7 Most Comfortable Office Chairs In Australia For 2024


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Choosing the most comfortable office chair for your office is critical for your well-being at work. Instead of sitting hunched over for 8+ hours each day, you'll be able to maintain correct posture, stay cool and avoid feeling like you're squeezed into a cheap economy seat. The humble office chair acts as a conduit between your body and the rest of your office, keeping you in the right position while enabling movement. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the 7 most comfortable office chairs in Australia, so you can sit for long hours without discomfort.

Last updated: April 6th, 2024

Most comfortable office chair for $1,750

Steelcase Leap

One of the most adjustable office chairs available in Australia, the Leap is known for supreme comfort. If you have $1,750 to spend on an office chair, should be your top pick.

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Most comfortable office chair for $750

Ergotune Supreme

Soft fabric-infused mesh, 11 points of adjustment and 3 sizes make the Supreme the most comfortable mid-range chair in Australia. Don't agree? Return it within 21 days for a full refund.

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Most comfortable office chair for $3,000

Herman Miller Embody

The striking Herman Miller Embody has the most comfortable seat pan in the business and a patented backrest that adjusts to your spine. But the design is odd, and the price tag is scary.

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Very good alternative to all the others

Ergohuman V2 Elite

A comfortable all-rounder with mesh construction and solid build, the Ergohuman is similar to the ErgoTune Supreme in execution, but without 21 day risk-free returns.

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Last updated: April 6th, 2024

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Choosing a comfortable office chair should be considered a business decision, as it affects every minute of your working day. Getting it right has been proven to boost productivity by up to 17.8% while promoting your well-being and helping you improve your posture.

As with any business decision, you must do your due diligence. Fortunately, I’ve done most of your hard work in writing this review.

In my quest to find the most comfortable office chair, I’ve considered every decision you will likely face.


Because office chairs are not uniform products, and certain features are only available at the expense of others.

For example, spending $3,000 on a chair almost guarantees you’ll find a comfortable one, but as soon as you start lowering the price, you must start making tradeoffs. Should you trade off build quality or ergonomics?

These are some of the difficult questions you’ll need to answer.

With all that in mind, I’ve chosen office chairs that make the fewest tradeoffs at their price points. Here is my shortlist of the best office chairs in Australia that prioritise comfort above all.

1. Steelcase Leap.

The most comfortable office chair in Australia for $1,750.

most comfortable office chair for home office

The Steelcase Leap is the most comfortable chair in Australia – if your budget is about $1,750 and you don’t mind its subdued (did I say a little boring?) aesthetic.

Steelcase office chairs are known for two things: build quality and comfort. The Leap scores highly across both.

It’s a heavy-duty chair weighing 34 kg, and its sturdy construction gives the impression that it’s one piece. Not a single component rattles or creaks.


The Leap supports a weight capacity of up to 181 kg – unlike most competitors, which are limited to about 136 kg.

There’s just something beautiful about the fit and finish of the components, right down to the subtleties that have gone into the design of this office chair. The seams are indiscernible, and the plastic components are moulded together with engineering precision.

The attention to detail is impressive.

Regarding practicality, its 4-way armrests are among the most ergonomic of all chairs here, with height, depth, width, and pivot adjustments.

They’re also nicely squishy – but hold their shape after prolonged use.

I must admit, I prefer them to the ErgoTune Supreme‘s armrests.


The Leap’s backrest mimics and adapts to the natural movements of your spine, using its LiveBack technology.

It flexes to maintain continuous contact with your back for maximum comfort, as you shift, stretch and shuffle.

The lumbar support is also worthy of serious praise.

You can also adjust its firmness as well as height, which is great if you’re tall or suffer from back problems like sciatica (where should your lumbar support be?)

Leap’s lumbar support

Leap’s wide seat is on the firmer side, but very comfortable.

Expert Tip.

A softer seat isn’t necessarily more comfortable. In fact, a lot of cheap office chairs provide thick and spongey seats that sag and make you feel hot. A moderately firm seat pan is optimal.

Like the Supreme’s seat, it adjusts for height and depth.

The front part of the waterfall-edged seat flexes downward when you apply pressure, which prevents it from digging into your hamstrings, as it happens with cheaper office chairs.

Who Is It For?

The Steelcase Leap is, first and foremost, an office chair for someone willing to spend $1,750 on an office chair.

