Artiss Standing Desk Review: Best Budget Sit-Stand Desk?

Best budget standing desk in Australia?


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Last updated: July 9th, 2024

artiss standing desk review

Last updated: July 9th, 2024

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The Artiss standing desk is one of the cheapest standing desks on the Australian market. Depending on options and size, you can pick one up on Amazon for between $299 and $369.

Is it a smart buy or a cheap gimmick you’ll need to replace with a premium standing desk within two years?

I personally owned and used an Artiss desk during lockdowns (remember them?) for about nine months, so I’m in a great position to comment on its strengths and weaknesses.

Dual Motors. A surprise at this price point. The motors are not the strongest (max lifting load is only 100 kg), but they help keep the desk balanced.Not Huge. Artiss’ maximum width is 140 cm. While it’s handy for people who live in small apartments, it’s not great for people with a lot of gear.
Good Build Quality. I was surprised to find that the Artiss is sturdy and well-made.No Cable Management. You don’t get a cable channel or a spine—just a few cable ties.

Which Artiss Desk Is Best?

Above: The 140 cm wide Artiss desktop offers enough space for one desktop computer, or two laptops.

Artiss sells two variants of this standing desk. One of them is better than the other.

The variant I’m referring to throughout this review is the premium one, with:

  • Dual motors.
  • Memory presets.
  • 100 kg lift rating.

The other variant is a base model with no memory controls, a single motor and a 70 kg rating. Be sure to choose the premium model I review here – it’s the better option for almost the same price.

The link to it is below:

Just in case you want to check out the basic model with no memory presets and a lower weight rating, I’m linking to it below:

Reasons To Buy The Artiss Standing Desk.

Despite its relatively compact size and very low cost, the Artiss standing desk has a lot going for it.

1. Surprisingly Good Build Quality.

I was worried when the Artiss standing desk arrived at my door. Part of me was expecting a wobbly contraption that looked and felt like a child’s toy.

Boy, was I wrong.

The Artiss surprised me with its sturdy powder-coated frame and tactile height adjustment buttons.

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Its particleboard desktop material desktop is not a luxury item, but it doesn’t feel cheap and nasty to the touch, either.

You know it’s not real wood, but you don’t really care.

The anti-scratch finish is reasonably good at protecting the surface and feels nice under the hands.

Overall, the desk has a modern, contemporary feel.


It also remained sturdy until the day I sold it.

2. Decent Range Of Sizes & Colours.

Above: Black legs and Oak desktop create a stylish, contemporary look.

You can customise the Artiss standing desk to your needs. It offers:

  • 5 desktop colour choices (Walnut, Brown, White, Black and Oak).
  • 3 leg colour choices (White, Black and Grey).
  • 2 desktop sizes (140 cm X 70 cm and 120 cm X 60 cm).

These options give you 30 permutations, so you won’t have trouble matching the standing desk to your decor.

I suggest you avoid Walnut and Brown desktops, as they look old-fashioned.

The 120 cm desktop is quite compact, and is a great fit for small apartments. But be warned – the desktop’s area is not generous, so don’t expect it to accommodate more than one computer and a notepad.

Expert Tip.

The price difference between Artiss’ 120 cm and 140 cm desktop sizes is very small – around $35. If you’re not constrained by size, definitely opt for the larger one.

3. Excellent Value For Money.

The Artiss standing desk offers a lot of features for its price.

Dual motors keep the desk rising and lowering without complaint, while the anti-collision system prevents it from damaging other furniture.

You can program the digital panel with three height presets.

Meanwile, adjustable rubber feet allow you to stabilise the Artiss on uneven floors.

The price is outstanding.

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Costing 2-3 times less than high-end standing desks like UpDown Pro and Desky, it misses out on some of those desks’ features (more about them shortly), but offers enough functionality to satisfy most Aussie WFH users.

Expert Tip.

You can buy the Artiss standing desk for 30% less on Amazon than via their own website. I’m not sure what their reasoning is, but the best deals are definitely not on

4. Painless Assembly Process.

Above: In a lowered position, the Artiss looks and functions like a traditional desk. Note the complete absence of power management systems underneath.

Artiss will arrive at your doorstep in two boxes, plus the desktop. The assembly instructions are quite fiddly, but despite their lack of clarity, the assembly process will take you less than 30 minutes.

The desktop has pre-drilled holes, so you don’t need to wield a power drill or a screwdriver to attach it.


But you will need one for attaching the control panel.

Once assembled, the desk becomes quite heavy. I recommend having an extra pair of hands on standby to help you maneuver it into position.

Where The Artiss Standing Desk Falls Short.

The Artiss Sit-Stand desk falls short in several areas. Here are the top reasons you may want to consider other options.

1. Not A Status Symbol.

Above: The Artiss looks basic, but you can dress it up with accessories. A woollen desktop mat from Minimal Desk Setups is a must-have.

When your friends come over, they won’t “ooh” and “aah” at your Artiss. It’s a practical, inexpensive standing desk—and it looks like one.

While it doesn’t look cheap, it lacks the presence of top-tier standing desks like the UpDown Pro and the Desky Dual.

Expert Tip.

If you’re looking for a status symbol, opt for a hardwood desk from one of those brands. Artiss’ rubberised particleboard doesn’t have the same vibe to it.

2. Short Warranty.

You get a measly 1-year warranty. Compared with 5-10 year warranties you get with other standing desk manufacturers, it’s quite embarrassing.

But you must consider it in the context of price.

In the end, you are buying an adjustable electric standing desk for about $350, including shipping.

The Artiss is covered by warranty against damage upon delivery – but you must notify the company of any issues within two days of taking delivery.

Expert Tip.

