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the best work from home jobs
Steven McConnell
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January 19, 2022

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I dislike TED talks. Mainly because TED has become a mouthpiece for narrowly curated neo-liberal propaganda while pretending to be a brand that embraces – and champions – the full spectrum of thought.

But recently, I watched a cool TED talk by the CEO of Expert 360, Bridget Loudon, who provided a refreshingly apolitical analysis of the Australian work culture, its origins and its future.

No mentions of gender fluidity. No feel-good personal development gibberish. No trigger warnings.

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Instead, she pointed out that it wasn’t until 200 years ago, during the Industrial Revolution, that we started putting rigid structures around how work could – and couldn’t – get done.

“We had a standard language. A way in which work and workers could come together. And we called these neat little units of our economies and our lives, jobs”, said Loudon.

She painted her vision for a more flexible, more – dare I say – natural approach to work. One that offers people the freedom to plug into, and plug out of, our economic opportunities, as required.

Regardless of whether you think Loudon’s vision will come to fruition, it’s hard to deny that the pandemic has invited people’s curiosity about, and acceptance of, remote, flexible, freelance-type gigs.

The Australian Institute of Family Studies found that two-thirds of Australians are currently working from home, with many learning to enjoy the increased flexibility.

Granted, a lot of those people are corporate folks whose jobs were hurriedly reconfigured into work-from-home-friendly formats.

In case your employer has refused to offer a work-from-home option, we’ve compiled this list of the best work-from-home jobs that are either on a rise or are relatively easy to transition into.

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1. Salesperson.

Technology has eliminated jobs in a lot of sectors, but sales jobs have remained bulletproof – because customers almost always want human interaction prior to purchase of high-ticket items.

As someone who has hired a number of salespeople for our business, I know that great salespeople are always in high demand.

In addition, sales is a job that lends itself very well to the work from home format.

You can sell anything from business SaaS software to resume writing services from the comfort of your own home.

Money is good, too.

Expect to make well over $100,000 per year. Hone your skills, pick a good niche (I’m looking at you, medical devices), and you can walk away with $500,000.

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2. Content Creator.

The demand for quality written content is huge. Content writers will find ample work from home opportunities on freelance platforms like UpWork and People Per Hour and UpWork.

Your earnings will depend on your ability to write well quickly. Most content writers charge between 3 and 6 cents per word, which translates to about $30-60 per hour.

A word of caution – the Internet doesn’t need another mediocre content writer.

If you don’t enjoy writing at a level where you get a buzz out of getting your sentences ‘just right’ – and do so to tight deadlines – this job isn’t for you.

3. Virtual Assistant.

Virtual assistants are responsible for helping entrepreneurs and managers with scheduling, creating, and editing documents, managing databases and spreadsheets, and so on.

It’s a great work from home job for someone who likes to keep the proverbial trains running on time.

The downside is that jobs in the VA sector are prone to offshoring. It’s possible to hire a very good VA in the Philippines, who is fluent in English, for less than $3/hr.

To counter this – and to earn a high wage – think of yourself as your boss’ right hand – a “mini business manager”, rather than just an assistant. Find ways to add value in ways that go above and beyond the admin.

Upskill yourself with the ability to use industry-standard CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot.

Read business magazines like the Harvard Business Review, CIO and Human Resources Director to improve your understanding of business strategy. Get a firm grasp of analytics and data by completing courses on Udemy.

4. Accountant/Bookkeeper.

As with VAs, accounting and bookkeeping jobs are also in increased demand. But to be competitive, ask yourself – what additional value can you provide, beyond basic number crunching?

Do you have evidence of how you have helped other organisations save, or make money based on your recommendations or actions? Have you helped organisations put processes in place to minimise risk?

Be specific and clear about how you have made measurable differences.

5. Resume Writer.

Our companies have written over 6,000 resumes over the past 9 years, and we have hired over 50 resume writers during this time, so we know a thing or two about doing this job.

Almost 100% of resume writers who work in this industry work from home.

A word of warning – it’s not an easy job.

As a resume writer, you’re not hired to slap some generic words on a page. You’re responsible for determining the course of a person’s career trajectory – and their life. It’s a big responsibility.

To do the job successfully, you need to be articulate, smart, business-savvy, organised, curious, able to wrangle clients and – last, but not least – be a great writer.

Sounds like you? Before you take the plunge, read about the most common pitfalls on the path to becoming a resume writer.

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6. English Tutor.

China, with its 1.4 billion people, is interested in ensuring that its future generation speaks English.

This desire has triggered a huge uptick in demand for English tutors, who can work from home and earn a very decent wage by teaching Chinese kids how to speak English online.

Good news is that you don’t need to be a qualified teacher. Platforms like VIPKid allow you to start working with very few barriers.

7. E-Commerce Developer.

The global pandemic caused a lot of damage to bricks and mortar retail stores. But, as we learned in high school physics, every action has an opposite and equal reaction – and said stores quickly moved online.

This shift demand has significantly increased the demand for web developers with a specialisation in e-commerce, Computer Economics reports.

8. Live Chat Operator.

Have you noticed that almost every retailer’s website has a live chat button these days?

Behind that button is an army of customer support operators who – you guessed it – work from home.

Interested in filling these roles? You will, of course, have to have strong communication skills. But beyond that, you’ll need the ability to placate people by using your emotional intelligence.

Customers who purchase online do like to take their frustration out on live chat operators, so it’s not a job for hot-headed people who like to snap back.

9. Telehealth Professional.

Have you noticed the huge spike in esoteric afflictions? Everyone these days seems to be gluten, dairy, FODMAP, grain or lectin-intolerant.

No, not everyone is faking it because it looks cool.

A lot of people are struggling with issues that mainstream medicine can’t fix – and an army of naturopaths and holistic doctors are scrambling to help.

A lot of them work from home by providing consultations via online means.

Want to join them? You’ll need to build your own brand first or to join an established clinic.

Either way, you’ll need to establish a huge amount of credibility first. But you will be helping people solve health complex health challenges that everyday doctors haven’t been able to. And that’s something, right?

Are Full-Time Jobs Dead?

Maybe. Watch Bridget’s TED talk to decide for yourself:

– Steven

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