It’s not a small amount of money, so it’s not a chair for students or early-stage start-up founders.

You can drop the price by forgoing the 4-way adjustable arms in favour of height-adjustable arms only (or even no arms).

But I wouldn’t recommend sacrificing one of the best features of this ergonomic office chair.

Second, it’s an office chair for someone who doesn’t mind (in fact, prefers) its safe aesthetic. To me, it looks bland. To you, it may seem ideal.

Third, the Leap is a chair you buy for the long term.


With a 12-year warranty on mechanical parts and lifetime warranty on the frame, the Leap is a chair you’ll own for quite a while.

It’s also great for heavier people. Its standard configuration supports users up to 181 kg, and a heavy-duty model (the Leap Plus) supports users up to 227 kg.

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But the Leap is not for super tall people.

Because it has no adjustable backrest (up and down), and with the default height of the backrest set pretty high, people over 190 cm will experience poor shoulder and neck support.

Reasons To Buy:

Great ergonomics.Leap’s adjustable lumbar support and armrests allow you to fine-tune this office chair to your body’s needs.
Seat padding and seat flexing.A comfortable sitting experience that reduces pressure on the hips and thighs while minimising discomfort during prolonged sitting.
Heavy-duty construction.A durable and stable frame that stands the test of time; the Leap is built to withstand the weight of larger people.

Reasons To Avoid:

It’s pricey!Not everyone has the means to splash out on an ergonomic chair in this price range.
No back height adjustment.It’s a traditional office chair that will not elevate the decor of a modern office or your WFH environment.
Aesthetics.It’s a safe-looking office chair that will not elevate the decor of a modern office or your WFH environment.
How The Steelcase Leap Stacks UpScore
Build Quality5/5
Ease Of Assembly5/5
Return Policy3/5

2. ErgoTune Supreme.

Most comfortable office chair for under $750.

most comfortable office chair for office

The ErgoTune Supreme is the strongest contender, comfort-wise, at the $750 price point.

The first reason for its impressive performance is its 11 points of adjustment.

If you are obsessive-compulsive about getting your sitting position right, you’ll appreciate that everything on the Supreme is adjustable.

You get a 3-way adjustable headrest, two-way adjustable lumbar support, 5D armrests, and the TrueTilt precision recline, which allows you to recline up to 136 degrees (it’s tempting to fall asleep; I won’t judge).

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The 5D armrests deserve a special mention.

I love the satisfying metallic clicking sound they make when I move them and appreciate that they adjust for reach, width, height and pivot (to a mind-boggling 270 degrees).

Seat height and depth are also adjustable, meaning the desk chair is comfortable for people at the shortest and tallest extremes of the height spectrum.

The TriTune 3D headrest is also one of the best in an ergonomic office chair. It’s fully adjustable for height, reach and tilt.

I wish the tilt could be locked to prevent the headrest from moving with sufficient head pressure, but this is a minor quibble.

Overall, you’ll be able to find a comfortable spot to park your head.

The backrest of the ErgoTune Supreme office chair features a built-in Atlas lumbar support, which adapts to your spine as you move.

Depending on how firm you like to feel on your lower back, you can adjust the lumbar support’s tension from fully locked to very soft.

Every single component of the Supreme has been trademarked: TriTune, GyroBrace, DuraWeave, TriTune, and TrueTilt…

To some, it might seem like marketing overkill; to others, it’s attention to detail and good branding.

But regardless of how you feel about the naming nomenclature, you can’t get away from the fact that each feature serves a legitimate ergonomic purpose and delivers comfort.

And what about sizes? You have three options:

  • Small is recommended for people 140-160cm tall.
  • Medium is recommended for people 160-180cm tall.
  • Large is recommended for people 180-210cm tall.


ErgoTune Supreme’s size only changes the chair’s gas piston height. The seat itself remains the same.

Who Is It For?

The ErgoTune Supreme is a chair for people who find other office chairs uncomfortable.

Because it’s ultra-adjustable and available with a choice of 3 gas piston sizes, it will provide comfort to super short people (less than 150 cm), average-height people, and even people taller than 200 cm.

I like that this is not a disposable, cheap-looking chair, either.

It’s for people who want to build an aesthetically pleasing home office, and don’t want to throw the chair away within 2-3 years.

