The 7 Best Coworking Spaces in Melbourne


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Co-working spaces are hubs of hustle and entrepreneurship. Instead of sitting at home hunched over your kitchen table, rent a permanent or floating desk and begin to love where you work. Plus, get to meet potential business partners, investors and like-minded business owners. We've walked Melbourne alleyways and streets, making mystery visits to each coworking space to review and shortlist the 7 best co-working spaces in Melbourne, and help you choose the right one.

Arielle Executive - Sydney, Melbourne, New York

Last updated: April 23rd, 2024

Best overall in Melbourne

The Cluster

The Cluster offers airy workspaces, showers and a community of seasoned businesspeople across Melbourne and the APAC region.

Visit The Cluster

Best for community vibe

CoWork Me

A little dated, but practical and inexpensive, Cowork Me is great for people who want a no-frills workspace with 24/7 access.

Visit CoWork Me

Best for 24/7 access


This is a premium multi-location cowering space that will appeal to large teams as well as up-and-coming solopreneurs.

Visit Space&Co

Best for freelancers

The Circle

A single-location coworking space just outside the Melbourne CBD, the Circle offers budget rates, 24/7 access and a friendly, informal vibe.

Visit The Circle

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Arielle Executive - Sydney, Melbourne, New York

Last updated: April 23rd, 2024

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You will love our picks for the best coworking spaces in Melbourne. No two are the same, and each has obscure (and sometimes fun) quirks.

You’re probably aware of the many distractions that get in the way of your productivity while WFH.

(Have you ever been sucked into the Facebook algorithm rabbit hole, with its endless videos of reality TV clips, sports highlights and celeb podcasts? Yeah, me neither…)

Coworking spaces offer an antidote to at-home distractions, plus the thorny issue of isolation.

While remote workplaces allow staff to work without leaving the house, they do so at the expense of in-person physical connections.

Humans are social creatures who thrive when surrounded by like-minded people.

That’s what it means to co-work… to work in the company of others.

Whatever your reason for searching, whatever your niche, you’ll find the best coworking spaces in Melbourne below.

I’ve gone to painstaking lengths to distil this guide to the best seven shared office spaces.

The profile of each Melbourne coworking space is oozing with detail to help you make an informed decision.

1. The Cluster Coworking Space.

Best overall coworking space in Melbourne.

Penthouse coworking space? Now you’re talking! The Cluster has spectacular 360-degree views of the city’s surroundings and the Yarra River.

Due to the tall windows, it’s flooding with natural light, and at every turn, you’ll find beautiful and diverse arrangements of plants.

It has over 2,500m² of floor space, and you and your coworkers won’t be packed in like sardines.

Nothing is worse than having a hot desk next to someone you can’t escape from.

But you won’t have that issue here despite the implication of the name Cluster.

The team here are highly regarded by the tenants.

I’d urge you to check out their Google Reviews. Coworkers are unanimous in their praise for how amazing the staff are and how everything runs like clockwork.

Whether it’s 8 am or 8 pm, the team are always on hand to help with a smile on their face. Some have even described it as “a home away from home”.

It’s great for businesses looking to hire out one of their many conference rooms or book out event spaces. The in-house barista ensures coworkers start their day in the best way possible: with freshly ground coffee of the highest quality.

It’s clear why the Huffington Post named the Cluster “Australia’s Leading Co-Working Space”.

Who It’s For.

It’s a paradise for professional services companies. There is a ready-made professional and social circle that you can plug right into.

And this reminds me of a Henry Ford quote:

“I am not a smart person, but I know how to surround myself with smart people.”

The idea that you can surround yourself with intelligent people is conducive to self-development and growth. There’s no better place to take advantage of that than The Cluster.

The location is convenient for commuters.

Expert tip.

It’s right in the heart of Melbourne CBD, only five minutes from Flinders Street Station and Southern Cross Station.

Their membership plans are among the most flexible.

You can take out a day pass, part-time hot desk, full-time hot desk, private desk, or private office. As such, there is an eclectic mix of professionals who work here across different generations.

It’s an inclusive community that thrives on collaboration and building relationships. People from different companies commonly have lunch together and drink beer at the end of the week.

Prices (excluding GST):

  • Private offices: POA.
  • Dedicated desk at $800 per month.
  • Full-time hot desk at $500 per month.
  • Part-time hot desk at $400 per month.
  • Virtual membership at $85 per month.
  • Day passes at $50.


