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Thinking about amplifying your brand with a personal blog? Well, you are no longer limited to having a website with a generic domain extension like .com.

Have you ever wanted to have a personal website with a URL which looks like and Well, the domain name revolution has arrived!

You are no longer limited to having a website with that familiar, generic, old .com, .net or .org TLD (Top Level Domain) names.

A mind-boggling 617 new TLDs are being released before the end of 2015, with many of them available now.

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Will they improve your personal brand? Will they make you more appealing in the eyes of recruiters and hiring managers?

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The short answer is no.

The longer answer is – I suggest you view TLDs as icing on the cake – they’re a nice little touch, but without a solid personal branding strategy at the core will be largely ineffective.

If I were registering a new personal website tomorrow, however, I’d definitely look into getting one with a custom TLD.

Here’s a list of 25 TLDs which I think could be beneficial for professionals, entrepreneurs and consultants who are considering adding some punch to their personal brand with a new personal website:

There are a lot more – you can find the full list here.
– Irene


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