You get up to 8 years of warranty on the ErgoTune Supreme‘s mechanical parts (if you provide a review online – and only 4 years if you don’t), so this is a chair that won’t fall apart quickly.

Reasons To Buy:

Extreme adjustability.Fiddle to your heart’s content with all the adjustable options to make yourself comfortable.
Risk-free purchase.If you buy it directly from ErgoTune, they offer 21-day risk-free returns with doorstep collection!
3 colour choices.Choose Charcoal Black and your Supreme will blend into the background. Choose Coral Red or Acqua Blue to make a statement.

Reasons To Avoid:

Plastic armrests.I would love to spec my Supreme with a soft leather armrest. The existing armrests aren’t bad, but they’re firmer and more plasticky than the ones on my Aeron.
No tilt lock on the headrest.This limits the user’s ability to secure the headrest into a preferred position for optimal support and comfort.
Easy to stain the mesh.The fabric-infused mesh picks up stains quite easily. This is frustrating as Coral Red and Aqua Blue are the most standout colours. If you want something that won’t tarnish and last many years, go for the Charcoal Black.
How The ErgoTune Supreme Stacks UpScore
Build Quality4/5
Ease Of Assembly5/5
Return Policy5/5

3. Herman Miller Embody.

Most comfortable office chair (if money is no object).

is herman miller embody comfortable

A pixelated support system… If you’ve never stumbled across the Herman Miller Embody, you’re probably wondering what the hell that even means.

Well, it has a truly unique back and seat support system consisting of interconnected support pixels that closely follow the natural curvature of the spine and pressure points, providing targeted support.


Sitting in one feels almost therapeutic, with its pressure distribution and natural alignment. In a way, it’s been likened to the reverse engineering of the human spine.

I particularly love the seat’s design, with its four independent support layers.

Each has its own set of material properties.

Together, they mould themselves to your shape to the extent that they even form around pockets.

  • The comfortable seat allows optimal airflow, keeping you cool as you sit.

(This might only seem like a minor quibble to people living in cold climates, but if you’ve ever sat in a leather seat on a hot summer day, you’ll know it can be pretty embarrassing and uncomfortable).

  • The Embody is upholstered and comes in over 50 colour options (depending on the stockist), ensuring you’re more likely to find one to your taste.

While mesh office chairs are popular these days because of their breathability, nothing quite beats the comfortable padding of a fabric base when sitting for long hours.

  • With the Embody, you can experience both comfort and breathability.

The Embody also has great adjustable features.

My favourites are the tilt limiter and tension control. The tile limiter allows you to determine the range of recline motion, and the tension control allows you to fine-tune the resistance when reclining.

Coupled together, this makes for such a fluid, almost anti-gravity reclining experience.

Who Is It For?

The Herman Miller Embody is a superb option for those with back and posture problems, or those who find it difficult to be comfortable while sitting.

The pixelated support system promotes proper spinal alignment and a customised sitting experience.

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If sciatica, a herniated disc, or any associate back strain has been troubling you, the Embody should be high on your list of chair options, despite its price.

  • Yes, its price point will be outside of many people’s budgets.

But it’s worth remembering that Herman Miller makes its office chairs in the USA, unlike most competitors in China and the Far East.

From an aesthetic perspective, I find the tapering (towards the top) backrest offputting. Moreover, it’s unlikely to provide full coverage to people with broader shoulders.


If you like to lean to the side of your desk chair, you’d probably fall backwards and through the gaps on either side of the backrest – so an office chair with a full-width backrest will be more appropriate.

Compulsive fiddlers and those who are obsessive about controlling every aspect of their sitting experience may get frustrated at the lack of available controls.

That’s not to say the Embody isn’t ergonomically superior, just that the ergonomics are somewhat predetermined.

Expert Tip.

Contrary to popular belief, a higher price does not always constitute more knobs and levers – this is especially true when it comes to Herman Miller office chairs.

Reasons To Buy:

Pixelated support. Unique dynamic backrest creates a unique office chair experience that distributes pressure evenly across your back.
Range of colours.Design matters, especially when spending thousands of dollars on an office chair. Embody has enough options to suit your existing or planned office decor.
Comfort.It’s an office chair you can sit in for hours, owing to the premium upholstery and four different support layers.

