. Business partnerships. Jobs. Learning. Revolution. Idealism. Passion. Sharing. And so much more.


Why Is It Important?

All of those emerge from simple bits and bytes which we never get to see, but the effect of which we all feel. Tomorrow’s physical world will be just an echo of our online world.

The question is, how much attention are you paying to your visibility and reputation online? And how much do you need to be, to be competitive in the job market tomorrow?

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