11 Weirdest Jobs In Australia: Discover The Most Unusual Careers

Explore peculiar jobs that exist in Australia.


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Last updated: January 3rd, 2024

weirdest jobs australia

Last updated: January 3rd, 2024

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Think you know the weirdest jobs in Australia? Think again.  There are many ways to make a living; some being strange, ludicrous, and out-of-this-world.

It’s no surprise, then, that in a place as diverse and wacky as Oz, we have some strange animals, weird natural wonders, and unusual jobs.

So, if you’re looking for a boring job, you’re in the wrong place. However, keep reading if you’re curious to discover unique employment opportunities in the land down under. 

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1. Senior Submarine Chef.

weird job

One of the more impressive jobs you can get in Australia is the position of a senior submarine chef. The Royal Australian Navy has several openings for those who love a challenge.

Your role would involve: 

  • Running a full kitchen.
  • Cooking up to three meals for several hundred people per day.
  • Working in tight quarters with limited resources. 

All of this whilst in an underwater submarine! You’ll likely be put on deployment for months at a time and, in combat situations, and may not see the light of day for months on end.

But if you love cooking, organisation and working for a worthy cause, you will thrive. 

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2. Crop Duster Pilot.

weirdest job australia

If you’ve never heard of this role, you wouldn’t be the only one. Australia has large swaths of agricultural land, most of which the vast majority of us have never set foot on. 

A crop duster pilot is a carer of the land. They will: 

  • Plan an efficient way to fertilise and protect crops.
  • Drop fertiliser, water, and pesticides precisely to ensure the produce is healthy and productive.
  • Undertake the reporting of crops in different regions.

Did we mention they’ll do all this whilst flying a small aircraft? Flying certification, experience, and training are required, so only experienced pilots need apply. 

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3. Shark Tagger.

unusual jobs in australia

Look no further if you love marine life and have a sense of adventure. Many of us dreamed of swimming with sharks as children (just me?), but the role exists.

Shark divers:

  • Are professional divers. 
  • Observe and record the behaviour of sharks.
  • They are responsible for tagging them with geo-locators so marine biologists can track their movements. Talk about a day in the office. 

This role requires knowledge about marine life and the ocean, plus advanced diving certification.

It is a thrilling but risky job that pays well. You can also explore opportunities as a shark dive cage operator in tourist locations or aquariums. 

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4. Koala Catcher.

weird job

Yes, you read that right. Koala catcher is an actual job in Australia, and it’s not all fun and games. Koalas are notorious for their cuddly disposition but sharp and strong claws. 

This role is integral to:

  • Care for the native wildlife population and conservation efforts.
  • Catch, monitor, and relocate koalas. 
  • Assist researchers with data collection.

Koala catchers must be comfortable working outdoors and have an affinity and knowledge for wildlife – especially after the recent bushfires almost wiped out our koala population. 


Whilst you won’t be climbing trees Steve Irwin style, the role will be hands-on, and you’ll need to treat the animals with respect and care. It’s a job perfect for an animal lover.

5. Professional Pet Food Taster.

weirdest jobs

This job might be the weirdest on the entire list. Feeling hungry?

If you’re picky with what you feed your pets, rest assured that a very talented food taster (of the human kind) has already tried it for you. Professional pet food tasters are paid very well (up to $90K per year) to eat and rate pet food.

This job requires the following: 

  • A strong stomach.
  • An appreciation for wet, smelly foods.

You’d be surprised to know these tasters are hired from all over the world with excellent palates to accurately rate the taste and flavours of pet food.

We recommend you don’t try this one at home. 

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6. Odour Evaluator.

weird job

If you can pick up scents from a room away – you should capitalise as a professional smeller.

Perfume, cologne, candles and air fresheners are all evaluated by an expert nose to ensure products are up to standard.

In this role, you’ll have to:

  • Differentiate slightly different scents and smells. 
  • Be trained in the science of smell.
  • Rate aromas and advise on different ingredient blends. 