Reasons To Avoid:

Skinny backrest.If you have wide shoulders or bigger upper body proportions, you may not feel as supported as you’d like.
Adjustability limitations.Unfortunately, it has no adjustable lumbar support, arm width adjustment, back height, or arm depth adjustment.
Embody only comes in one size. People at the extremes of the height spectrum may find it uncomfortable.
Price.Yup *gulps. Herman Miller desk chairs are some of the most expensive available.
How The Herman Miller Embody Stacks UpScore
Build Quality5/5
Ease Of Assembly5/5
Return Policy3/5

4. Ergohuman V2 Elite.

Good alternative to the frontrunners.

most comfortable office chair

The ErgoHuman Plus is also known as “intensive use seating.” Its aluminium frame is designed to withstand regular use and maintain its functionality and structural integrity over time.

It’s built to last and has a 10-year warranty to back up that claim.

Its numerous adjustability features include a synchro-tilt mechanism with infinite lock, sliding seat, pneumatic height adjustment, automatic lumbar support system, height and angle adjustable arms, and a headrest.

Some people find mesh office chairs less comfortable, owing to the lack of padding.

But the Ergohuman has an ingenious answer to this – you can adjust the tautness of the mesh seat using a knob.

  • This is particularly useful towards the end of the day when you may want to loosen the seat to alleviate discomfort.
  • Conversely, you may want to tighten it to improve alertness at the beginning of the day.

Its functional armrests have been designed to support your forearms when you’re using mobile devices. A section of the armrest tilts up under your forearm at the elbow, reducing fatigue.


Ergohuman’s seat tilt is a nice touch that allows you to sit forward or recline without deactivating the tilt lock.

You can select between 8kg and 12kg of resistance using the tension control.

Ergohuman desk chairs are available in various models, with or without a leg rest and laptop stand.

  • The leg rest elevates and supports the legs, improving blood circulation during long periods of sitting.

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The laptop stand is a great ergonomic feature, giving you greater control over the viewing and typing position, reducing strain on your neck, shoulders, and wrists.

Who Is It For?

The forward tilt feature is great for people in creative fields, such as graphic designers, illustrators, or architects, as it allows them to lean closer to their work surface.

Sufferers of circulatory issues such as deep vein thrombosis, diabetes, Raynaud’s Disease, varicose veins, and obesity will find models that include the leg rest most comfortable.

With what I suspect to be a deliberately limited range of colours (platinum, black, and brown, as well as options in leather) on their Australian site, the Ergohuman will appeal to those looking for premium and luxury decor.

If you’re in the process of refurbishing a home office and plan to create an inviting, bright atmosphere that inspires creativity, you might want to strike the Ergohuman off your list.

It has a masculine look to it, cold even. Some might even say intimidating.

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Reasons To Buy:

An attractive price point.Considering the ergonomic chops, it’s one of the better-priced models – especially when compared to the Aeron and Leap.
98% recycled. It boasts impressive sustainable credentials and is constructed out of steel, aluminium, and eco-friendly plastics.
Additional features.The leg rests and luxury laptop stands included with some models give the Ergohuman a functional upper hand over its competitors.

Reasons To Avoid:

Chrome base scratches easily.I have found that the chrome legs scratch and scuff easily, particularly if you rest your feet on them while wearing shoes.
4D arm limitations.Armrests are lockable in only certain aspects and are loose in others. You may find them unintentionally swivelling.
Lumbar depth automatically adjusts. If you like firmer support and greater control, you might find this impractical.
How The Ergohuman V2 Stacks UpScore
Build Quality4/5
Ease Of Assembly4/5
Return Policy2/5

5. Herman Miller Cosm (high back).

Very pretty and comfortable office chair.

most comfortable chair for the office

Above: gorgeous lines of the Cosm. This example has leaf arms.

If you thought the Embody was weird for its lack of knobs and levers… brace yourselves. The Herman Miller Cosm ergonomic chair has no adjustable functionality.

“What the heck is that all about?” I hear you cry.

Well, the Cosm’s greatest ergonomic achievement is something called ‘sitting force’.

When you’re finished moving backwards or forwards, it reaches a fulcrum point, and the chair catches you, then holds you in that seating position.

It gives you the sense that you’re almost floating.

At all times, it’s adapting to you and the pressure you exert on it.

Expert Tip.

If you ever get a chance, visit a local stockist (I recommend Living Edge in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne) and experience this yourself.

Aside from its ergonomic credentials, the thing that I love most about the Cosm is its elegance.