  • Level 17, 31 Queen Street, Melbourne 3000.

Reasons To Like:

  • Great for networking and establishing roots.
  • Spacious and not overcrowded.
  • Super-friendly team who go the extra mile.

Reasons To Avoid:

  • The lack of toilets is an issue, particularly for females.
  • While not extortionate, the price won’t appeal to startups.

2. CoWork Me Coworking Space.

Best for 24/7 access.

Located in iconic St Kilda with easy access to shops and public transport, CoWork Me is a funky and colourful workspace. Its vibrant decor is matched by the vibrant community that works there.

The building is fresh, modern, and inviting.

At the heart of CoWork Me is their emphasis on running social events to unite the community of workers.

And while some events are business-related (digital marketing, financial planning, and leadership), they also offer other classes such as making fresh pasta, meditation, and yoga.

And it’s in those classes where people remove their “work mask” and build fruitful relationships.

They pride themselves on bringing coworkers together to foster growth and enable the sharing of knowledge and skills.

For that reason, it’s a coworking space described as a place “where everybody knows your name” and has a real family feel about it.

A perfect ratio of work-life balance, professionalism, and fun seems to have been struck.

There are so many perks to working here too. All members have the option to secure their own personal car spot, and the staff at reception are always on hand to help you take care of the little things like welcoming guests.

It’s also doggo-friendly (as long as they’re trained), so bring along your bestie and explore the outdoor space together on your break.

The on-site cafe is fantastic; the barista coffee rocks!

Who It’s For.

It’s a space that will be appreciated by those who value connection and collaboration.

The place has a certain entrepreneurial spirit, and ambitious people with emotional intelligence will find themselves in good company at CoWork Me.

It’s great for businesses as well as individuals. Cowork Me can tailor their private offices to your business requirements. You won’t hear of many serviced offices creating a bespoke environment for their customers.

These guys genuinely care.

It’s professional and fun in terms of vibe, but it’s not edgy or alternative in the way that hipsters or artists might be seeking. Ristretto-drinking, Dr Martens-wearing, rebellious free-thinkers should look elsewhere.

One bonus of CoWork Me is the podcast room.

Content creators and businesses can book a room with all the required tech in order to create their podcasts. And if you’ve never made one, now would be a perfect time to start.

The podcast industry has exploded in recent times; producing valuable free content for your target market is a great way of building your brand and generating leads.

With hot desks available from $135 per month, this is one of your best value-for-money options in Melbourne included in this review (second only to Inspire9).

If you’ve launched a company on a shoestring budget, you’ll be able to keep your costs under control with a flexible membership plan.

Prices (excluding GST):

  • Serviced office: POA for 1-2 person pods, 3-5 person offices, and 6+ person offices.
  • Dedicated desk: POA.
  • Hot desk: $135 per month for nine days; $270 per month for 17 days.
  • Virtual office and assistant at $89 per month.


  • 245 St Kilda Road, St Kilda 3182.

Reasons To Like:

  • Tailored bespoke membership plans.
  • An unrivalled events calendar that fosters collaboration among coworkers.
  • Great value for money and overall experience.

Reasons To Avoid:

  • Very poor ventilation in rooms downstairs; the atmosphere feels a tad clammy.
  • Meeting room soundproofing could do with an upgrade.
  • Parking is a pain, especially for visitors. If a visitor leaves after 5.30 pm (after the gates automatically lock), they won’t be able to get out without a keypass.

3. Space&Co Coworking Space.

Best if you need multiple locations.

With six locations in Melbourne and three in Sydney, members have access to different venues, so you can test out and find the one that feels right for you.

You need to arrange this with your on-site Workspace Coordinator beforehand.

While each individual location has its perks, there’s an invisible thread that ties them all together: the cutting-edge design combines industrial and contemporary features.

It’s not unusual to see deliberately exposed ducting, sleek black slimline furniture, and geometric light fittings.

This probably won’t surprise you (since the clue is in the name), but Space&Co. offers a huge amount of space per person, operating on an average of 8m² per person.

Some coworking spaces induce feelings of claustrophobia, but you won’t have to worry about space invaders here.

In addition, they’re proponents of workspace contracts being easy and transparent – with no hidden nasties.

It’s annoying when you’re already paying what feels like a fortune, only then to be stung with additional costs of using a printer, storing items in a locker, or booking meeting rooms.