This job is strange but extremely important in the world of fragrances. In fact, many odour evaluators have a degree in chemistry. 

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7. Roadkill Collector.

weird australian jobs

One of the less enjoyable ones… 

Australia is a vast country connected by a giant highway system. If you’ve ever noticed roadkill on your main roads one day, which is gone the next, it’s no magical force (or vulture) responsible; it’s a roadkill collector named Geoff.

A roadkill collector is responsible for travelling the long stretches of roads in Australia and removing animals hit by vehicles.

This job often requires removing the carcasses of possums, emus, wombats and kangaroos. It is a complicated and unpleasant job that is necessary to keep roads clean and safe.

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8. Pearl Diver.

whats the weirdest job

Whilst this is more common practice overseas, harvesting pearls in Australia is a manual undertaking, with pearl diving reserved for traditional Indigenous people of the land.

Australia’s pearling industry is now based on the cultivation of pearls. Japanese scientists pioneered this practice in Broome in the 1950s.

This involves: 

  • Collecting pearl oysters (Pinctada maxima) from the coast of Australia.
  • Bringing them to oyster farms.
  • Implanting a bead into each oyster.
  • Placing oysters back in the water.
  • Harvesting at a later date.


It takes a lot of practice and experience to become versed in which oysters are worth harvesting into pearls.

9. Segway Tour Guide. 

best worst jobs

For extraverts among us, the Segway awaits. You’ll excel in this role if you have great people skills and enjoy exploring some of Australia’s iconic sites

As a tour guide, you will: 

  • Take groups of people around cities and national parks. 
  • Explain attractions and history to your group.
  • Oversee the safety of guests and make sure no speed demons are breaking off from the group. 

Segway tour guides must be comfortable using the two-wheeled vehicles (they can take some getting used to); and yes, you will have to stick to a speed limit. 

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10. Worm Picker.

weirdest jobs

You read that correctly.

Worm pickers are trained to work in worm farms. They’re in charge of collecting worms from the ground for use as bait for fishing.

This job requires the following: 

  • Being comfortable touching and handling slimy earthworms.
  • Having an eye for spotting worms (more complicated than it may seem). 
  • Be knowledgeable about different worm types, habitats, and life cycles.

11. Bed Tester.

worst job ever

If you love naps and sleeping (who doesn’t), this is the ideal one for you. Companies often hire bed testers to uncover comfort and quality issues in beds before they go to market. 

As a bed tester, you will need to: 

  • Provide detailed reports on the beds you test.
  • Be knowledgeable about the various types of beds and their features.
  • Be comfortable spending long periods in bed testing mattresses, pillows, and other bedding items.

Contrary to belief, you can’t sleep on the job! 

12. Professional Cuddler.

In the age of social distancing, professional cuddlers are in hot demand.

For pay up to $110/hour. these people: 

  • Provide comfort and physical contact to those who are lonely or stressed.
  • Travel to different areas to connect with clients.
  • Are comfortable with physical contact.
  • Create a safe, nurturing atmosphere for their clients.

This job requires good interpersonal skills, a compassionate nature, and the ability to set boundaries. It is not a sexual role. 

13. Beer Taster.

weird job

Last but not least, an Aussie dream job. As a beer taster, you will have a passion for beer and an excellent palate.

Beer tasters must also be able to: 

  • Identify different beer tastes, aromas, and textures.
  • Share knowledge about brewing and beer history.
  • Suggest adjustments to brews.

This booze-fuelled job is one of Australia’s most sought-after. Many people compete yearly for a small handful of positions.

Bottom Line About The Most Unusual Jobs In Australia.

The weirdest jobs in Australia offer unique and exciting ways to make money. From koala catchers to worm pickers and professional cuddlers, there are plenty of quirky and downright odd jobs in Australia that you can explore.

Be sure only to try one at a time! 

Did we miss any of the weirdest jobs in Australia? Let us know in the comments below.


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