To look at, it’s a thing of unmatched beauty. And I don’t say that lightly.

It’s quite possibly the most sophisticated office chair I’ve ever seen.

I know that they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I think it ought to be unanimously accepted that the Cosm is the most visually striking office chair to ever grace the market.

Okay, maybe I’m a little biased, but Herman Miller has gone to extreme lengths with attention to detail.

For example, a single uncut layer of mesh runs from the front of the seat to the tip of the backrest.

I love geeky design details like this, and this feature alone is almost enough for me to declare this as the best mesh office chair in Australia.

When it comes to colour, the Cosm offers a number of unusual options: canyon, glacier, nightfall, graphite, and some hybrid colours too.

Expert Tip.

If you opt for a single colour (not a hybrid), almost every element of the office chair will be the same colour, right down to the castor treads – that includes the mesh, back support, base, armrests, and any other plastics.

When buying, you’ve got the option of three different armrest types: fixed height, adjustable, and suspension leaf.

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  • The suspension leaf is the one you’ll see in most promotional images of the Cosm, and whilst I like that it allows you to push your chair under your desk, it’s not the comfiest for everyday use.
  • Adjustable armrests may not be as pretty, but they’re far more comfortable.

Who Is It For?

You’ll need deep pockets to bag a Herman Miller Cosm, as the office chair retails for over $2,500, depending on the model.

Even if you can afford it, you may find it hard to justify it if you like to endlessly fine-tune your sitting experience.

Honestly, I think sometimes having fewer adjustments is better.

The adjustments often become a huge source of distraction for workers, so there’s a strong argument for removing them.


From a maintenance perspective, there’s a lot less that can go wrong due to having fewer components.

The Cosm is available in three sizes: low back, mid back, and high back.

For anyone above 5’ 3”, a high back is best for extra back and head support when reclining. If you’re shorter than 160 cm, a mid back is recommended for the same reason.

Those taller than 185 cm won’t get much head support but will feel a surprisingly generous width of shoulder support. Much more than with Herman Miller Embody, for example.

It’s also worth noting that the higher the back, the more you’ll pay for your Cosm.

Reasons To Buy:

Visually impressive.The Cosm is gorgeous to look at. It’s sophisticated and loud and yet … restrained at the same time.
Build quality. The Cosm has been designed by Studio 7.5, based in Berlin, Germany, and it’s made in the USA.
Endless Customisation. This office chair offers a choice of armrests, castors and sizes – meaning you can tailor it to your own preferences.

Reasons To Avoid:

Price.This will be a sticking point for many, as the chair is one of the most expensive.
Tautness of lumbar mesh. There is a distinct amount of slack in the lumbar region. It’s not saggy, but definitely not a good fit for people who need very aggressive lumbar support to be comfortable.
Suspension leaf armrests.You may be tempted by their sleek design, but they’re not the most practical or ergonomic solution.
How The Herman Miller Cosm Stacks UpScore
Build Quality5/5
Ease Of Assembly5/5
Return Policy3 /5

6. Steelcase Gesture.

Notable mention #1.

steelcase gesture vs herman miller cosm

The Steelcase Gesture is an ergonomic office chair “designed to support our interactions with modern technology and is inspired by how we move throughout the day”.

Yes, I realise how salesy and hypey this sounds.

The company studied 2,000 people across six continents and discovered nine new postures not adequately addressed by current seating options, all of which were factored into the design and engineering of the Gesture.

  • For instance, its adjustable arms have 360-degree rotation.

It doesn’t get much better than this (unless Elon Musk thinks of something).

They mimic human arm movement, specifically when handling different types of tech, including phones and tablets.

There’s an impressive 25 cm of width adjustment, so you have complete control over how far you spread your elbows out or tuck them in while operating your devices.

The LiveBack technology in the Steelcase Gesture chair “combines ergonomic innovation with dynamic support”.

What does this mean, exactly?

Some of the best office chairs promote a “correct” posture and a fixed sitting position with endless adjustments, but the Gesture accommodates the user’s movements while providing a safety net of adaptive support.

The Steelcase also has all the expected adjustment mechanisms, three recline angle stop settings, an upright back lock, adjustable seat height and seat depth, seat angle, tension, as well as some others.

The build quality of the Gesture is also exceptional.