Space&Co.’s all-inclusive pricing means you can enjoy its full suite of premium amenities without constantly reaching for your credit card.

Who It’s For.

Let’s talk ergonomics. It’s not the sexiest subject, but if you find yourself working out of any old coworking space, you might all of a sudden realise why it’s important.

So many budget coworking spaces cut corners and provide inadequate seating for long stints at a desk.

(Sometimes, I think this is deliberate to prevent people from loitering all day and to free up capacity.)

Hard chairs that look edgy and are made of plastic are commonplace but awful to work on.

But Space&Co. takes ergonomics seriously, and their offices are kitted out with some of the highest-spec chairs.

Where budget permits, avoid office spaces and meeting spaces that don’t provide ergonomic seating.

For those truly embracing flexible working, you’ll appreciate that most of their building has 24/7 access.

As I already mentioned, you can switch things up and have a change of scenery at one of the other Melbourne coworking spaces.

Collins Street is one of their most popular locations – and for good reason.

The 36-floor landmark tower is one of Melbourne’s largest premium office buildings and has panoramic city views.

If you fancy yourself as the Wolf of Collins Street, get signed up (*thumps chest rhythmically, “ah-hum hum hum”).

Prices (excluding GST):

  • Day pass at $50.
  • Dedicated desk membership around $600 per month.
  • Studio office membership: POA.
  • Private office membership: POA.


  • 100 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000; Level 3, 530 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000;
  • Level 19, 2 Southbank Boulevard, Southbank VIC 3006;
  • Level 22, 8 Exhibition Street, Melbourne VIC 3000;
  • Level 12, 360 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne VIC 3000;
  • 550 Bourke, Melbourne VIC 3000;

Reasons To Like:

  • A greater focus on ergonomics with the design of the workspace, rather than aesthetics.
  • All the amenities that you can shake a stick at.
  • Average of 8m² per person.

Reasons To Avoid:

  • Food court is below average and has little to get excited about. You can pack your lunch and eat there (and so many coworkers do… which says a lot).
  • While clean, the building is a little tired and is unlikely to wow your clients.
  • Queueing for elevators is quite common.

4. The Circle Coworking Space.

Best coworking space in Melbourne for freelancers.

Is this a coworking space or a leisure centre? And I mean that in a good way. It’s a place where a positive work-life balance is encouraged.

As far as amenities are concerned, The Circle is the best in class.

They have a games room (with a basketball machine, arcades, foosball), a massage room, a meditation room, an on-site gym, showers, a photography studio, high-speed internet, and a mail-handling service.

Cool as all these features are, there’s a sound business reason for their presence: they’re great icebreakers.

There’s very little room for negativity in a fun and novel environment like this, and it’s impossible not to engage with your coworkers.

They’re even bringing out a hotel capsule, so you’ll soon be able to snooze on the job in a dedicated private space.

At that point, well… you could practically live here – and with your doggo, too, since the place is pet-friendly.

At the start of the pandemic, when working from home became the norm, there was a strong argument for “work is something you do, not somewhere you go”. But this turns that notion on its head.

The Circle is a unique destination that feels like a second home.

Who It’s For.

The decor is on trend and suits creative brands and entrepreneurs.

Much of the space (particularly the feature walls) is clad in plywood or untreated wooden boards, the type that’s strong and lightweight but cheap and unsuitable for places on show.

Yet, The Circle has fitted the office space out in it unapologetically. And it works!

It’s an inviting place to bring clients and create a strong first impression.

It’s not a formal or intimidating environment to step into; the abundance of natural light and the usage of soft colours and sandy wood tones create a warm vibe.

Those looking to create an impression of power and gain the upper hand might want to look elsewhere for a more serious atmosphere.

Its current tenants are typically freelancers, small businesses, and established businesses.

The amenities make it easy to strike up a conversation, and it’s common for the community to collaborate, form partnerships, and discover new talent to hire.

That’s why they call it The Circle.

Do you want to be in the circle or out? Those looking for networking opportunities should book a tour and see it in the flesh. After that, you won’t need much convincing.

The Circle is conveniently located between Collingwood Station and North Richmond Station, and it’s also super easy to park nearby.

Prices (excluding GST):

  • Floating desk starting at $370 per month.
  • Dedicated desk starting at $600 per month.
  • Private office starting at $730 per month.


  • 4 Bloomburg Street, Collingwood VIC 3066.

