If you think that personal branding is a waste of time, just look at what Apple has become over the last 10 years and you’ll see exactly why investing in something such as a ‘brand’ and reputation, could have you standing leagues apart from your competition.

Personal Branding is something that believe it or not, you already have. However most likely, don’t even know that you have it. And that is reason for concern.

Your personal brand is already out there, and has been out there for years. Why you don’t know what yours is, is because you haven’t been actively controlling it, monitoring it, nor pushing it in a particular direction that is aligned with where you want to be. Chances are, your brand is in need of quite a bit of work.

There are various definitions about what your personal brand consists of, and in short, I believe it’s made up of the following items:

  • Your name, and what you say about yourself to others;
  • What others say about you i.e. your perceived image;
  • Your online reputation – what’s out there about you in the world wide web;
  • Your offline reputation;
  • Your Network.

Basically, it consists of how you define yourself as well as how others define you.

These elements form what people know as the brand or company, YOU. And it’s important to think of yourself this way, so that you can appreciate what elements need to come together to make this company, work.

Thinking of yourself in this way, will mean that you will be able to take a strategic approach, ensuring your company (YOU) reaches the intended goal.

The benefits?

  • Having people want to work with you because they value what you stand for;
  • Being known for making a significant contribution to a particular area; and it
  • Allows you to focus on and understand what you do that adds value more than others. And be proud of it!

Here’s an awesome infographic to help you understand the 6 key roles or areas of expertise, that each brand must employ (i.e. the different hats you must wear) in order to navigate a successful personal brand, and to create the successful company, YOU.

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