Northday EverDesk Max Standing Desk Review: Is It Worth $800?

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Last updated: January 3rd, 2024

northday everdesk standing desk review

Last updated: January 3rd, 2024

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The ideal standing desk is strong, wobble-free, attractive and doesn’t cost over a thousand bucks. Northday’s entered the Australian market with its EverDesk Max standing desk to satisfy this need.

Did it succeed? Yes and no.

It did well in our best standing desks in Australia test, competing commendably against Australian incumbents like the UpDown Pro and cheap but cheerful Artiss desk.

But the EverDesk Max fell short of clinching the title. Let’s take a close look at where it fell short.

Compact Size. Great for smaller home offices that are tight on space.Laminate Desktops. I don’t love laminate – especially at this price point. Give us a bamboo desktop option, Northday.
Warranty & Build Quality. Up to 10 years of coverage and a solid frame.Awkward Pricing. You can add $150 to your budget and buy the ultra-premium UpDown Pro or Desky Dual.

Reasons To Buy The Northday EverDesk Max Standing Desk.

Northday is attempting to dethrone market leaders UpDown and Desky by packing a lot of features into its EverDesk Max standing desk.

1. Solid Desk Frame.

If you’ve read any of my other reviews, you’ll know that I get worried when receiving budget-oriented products.

While the EverDesk Max isn’t strictly “budget”, its pricing is intended to undercut established Australian brands, which means the company needs to save costs somewhere.

My worry when I hear this is – always – has the build quality suffered?

I’m happy to report that the frame is rock-solid.

Yes, it’s a little thinner than Desky and UpDown, but the difference is inconsequential in real-world terms.

Rated to 120 kg, it’s coated in a thick powder coat, has dual motors (a must, in my opinion) and has anti-collision sensors built in.

Yes, some competing desks are rated to as much as 150 kg, but because the EverDesk’s desktop is quite compact, you’ll run out of physical space long before you reach its maximum load limit.


The motors raise your workspace smoothly, quietly (less than 50dB, which is about the sound level of a fridge motor) and quickly (8 cm/sec, above average), with no vibrations.

2. Plenty Of Freebies.

Northday tempts you with a lot of complimentary accessories to sweeten the deal. Currently, you get these extras with every EverDesk Max purchase:

  • Desk mat and mouse pad (of below-average quality, to be honest).
  • Monitor lightbar (of very good quality, surprisingly).
  • Standing desk mat (prevents sore feet).
  • Cable spine (essential for keeping your cables in check).

This amounts to about $150 worth of products, the most essential of which are the mat and the cable spine.

Most standing desk manufacturers offer similar bribes to get you across the line, but it’s good to see that EverDesk decided not to exclude them, despite its lower price.

Expert Tip.

If you want a nice desk mat like the one you see in the photos, I highly recommend my personal choice – a wool mat from Minimal Desk Designs.

3. Compact Desktop Sizes.

The Northday EverDesk Max is available in three desktop widths:

  • 120 cm.
  • 140 cm.
  • 160 cm.

In contrast, most Australian manufacturers only offer 150 cm and 180 cm wide desks.

This preference for smaller sizes echoes the company’s Singapore heritage, where real estate prices are high, and most people live in high-rise apartments.

The 140 cm width feels too tight for me, as I switch between two laptops and a notepad while working (see photos).

But this size is ideal if your workspace has one computer and you don’t use many peripherals.

4. Impressive Height Range.

Most standing desks have an adjustment envelope of between 70 cm and 124 cm.

The EverDesk Max extends this considerably, with a 60 cm lowest height.

This is very handy for people shorter than 155 cm, as it will allow them to remain in an ergonomic position – both sitting and standing.

EverDesk will reach 124 cm at its highest point.

While this is 1 cm less than Desky’s max height, I don’t think this is a meaningful difference for all but the tallest (200 cm+) people.


I’m actually 200 cm in height, and I don’t find EverDesk max height limiting.