Reasons To Like:

  • Amazing amenities will keep you engaged throughout the day.
  • On-trend decor that’s popular with entrepreneurs and creatives.
  • Great access to public transport and on-street parking.

Reasons To Avoid:

  • While the desk chairs are erg0-friendly, the chairs in the breakout spaces are uncomfortable.
  • Some would argue that the use of plywood cheapens the look of the place.
  • Communal areas can be noisy, and noise seems to travel throughout.

5. Hub Australia Coworking Space.

Good for large corporate teams.

Hub Australia is one of the biggest players in the coworking space in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, and Adelaide.

They have seven “clubhouses” in Melbourne, including their new location at Box Hill Central Shopping Centre and Hub’s Southern Cross space which offers the largest co-working space in the city.

A membership at Hub gets you all the typical things you’d expect, such as an on-site cafe, private phone booths, breakout spaces, bookable meeting rooms, and networking opportunities through its event programme.

Now, premium is a term that’s bandied around by many office spaces these days, and while many look the part, so many fall short when it comes to the practicality of their furniture, mainly the ergonomics.

So many see the desk and office chair as little more than a commodity.

But Hub takes this seriously; my eagle eyes detected a certain ergonomic chair in their Strategy Room and Collaboration Room at the St Kilda office – the Herman Miller Sayl Chair!

According to urban legend, when sitting in one, these stylish and sophisticated chairs have been known to trigger an ergasm (sorry, I couldn’t resist a pun).

That probably won’t mean much to the average office worker, but trust me when I say Herman Miller chairs are among the most erg0-friendly in the industry. Details like this go beyond the surface-level sheen of interior design.

Veterans of the coworking world will know that this is a big deal. (If you’re looking for an ergo-friendly office chair, check out our latest review published here.)

Who It’s For.

Hub Australia is a melting pot for innovators, creatives, and entrepreneurs.

However, you’ll also notice a strong corporate vibe and stumble across professionals in casual business attire rather than the trendy tech-savvy coworkers wearing baseball caps and sneakers.

So, if you’re in marketing, financial services, or senior management roles, Hub is a great environment to connect with like-minded professionals and a superb retreat from the hustle and bustle of the workplace office or your home office.

You also have access to printing facilities, end-of-trip facilities (bike racks, shower facilities), an on-site cafe, and a fully-equipped kitchen.

Never underestimate functionality when searching for a coworking space in Melbourne. The guys have left no stone unturned.

Given it’s a premium coworking space, the price is relatively competitive as far as day passes, which is great for freelancers.

As for the monthly memberships, you could be paying over $500 just for access to a shared workspace and common areas. There are other options where you can get a private desk for much less!

That said, it’s a premium space, and the price may be a good thing and attract an exclusive crowd.

You might want to interact with more people in a similar income bracket, as it’s likely you’ll have more in common.

Prices (excluding GST):

  • Day pass at $50 per day.
  • Lounge pass at $50 per month.
  • Virtual office at $100 per month.
  • Flexible 8-day pass at $350 per month.
  • Flexible 24/7 membership at $550 per month.
  • Dedicated desk at $75o per month.
  • Office or suite at $725 per person per month.


  • Suite 10/ 1 Main Street, Box Hill VIC 3128;
  • Level 7, 180 Flinders Street, Melbourne VIC 3000;
  • Level 2, 696 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000;
  • Level 12, 412 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3004;
  • Level 3, 162 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000;
  • Level 18, 1 Nicholson Street, East Melbourne VIC 3002;
  • Level 4, 459 Church Street, Richmond VIC 3121.

Reasons To Like:

  • Flexible working; choose from over seven clubhouses in Melbourne and get 24/7 building access.
  • A great premium space in which everything is high spec, somewhere which will wow your clients.
  • Superb meeting room availability and hospitality (morning and afternoon tea, lunches, after-hours events catering and bar service).

Reasons To Avoid:

  • Stern corporate vibe can make you feel as though you’re back in the 90s.
  • Wheelchair access is poor; there is some signage in the lobby that directs people next door to ascend the floors.
  • Young creatives may find the atmosphere stifling and reserved.

6. Rotson Coworking Space.

Good for hipster vibes.

Rotson is a light, bright, and airy shared office space with incredible views of the surrounding city.

It’s a charming and quaint space with tonnes of character, including polished wood floors, heaps of plants, big windows, and metal-pressed ceilings.

Its minimalism means this is a clean and tidy space to work in, and its white walls give the impression of a blank canvas.

