As a professional executive resume writer I get to speak with many CEOs about their everyday challenges.

I have a huge amount of respect for people who take on the CEO role because I understand that for most of them the job is not about the title, pay and prestige.

The bigger the CEO job, the more it is about managing uncertainty, shouldering huge amounts of responsibility, weathering criticism and solving problems that most of us don’t want to (or can’t) deal with.

Being a CEO is also often seen as an all-consuming job. How can you possibly make it to your kid’s 6pm soccer match, be with your family for dinner AND spearhead your company’s expansion into Asia?

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This question is particularly interesting to me as a small business owner.

My business is a tiny speck compared with, say, LinkedIn (I currently employ 4 amazing people) and yet, most days I work from sunrise well into the night, pausing to only to grab some food.

That’s why these tips about juggling priorities from LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner caught my eye.


“Being in the room with someone is not the same as being present”, points out Weiner.


I’ve heard this idea many times before, however hearing Weiner say it here made me realise that I’ve rarely followed it.

Watching this talk has inspired me to change that. Stay tuned to see how I go and I hope it makes a difference to you, too.


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