You know how those shampoo advertisements have celebrities swishing their glossy locks over the screen, winking coquettishly and saying “because I’m worth it”?

Well, it’s because the ads make them look worthy.

Interestingly, a shampoo advertisement and a YOU advertisement (A.K.A your resume) are surprisingly similar.

A shampoo advertisement has a variety of key touch points that make you want to buy the product. Essentially, they focus on five things:

  • the ingredients
  • the expertise behind mixing the ingredients
  • how the shampoo reacts with you
  • how it makes you look to others
  • the long term benefits

Let’s have a quick look at those in more detail.



1. The Ingredients Of A Professional Resume.

What is the “secret sauce” in a professionally written resume which makes recruiters sit up and take notice?

First, it’s the resume writer’s knowledge of what is happening within business industries and trends in the recruitment market.

It’s also the knowledge, based on years of experience in the industry, of which competencies, skills and attributes are well regarded by employers.

Its the resume’s professional, understated, elegant yet bold design (to help you stand out from the dozens of Microsoft Word CV templates that land on recruiter desks).

One of the most essential ingredients is the inclusion of thoroughly researched, relevant keywords and phrases to ensure your resume passes through automated screening systems and ends up in front of hiring managers.

Finally, its the resume writer’s ability to articulate how your personality, motivations and experience match with an organisation’s culture, values and behaviours.


2. Professional Resume Is Expertly Mixed.

Resume writers know how to phrase your responsibilities in a way that grabs recruiters’ attention. Most importantly, we also know how to present you as the perfect candidate for a particular role, organisation or industry.

Would you trust a carpenter or accountant with creating your favourite shampoo? Allow them to stir up vats of natural oils, crazy sounding chemicals and a pipette or two of colouring for your hair?

We seek expertise in all areas of our lives. Investing in a professional resume will ensure you receive expert advice and insight on creating your professional documents.

A professional resume will mix all of the components together with flair, giving you confidence that your documents are based on current expert consultation and knowledge.


3. It Creates A Strong Reaction.

Apart of having impact on recruiters, a strong professional resume will have a positive impact on you. You’ll experience:

  • Increased confidence – you’ll become more clear about your career achievements.
  • Improved interviewing technique – after your consultation you’ll find it easier to answer questions about your career.
  • Improved awareness – receiving objective feedback can highlight key strengths and weaknesses, supporting your ongoing personal development.
  • Clarity – you will receive informal career coaching, identifying roles that you are likely to be successful in based on your competencies.

Having developed confidence, understanding of the recruitment world and an insight into your positive and not so positive attributes, having a professional resume developed with help you to create a positive reaction with recruiters and interviewers.


4. It Makes You Look Great On Paper.

A professionally written resume presents you at your best. Correct spelling, grammar, presentation and inclusion of your motivations and personality to ensure a cultural fit with organisations is just the beginning.

A professional resume isn’t copied and pasted from other places. It isn’t a mish-mash of styles and job descriptions over the years. It’s a congruent, powerfully written bespoke document which is individual to you and makes you stand out from the crowd.

In addition, it SELLS you. Professional resume writers know what to include on a front page to dazzle recruiters into wanting to read more. Your professional documents will market your potential, advertise your skills and merchandise your wares in a polished, focused way.


5. It Has Long-Term Benefits.

There are long term benefits to getting your resume professionally written. Just as good quality shampoo works with your hair on an ongoing basis, a good resume will work for you while you rest.

  • You passively attract opportunities (great resumes get placed into ‘consider for other role’ piles).
  • You’ll save money in the long run (job searches in themselves can be an expensive business when you take into account time and lost income while out of work).
  • You’ll experience less stress (you won’t have that panicky moment when you see a closing date for your dream job and don’t know where to start in writing your resume.



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