It’s so fresh and inspiring. I’m not a huge fan of funky schemes where every piece of furniture is a different colour (not unless I’m taking my kids to daycare or a playhouse). If heaven were a workspace, Rotson would be it.

It’s not your typical corporate space, nor is it necessarily a space for the startup hustle.

It’s a hive of creative minds and an inclusive place at that.

There’s a real team spirit here, and coworkers enjoy going for a pub lunch on Fridays and a monthly coffee and pastries morning.

The amenities are basic and nothing to get too excited about; it has a business lounge area, shared kitchen and bathrooms, high-speed internet, and bike racks.

But it’s authentic – that’s why people come here, for its minimalism.

It has everything you need for a productive working day.

Let’s face it, we want a shared office space to escape the endless distractions that many of us face at home. And the temptations of excess and indulgence that we face elsewhere distract us from our business goals and objectives.

Doggos are welcome too, as long as they refrain from expressing excessive affection towards any legs belonging to either furniture or people.

Who It’s For.

The shared studio space has a capacity of 18 freelancers and is currently occupied by graphic designers, photographers, videographers, architects, animators, and web developers.

The main image on their website perfectly encapsulates their target market; there are two long-haired dudes, and there’s another pic on their Instagram of a coworker wearing an Arctic Monkeys t-shirt.

It’s certainly attracting a specific niche.

And yet, despite the hipster and liberal crowd it attracts, I can’t help but think that the stag’s head mounted in the breakout area would offend animal rights activists and animal lovers, who would also fall into their niche.

They’re a dog-friendly place, just not stag-friendly, I guess.

Not all boutique coworking spaces are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but Rotsons are. It’s great for flexibility.

I mean, if you’re heading to a midweek concert, it’s great that you need to catch up on work at the weekend or evenings.

You might even be an introvert who likes to work when the world quietens, so you could work through the night if that’s your thing.

It’s just around the corner from the popular Naked For Satan. It’s a swanky place that serves killer cocktails, craft beers, and awesome food, and its rooftop bar offers one of Melbourne’s best views.

Prices (excluding GST):

$350, with a month-by-month rolling contract and a one-month no-questions-asked trial period.


  • Level 2/105 Victoria St, Fitzroy VIC 3065.

Reasons To Like:

  • Just a hop skip and a jump away from some of Melbourne’s best bars and restaurants.
  • Beautiful interior with heaps of plants.
  • Street parking is available and trams are just a block away (on Brunswick Street and Nicholson Street).

Reasons To Avoid:

  • The vibe is niche and suits a very particular taste; not great if you’re an uncultured swine like me!
  • Small and cliquey, meaning if you don’t like your coworkers, you’ll be unable to avoid them.
  • Not many additional features and amenities.

7. Inspire9 Coworking Space.

Good budget option.

Inspire9 (or I9 as they like to call it) is a light-filled, open, and airy space in Melbourne.

Its brand evokes a sense of fun and is aimed at younger workers, as depicted by its graffiti-style logo and wall art.

As far as working spaces go, some can be quite corporate and lacking in character, whereas there is a more relaxed vibe here at I9.

It’s not overflowing with supercharged egos. Other Melbourne coworking spaces can inspire you, but too much toxic positivity can be a little cringe.

It has a friendly atmosphere and that’s by no means an accident. The staff bend over backwards and look after your every need to ensure an optimal and comfortable working environment.

The natural light pours in, and plants are abundant about the place – and everyone seems in a great mood.

The work areas are spacious and kitted out with ergonomic chairs, something which is often overlooked.

The first thing you notice when you walk into Insipire9 is the wholesome and energetic buzz. I’ve been in places where they enforce library silences, but that’s not the case.

Dialogue is encouraged. You have to experience this for yourself to feel what I’m saying. You can take out a free trial to see what all the fuss is about.

Who It’s For.

While the vibe is young, there is a good age spread. The price is likely to be a determining factor for many workers here.

Hot desks are available for as little as $110 per month.

It’s in a superb location and only seconds away from Richmond Station; there are great places for lunch on Swan Street too.

So if you like stretching your legs at lunchtime, Cōchin Vietnamese Restaurant is a MUST!

The pool table and the table tennis are nice touches too. They also offer rooftop fitness classes (such as pilates, yoga, and weight training), but that comes at an additional cost through a partner company.

So there’s a good work-life balance that’s encouraged here.