5. Generous 21-Day Trial Period.

Some people buy a standing desk and realise that they hate it.

They either dislike the desk itself or the idea of standing all day.

Northday allows you to test the EverDesk Max with a 21-day return policy.

Don’t like it? Let them know, and you’ll get a full refund. Just make sure that the desk is undamaged and in its original packaging – or Northday may withhold some of the refund.

Importantly, the company will cover the cost of returning the desk and pick it up from your doorstep.


Shipping large household goods from residential addresses requires a commercial courier, which means the costs are very high. Let’s face it – you’re very unlikely to return a desk if you have to cough up $300 for return shipping.

6. Easy Assembly.

EverDesk has pre-drilled holes everywhere to make 30-minute assembly feasible. All you need is the supplied Allen key – no need for a screwdriver or a power drill.

I was pleasantly surprised that the legs attach by clamping into place with one single move.


This feature saves 15 minutes of assembly time. Most sit-stand desks require you to fiddle by screwing four bolts into each leg.

Unfortunately, the assembly instructions could be a lot clearer. They’re printed in a tiny font with graphics that would make Ikea instructions seem like a work of art.

7. Great Warranty (7 or 10 years).

Northday gives you a healthy seven years of coverage against defects in materials and workmanship on its EverDesk Max standing desk.

You can extend it to 10 years simply by posting a review of your brand-new desk online.

In case you were wondering how Northday managed to collect 209 reviews in less than a year, now you know.

Where The Northday EverDesk Max Falls Short.

Unfortunately, the EverDesk isn’t a perfect standing desk. Let’s have a closer look at some of its flaws.

1. Laminate Desktop.

I don’t love the laminate. Its glossy surface reminds me of the lacquered furniture in my Ukrainian grandmother’s house.

Old-school Ukrainians believe that the glossier something is, the more “premium” it must be.

If you don’t have the same childhood trauma-inflicted aversion to glossy surfaces, disregard this section – and consider yourself lucky.

But if, like me, you prefer your furniture to be matt and made from real wood, I suggest you look elsewhere (both UpDown and Desky offer excellent wood desktops).

2. Accessories Are Hit And Miss.

I suspect Northday makes a very small margin on the desk but makes up for it with accessories.

Admittedly, some of them are very good.

I bought two of their monitor arms and a 3-drawer floor standing pedestal as part of (yet another) home office upgrade.

It’s an addiction at this point.

The downside is that the best accessories are also quite expensive. The pedestal was $299, and the monitor arm with a laptop holder was $109. That’s almost 50% of the desk itself!

Meanwhile, the cheaper accessories are less impressive.

I wish the wooden desktop shelves looked more modern and had more space underneath.

And I wish that the pegboard, although surprisingly useful for storing keys and pens, had a more robust feel.

Students will like it, but most professionals will find it off-brand.

3. Awkward Pricing.

When the EverDesk was launched in 2022, it was very aggressive in its pricing.

It seemed that it was hell-bent on providing Australians with a premium standing desk, for about 25% less.


In recent months, the company seems to have reversed its policy, bumping the prices almost in line with those of UpDown Pro and Desky.

For example, an EverDesk with a 140 cm wide oak desktop will cost you about $1020, including shipping.

Meanwhile, the nearest UpDown competitor, a 150 cm wide bamboo-topped Pro model, will set you back $1074 (with free shipping).

Admittedly, the Everdesk includes about $100 worth of free goodies that UpDown Pro doesn’t.

Adjusting for all those differences, the UpDown is only about $150 more expensive than the EverDesk Max. And you get a larger, non-glossy bamboo desktop and a more robust frame.


This isn’t a large price difference, leaving the EverDesk without a meaningful differentiator in the market.

4. Gimmicky Features.

Speaking of differentiators, EverDesk Max attempts to set itself apart with:

  • Unique cable management system called UniGroove.
  • Height controller with a built-in Health Coach.