The chair weighs a tonne (well, not literally, but at 27.1kg, it’s second only to the Steelcase Leap in this list).

That means you’ll be less likely to roll around unintentionally on hard floors. And owing to the metal components’ industrial strength, you can expect a longer-lasting chair.

  • Its warranty is valid for 12 years and includes multi-shift, 24/7 parts and labour for peace of mind.

It ticks almost every box from an ergonomics perspective, with one main exception: it has no adjustable back support.

However, there is an option to include an adjustable headrest, which adds some height to the office chair for those who really need it.

Who Is It For?

If you work in the tech industry or use several different devices during your day, the Steelcase Gesture is one of the best office chairs for you.

The Gesture recognises this shift and supports nine postures identified within a tech-driven workspace.

It goes beyond the rudimentary support for laptop users and considers tablets, e-readers, multiple monitors, and smartphones.

Its flexible backrest and ergonomic features enable users to switch between postures seamlessly and are unrestrictive, unlike many office chairs designed solely for laptop or PC users.

The Gesture is an ideal choice for individuals who tend to fidget, shuffle, and slouch excessively while sitting, as well as those who are unable to get into the habit of sitting properly.

As with the Steelcase Leap, the Gesture is particularly accommodating for users of heavier builds, supporting users up to 181 kg.

And, at the risk of repeating myself, like the Leap, the backrest height comes in at around 50 centimetres, so if you’re over 6′ 4″, you’ll find poor shoulder and neck support. A headrest is a must for tall people.

Reasons To Buy:

  • 3D LiveBack ergonomics. You can sit all day without feeling like you sat all day.
  • Assembly. Comes in a large box pre-assembled; literally rip open the packaging and you’re good to go.
  • 360-degree arms. Second to none! The armrests offer a comfortable and functional experience, regardless of what device you’re using.

Reasons To Avoid:

  • No back height adjustment or adjustable lumbar support.
  • Firm seat. Whilst the comfort level of seating is subjective, it has a relatively firm padded seat, and the padding isn’t as generous as other models in this review.
  • Some users report squeaking. Steelcase recommends applying grease to certain areas to lubricate metal parts and prevent squeaking.

7. Humanscale Freedom.

Notable mention #2.

best office chair for maximum comfort

The Humanscale Freedom has a simple yet high-end design, not unlike the Herman Miller Cosm. No levers. No knobs.

It also has a similar weight-activated recline mechanism that locks you into a comfortable working position.

Freedom’s synchronous armrests can be repositioned without buttons or locks. The revolutionary synchronised design means you only have to move one arm up – the other moves up automatically.

  • If you like to have armrests at different heights, this feature will likely frustrate you.

But if you’re the type of person who gets obsessive-compulsive about identical armrest height, this will. be a very welcome feature. First-world problems, I know.

The headrest boasts an impressive width.

It’s particularly handy if you like to look elsewhere when contemplating or processing ideas.

Not only that, but you could turn your head and have a little snooze on the job (just make sure your camera is switched off in those Zoom meetings!).

Joking aside, in Japan, there is such a thing called inemuri, which is sleeping at your workplace.

Employees who work diligently until they feel tired are respected, as it shows dedication. Napping on the job is almost obligatory!

The only downside to the headrest, though, is that it bumps into the shoulders rather than the crutch of the neck.

Like the Cosm and Embody, the Freedom office chair is highly customisable, and you can choose from different armrests, fabrics (almost 50 upholstery options and 7 leather options), frame colour, seat type, a foot ring, castors, and base finish.

It’s definitely not mass-produced. The Humanscale Freedom gives you the freedom to choose from many customisations. Except they don’t accept returns.

So be sure to test one out at a local stockist before placing an order.

The jury is out on the upgraded gel seat pad option. You’ll either love it or hate it. If you’re in doubt, go with the standard option, and you’ll save about $200 along the way, too.

Who Is It For?

The Humanscale Freedom is an ergonomic office chair designed to endure years of consistent use. If you’re in charge of procuring office equipment, you’ll find that these will serve your company well for many years.

Your only challenge will be getting a sign-off from Finance for the hefty price tag that accompanies them.

The weight-activated recline feature is great for those who like to shift their sitting position frequently but don’t enjoy the fuss of pulling levers and twisting knobs.

The design of the Freedom has a broad appeal, meaning that it will elevate just about any space you place it in. It’s neither offensive nor outlandish and goes about its business quietly.