Personally, I find the floral graffiti wall art a little too trippy; it’s as though a toddler has eaten a pack of crayons and vomited on the walls.

Okay, I accept that’s probably harsh, but some will find the funky wall art a little offputting.

It’s a shame because it is a heritage building and a former knitting mill, and it seems to have lost its industrial identity.

One thing which they offer that many don’t is a weekend pass. These are the quietest times and represent a great opportunity to work productively for a discounted price.

You’ll need to submit an enquiry with their team for the latest prices.

Prices (excluding GST):

  • Dedicated desks starting at $570 per month.
  • Hot desk starting at $110 per month.
  • Virtual office starting at $39 per month.
  • Private offices starting at $1,700 per month.
  • Meeting room hire for as little as $39 per hour.
  • Weekend passes: POA.


  • Level 1/41-43 Stewart St, Richmond VIC 3121.

Reasons To Like:

  • Light-filled, open, and airy space to move and think freely.
  • Great value-for-money membership plans.
  • Welcome and energetic ambience is infectious.

Reasons To Avoid:

  • Funky colour scheme and wall art is a turn-off for serious and mature professionals.
  • Convenient location and only seconds away from Richmond Station.
  • Open-plan floor space means that noise travels, and it can be difficult to concentrate when hot desking.

Finding a Melbourne Coworking Space.

There are some awesome Melbourne spaces to choose from; and if after reading all that you’re even more confused (since it’s so hard to choose!), then that’s a great problem to have.

The worst thing in the world is not knowing your options and settling for the first space you stumble across.

Take your time to scout out convenient locations and flexible workspaces that most suit your business needs.

Despite all the detail above, there’s something to be said for the feel or vibe of a place. You have to experience some of these yourself, so why not plan a workspace safari and try them all?

Frequently Asked Questions About Finding The Best Shared Office Space.

If you’re looking for the best Melbourne private offices, consider the following…

Is it worth paying for a coworking space?

Some spaces are worth paying for, and some spaces aren’t. It depends on your specific needs, of course.

First, you want to establish how often you will likely use it.

Some workspaces provide day passes and monthly membership plans; others have more formal lease agreements.

And while the price is important, it should be measured against the following benefits that any given workspace provides:

  • Enhances focus and productivity.
  • Opportunities to network and engage in collaborative work.
  • Access to amenities.
  • Work-life balance and well-being.
  • Professional image and credibility.

What equipment do I need to bring to a coworking space?

Just you, your laptop, your charger, and maybe a pair of noise-cancelling headphones.

You may well have your own specific devices or equipment you need. In which case, take those too. But don’t overthink it.

Most coworking spaces provide all the amenities you need, such as free printing, coffee, fruit and snacks, sit-stand desks, lightning-fast WiFi, rental lockers, private phone booths, and some even have on-site cafes.

Premium coworking spaces out there even boast fitness facilities, wellness facilities, and even licensed bars.

What etiquette do you need to follow in coworking spaces?

Nobody wants to be that annoying person. To be part of a positive and respectful environment and build great relationships with your coworkers, keep the following in mind:

  • Respect shared spaces: always clean up after yourself and return items to their designated places.
  • Be mindful of noise: avoid loud conversations or phone calls in shared areas; and if you need to make a call, use designated areas.
  • Practice good hygiene: maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness in the workspace; nobody wants to be the stinky kid in class.
  • Respect personal space: avoid unnecessarily encroaching on others’ work areas, respect privacy in designated areas, and ask for permission before using someone else’s equipment.
  • Practice professional behaviour: treat others with respect, be polite in your interactions, and avoid using offensive language.
  • Collaborate and network: engage in conversations, share knowledge and expertise, and be open to collaboration opportunities.
  • Follow the guidelines and rules: adhere to the coworking space’s guidelines, rules, and policies; for instance, policies related to booking meeting rooms.
  • Practice digital etiquette: keep volumes at a reasonable level, use headphones for multimedia content, and avoid distracting use of devices.

Which are better: hot desks or dedicated desks?

Generally, hot desks are occupied on a first-come, first-served basis.

So, if you’re territorial and just have to have “your chair”, or if you’re the type of person who gets a little irate if someone else parks in “your parking spot”, then you might want to consider a coworking space that offers dedicated desks to members.

But with a dedicated desk, you’re going to be paying a much higher premium membership for the personal space.

If you prefer to focus on your work and care less about networking, a dedicated desk would be most suitable.


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