Where To Buy A Herman Miller Aeron In Sydney?

Sydney shops that stock the Aeron.


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Last updated: December 19th, 2023

herman miller aeron chair sydney

Last updated: December 19th, 2023

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Are you a Sydney resident, in the market for a Herman Miller Aeron chair? Several retailers sell these ergonomic office chairs – both via their physical showrooms and online shops.

We’ve compiled them all into this handy guide to save you time. Here are some of the best places to buy an Aeron chair in Sydney.

Sydney Shops That Stock The Aeron Chair.

The Herman Miller Aeron chair carries a $2,500+ price tag. It’s not a chair that you should buy sight unseen.

where to buy herman miller aeron in sydney

If you’ve never used one before, I suggest you visit one of the showrooms below. Make sure it’s the right chair for you by seeing it, touching it and – of course – sitting in it.

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1. Living Edge.

As the master distributor of Herman Miller in Australia, The Living Edge will most likely have the Aeron office chair in stock – in the size you need and the colour you want.

Expert Tip.

Most Sydney Aeron chair retailers get their stock from The Living Edge. You’ll probably find that dealing with them directly is the most efficient option.

The company’s Sydney showroom is a spectacular example of high-end commercial design. People with discerning taste and an appreciation of aesthetics will find it worth a visit for its “wow” factor alone.

Purchase Options:

  • Showroom.
  • Website.

Showroom Address:

  • The Woolstores, 4D Huntley Street, Shed 74, Alexandria, NSW, 2015

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2. Ergoport.

Ergoport is a specialty ergonomic furniture retailer with an e-commerce store and a showroom in Sydney.

Apart from ergonomic chairs like the Aeron, Ergoport offers the full range of home office needs, including standing desks, monitor arms and rehabilitation equipment.

Expert Tip.

If you don’t love your Aeron, Ergoport will allow you to return it within 7 days of purchase (but will charge a 20% restocking fee).

Purchase Options:

  • Showroom.
  • Website.

Showroom Address:

  • Ground Floor, Shop 1, 77 Pacific Highway, North Sydney, NSW 2060

3. Sit Back And Relax.

Sit Back and Relax is a premium office furniture retailer in Sydney. The company offers a price-match guarantee on all products – so if you find the Aeron Chair cheaper elsewhere, they will beat the price.

Even though they’re located in Sydney, Sit Back And Relax can ship your Herman Miller Aeron chair anywhere in Australia.

Purchase Options:

  • Showroom.
  • Website.

Showroom Address:

  • 31/112 McEvoy Street, Alexandria, New South Wales NSW 2015

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4. Bad Backs.

As its name suggests, the Bad Backs brand has a strong tilt towards recovery and rehabilitation.

Apart from selling Herman Miller Aerons, the company has one of the largest ranges of ergonomic accessories in Sydney. If you’ve suffered a workplace injury and need specialist equipment to recover, Bad Backs can help with wrist braces, mobility aids and seat cushions.

Purchase Options:

  • Showroom.
  • Website.

Showroom Address:

  • 390 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest, Sydney, New South Wales NSW 2065

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Can You Buy A Used Aeron In Sydney?

Yes, and Herman Miller Aerons are the only ergonomic chairs you should buy second-hand.

Their rugged construction translates to long lifespans (I’ve heard stories of people using their Aerons for over 10 years), which means the risk of you buying a lemon is extremely low.

  • Even if your Aeron chair does break, its modular design means repairs are relatively easy and painless.

The most common culprits are worn mesh or excessive movement in the arms.

Take your Aeron to one of many reconditioning specialists in Sydney or make it a DIY project.

1. Gumtree & eBay

I’ve purchased Herman Miller Aerons from Gumtree for my home office before – and it was a very straightforward process.

Expert Tip.

Looking for a reconditioned second-hand Aeron chair? You’ll find plenty of them on Gumtree.

✔ Huge variety of Aeron chairs
✘ Anonymous users

2. Facebook Marketplace

Is there anything that you can’t sell or buy on Facebook? It’s one of the most usable marketplaces online because of its usability, transparency and the option to buy from people in your area.

You’ll find quite a few Aerons always up for sale by Sydney users.

  • I love that users’ seller accounts are hooked up to their real Facebook profiles.

Instead of buying your Herman Miller Aeron chair from “Tommo151Haxxor”, you can clearly see the person’s Facebook details and seller ratings.

✔ Superior usability
✘ Less variety of chairs

3. The Chair King

Reconditioned Aerons are also available from The Chair King, a specialist ergonomic chair that services Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast.

  • The Chair King offers a wide range of used and reconditioned office chairs, including the Aeron.

While you’ll pay more for their reconditioned Aeron than you will for one from a private seller, you can have peace of mind that worn parts have been replaced, and the chair will give you years of trouble-free service.

✔ Peace of mind
✘ Higher prices

3 Tips For Choosing A New Aeron Office Chair.

You will probably spend more than 7 hours per day in your office chair, so make sure you choose one that looks and feels great.

Here are my top 3 tips for choosing an office chair:

  • Price matters (to a point). As a rule of thumb, a good ergonomic chair (what makes a chair ergonomic?) should cost more than $500. This is how much margin a manufacturer needs to include durable materials and essential mechanisms. Beyond that, you pay for aesthetics, brand image and social signalling.
  • Ergonomics matter (a lot). Don’t buy a cheap non-adjustable, non-ergonomic chair from Freedom Furniture for $200. A poor person pays twice – and you’ll end up paying more in long-term discomfort, lost productivity and replacement cost of the chair itself.
  • Try before you buy (or deal with a retailer that offers free returns). Comfort is very personal, and you may be surprised that many people dislike sitting in an Aeron chair – despite its $2,500+ price tag. Visit a Sydney showroom to test one out, and, if you opt for a direct-to-consumer brand of chair (e.g., ErgoTune Supreme), be sure that they offer zero-risk returns.

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Last Words About The Herman Miller Aeron Chair.

Herman Miller is one of the most well-known and respected furniture brands, and the Aeron chair is their best-known product.

Designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick and launched in 1994, it quickly became the default choice for people who wanted a high-end ergonomic office chair with adjustable lumbar support, and has held that position ever since.

Available in three sizes, it caters to people with small, medium and large bodies, with size B (medium) being the one you’re most likely to encounter in Sydney offices, coworking spaces and WFH setups.


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