If the $350 Artiss breaks after 2 years, your outlay is $175 per year. But if you buy a $1,000 UpDown Pro, which is covered by a 10-year warranty – and it breaks after 10 years – your outlay is $1,000 per year. In net terms, a premium standing desk is almost 40% cheaper.

3. Doesn’t Lift A Lot Of Weight.

Above: Yep, only one cross-beam. This is one of the ways Artiss keeps the cost down. Note the clips holding the cables up.

Even though the Artiss features dual motors, it’s only rated to 100 kg of lifting capacity.

Most people won’t approach this limit, but if you plan to place a lot of equipment on your desk, you should buy a more premium desk.

I doubt the Artiss will withstand many years of abuse.

Unlike more heavy-duty desks, the Artiss only has one cross beam underneath to support its weight.

4. No Trial Period.

While premium standing desk brands offer lengthy trial periods (up to 100 days in the case of UpDown and Stand Desk), Artiss offers nothing at all.


The company does have a 30-day change-of-mind policy, but it involves returning the desk in unused condition at your own expense. You’ll also need to pay a 10% restocking fee.

5. No Cable Management System.

Above: Rubberised wood-like laminate feels surprisingly nice to the touch.

I’m surprised that Artiss doesn’t even offer the option to spec the stand-up desk with a cable channel.

I’d happily pay an extra $50 for the feature, but I suspect Artiss omits it to keep the weight low and, therefore, the cost of shipping down.

The good news is that you get some free cable clips to tidy up the cables.

If the lack of power management options frustrates you, I suggest you buy a desktop power board and a cable channel from UpDown.

The only downside? Those two options cost you about $200. Yes, that’s about 65% of the cost of the desk itself.

6. Narrow Range Of Height Adjustment.

The Artiss doesn’t cater well to super short or very tall people.

How The Artiss Standing Desk Stacks Up.

Compared to other standing desks on the Australian market, the Artiss does quite well.

Build Quality3/5
Cable Management2/5
Ease of Assembly3/5
Extra Features2/5
Warranty & Returns2/5

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 29.9-38.8 kg, depending on size and desktop material.
  • Warranty: 1 year.
  • Metal finish: powder coating.
  • Desktop thickness: 2.5cm.
  • Minimum height: 70cm.
  • Maximum height: 120cm.
  • Maximum load: 100 kg.

Where To Find The Best Deals On The Artiss Standing Desk?

Amazon typically has the best deals on this desk. I’m linking to the premium variant that I’ve mentioned throughout this review below:

The link to the base model with no memory presets and a lower weight rating is below:

Which Standing Desks Does The Artiss Compete With?

You’ve either decided that the Artiss sit-stand desk is your best choice, or you must explore other options. In case you’re in the latter camp, here are a few alternatives.

1. UpDown Pro Standing Desk.

With a 10-year warranty and a 100-day trial period, the UpDown Pro is a remarkable standing desk, and the current winner of our “Best Standing Desks In Australia” award.

Compared with the Artiss, it’s a fearsome contender.


It costs between 2X and 4X Artiss’ price, offering a huge range of accessories, hardwood, and sustainable desktop options.

The Artiss is your best choice if you want uncomplicated practicality that won’t break the bank. Meanwhile, the UpDown Pro is best if you want the best sit-stand desk, period.

2. NorthDay EverDesk.

The EverDesk is hugely popular in its native Singapore and entered the Australian market with force 1 year ago.

Price-wise, it sits between the Artiss and the UpDown Pro. Not cheap, but not expensive, either.

Like the Artiss, it’s also designed for use in small workspaces, with compact desktop widths of 140 cm and 120 cm.

Unlike the Artiss, the EverDesk offers a proprietary cable management system. UniGroove, as it’s called, combines with a rear scallop and an under-desk cable tray to keep your cables neat.

Overall, the Artiss is a less heavy-duty, less sophisticated stand-up desk than the EverDesk.

You get a 20 kg lower load limit and a more narrow height range adjustment (EverDesk offers 60 cm – 124 cm, making it suitable for shorter people.

EverDesk’s 10-year warranty also surpasses Artiss’s 1 year coverage by a significant margin.

3. Desky Sit-Stand Desk.

Desky standing desks are a little less heavy-duty than UpDown Pro models, but feature more sophisticated cable management systems and easier assembly instructions.

Think of the Desky as a Lexus while the UpDown as a Mercedes. The former is more technologically advanced, but if you could get one for free, you’d probably pick the latter.


Desky’s frames contain significantly more metal than those of the Artiss, so it’s not a surprise that they can carry 140 kg of load, compared with Artiss’ 100 kg.

My favourite thing about the Desky standing desks is the ability to option them with up to 8 under-desk power sockets. This is great news for photographers and videographers who always run out of power sockets because they run at least 10 decides at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Artiss Desk.

Here’s what people tend to ask me about the Artiss.

1. How Reliable Is The Artiss Standing Desk?

Look, this is a hard question to answer precisely. While the desktop and the powder-coated frame will likely last you for many years, the electronics may not.

The 1 year warranty period hints at the fact that this desk isn’t designed to last forever. I recommend you treat it gently (don’t overload it with equipment, don’t sit on it, move it with care), and you should get a few years of use out of it.

2. What Do Customers Say About The Artiss Desk?

The desk has a 4.2-star review average on Amazon, which is quite commendable.

I’ve read a few dozen of them, and they are mostly favourable. A few people have expressed grievances that I’ve already highlighted in this review.

My Verdict On The Artiss Standing Desk.

The Artiss standing desk represents unbeatable value. This is the best sit-stand desk on the Australian market if your budget is limited to around $350 and you need a dual-motor, compact, practical electrically adjustable desk.

Stay away from Walnut desktops (unless you’re an old man with no taste), and be sure to pick the model with 100 kg lift capacity with dual motors.


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