First, I respect the company’s effort to innovate, as the standing desk space is notoriously stagnant.

Let’s face it: most standing desks in the same price segment are mostly the same.

These two features, although interesting, are unlikely to make a huge difference to your workflow. I found the UniGroove somewhat fiddly, with gaskets falling out each time I tugged at a cable.

I also wish it was bigger, therefore able to accommodate the power cables that run to the back of the desk.

For now, you have to send the power cables via the rear scallop and the phone cables through the UniGroove system.


Meanwhile, the Health Coach is a feature you’ll likely use for a week before you find its nagging beeps annoying.

  • In theory, it will remind you to alternate between sitting and standing in 15 or 60-minute intervals.
  • In reality, you won’t like having your desk beep and move during a Zoom call with your boss.

How The Northday EverDesk Standing Desk Stacks Up.

The EverDesk does moderately well across all domains. It’s the quiet achiever – not standing out for any reason nor failing any grades.

Build Quality1
Cable Management1
Ease of Assembly1
Extra Features1
Warranty & Returns1

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 31 kg.
  • Warranty: 7 years (extends to 10 years if you leave a review).
  • Metal finish: powder coating.
  • Desktop thickness: 2.5cm.
  • Minimum height: 60cm.
  • Maximum height: 124cm.
  • Maximum load: 120 kg.
  • Available Desktop Sizes:  120 cm x 60 cm , 140 cm x 60 cm, 160 cm x 70 cm.

Which Other Standing Desks Should You Consider?

Just in case you’re still sitting on the fence, here are a few alternatives.

1. UpDown Pro Standing Desk.

UpDown Pro is currently the best standing desk on the Australian market.

Compared with the EverDesk Max, it offers a longer (100-day) trial period and a 10-year warranty as standard.

It has a heavier-duty frame and a vast range of desktop options (including very attractive hardwoods).

2. Artiss Standing Desk.

Artiss to EverDesk is what Casio is to Longines. The former is a mass market, cheap and cheerful brand. The latter is a mid-range brand that tries to compete in the big leagues.

But if your standing desk budget is limited to $350, the Artiss is your best bet. You get a sturdy, practical, no-nonsense desk at a fraction of Stand Desk Pro’s price.

Don’t expect bells and whistles like wireless charging or fancy desktops. Artiss desks are made from particleboard and melamine, so they don’t look expensive.

Don’t expect a trial, either.

3. Desky Dual Desk.

Desky standing desks feature the best cable management systems in the business, making them ideal for photographers, videographers podcasters and video editors.

Instead of fishing under your desk for an empty power socket (and never finding one), you simply plug your peripherals into Desky’s built-in powerboards.

You get up to 8 power sockets, which is enough for all your monitors, cameras, chargers, microphones and external storage drives.

Frequently Asked Questions About The EverDesk Max.

Here’s what people tend to ask me about the EverDesk.

1. What Is The Difference Between EverDesk Lite and Max?

For about 12 months, Northday offered the EverDesk in Max and Lite levels. Both were quite similar, with Max getting dual motors and a few extra accessory options.

As of January 2024, the EverDesk is available in Max configuration only.

2. What Do Customers Say About The Northday EverDesk?

The desk has a 4.8-star review average on the company’s website, which is quite commendable.

That said, we know that the company incentivises reviews by offering an additional 3 years of warranty.

Expert Tip.

While it doesn’t insist that the review must be favourable, it’s reasonable to expect that people submitting incentivised reviews will generally express a positive attitude towards the product.

My Verdict On The Northday EverDesk Standing Desk.

The NorthDay EverDesk is in a tough position.

On the one hand, it does most things very well. It offers a strong frame, excellent warranty and a 21-day risk-free trial.

On the other hand, its desktops and accessories aren’t as good as those of UpDown and Desky, while its price is almost the same.

If the EverDesk was still priced at $250 less, it would be a compelling contender. If you see one on sale, grab it.


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