Understated elegance is the name of its design game, but it does have a bit of that “Mad Men” vibe.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Awesome headrest. Promotes proper head and neck alignment when working (or sleeping!).
  • Duron synchronous armrests. Allows for seamless and natural arm and shoulder support during various tasks.
  • Highly customisable purchase options. Allows users to tailor the office chair to their unique body shape, posture, and comfort preferences.

Reasons To Avoid:

  • Gel seat pad. In theory, while it’s firm to sit on initially, it warms up after some time and moulds to the user. But the reality is that it’s often uncomfortable.
  • Working while reclined. Due to the weight-activated recline, for additional balance, you may require a footrest to keep your feet flat on the floor and an adjustable keyboard system for easy access.
  • Price. It almost seems unfair to mention the price, given the great value-for-money that’s on offer, but it’s likely to fall outside many people’s budget.

Finding The Most Comfortable Office Chair in Australia.

Hopefully, my review has given you some food for thought on the best office chairs available in Australia to those who value comfort above all other features.

  • I highly recommend you find a local stockist where you can take these for a test drive, or choose a chair that offers risk-free returns (e.g., Ergotune Supreme).
  • Comfort is subjective, so you want to be sure you’re not stuck with the wrong chair.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Office Chairs.

If you’re about to upgrade your office chair, you’re probably wondering…

Does IKEA sell comfortable office chairs?

Ikea has a great range of cheaper chairs, but they’re generally aimed at the casual user. Ikea chairs tend to come in a range of contemporary styles and focus more on aesthetics than functionality or ergonomics.

The prices of their desk chairs reflect this too, being towards the lower end.

Expert Tip.

Whilst they’re great for adding some personality to a dull office space, they’re not so practical for prolonged sitting or use as gaming chairs.

Why did I not include the Aeron?

The Herman Miller Cosm ergonomic chair is the innovative successor to the Aeron and has stolen the limelight recently.

Whilst the Herman Miller Aeron is a fantastic chair, it’s old news—much like the PlayStation 5 succeeded the PS4.

In this article, I promised to share the top 7 most comfortable office chairs, and the Aeron didn’t quite make the cut (sorry, old friend).

Should I buy an office chair, a task chair, or a gaming chair?

Your first priority is choosing an ergonomic chair that’s comfortable and practical. There are comfortable office chairs out there and dreadful ones. The same goes for task chairs and gaming chairs.

Always choose practicality first, then aesthetics. Your back (and health) will thank you later. There are, however, a few standout features that each offers:

Office Chair Benefits:

  • Ergonomics promote comfort and support for long hours
  • Often come with several adjustable mechanisms
  • More durable and built to withstand daily punishment.

Gaming Chair Benefits:

  • Come with features tailored to gaming enthusiasts, such as built-in speakers, vibration motors, and RGB lighting
  • Tend to have a bold and futuristic design, making them visually appealing to gamers
  • Typically offer generous padding and cushioning, providing a plush and comfortable sitting experience.

Task Chair Benefits:

  • Designed for a wide range of tasks and activities, making them suitable for various work environments
  • More reasonably priced, making them accessible for individuals with smaller budgets
  • Tend to prioritise functionality over aesthetics and are often characterised by a simple design.

How long should you sit?

According to Professor Hedge at Cornell University, sitting for long periods isn’t ideal – even if you have the best office chair in the world.

To counteract this, he and his team of researchers recommend moving regularly according to the 20/20 principle: after 20 minutes of sitting, stand up and move around for 20 seconds.

Are expensive office chairs worth it?

My advice would be to save up and invest, rather than snapping up the first ergonomic chair you come across within your current budget.

I’ll leave you with this question:

If you buy a more comfortable office chair, and this increases your productivity by 15% each year, how much does the chair really cost?

As the saying goes: buy nice or buy twice.


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2 responses to “7 Most Comfortable Office Chairs In Australia For 2024”

  1. I tried the Humanscale Freedom in a showroom yesterday. Man, it’s not at all comfortable! I agree with you – it should be last on the list.

    • Hey Tommo, this is risk-free trials are very important. Even testing the chair in a showroom doesn’t always reveal its weaknesses, due to large time constraints. It’s interesting that you found the Freedom uncomfortable. What specifically did you not like? Most people complain about its headrest and armrests.

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