7 Ingenious Ways To Recycle Your Old Office Chairs

Don't throw them out.


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Last updated: January 3rd, 2024

ways to recycle office chairs

Last updated: January 3rd, 2024

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Have you ever considered recycling your office chairs? You may be great at recycling kitchen containers, but in 2024, the real impact lies in sustainability. Perhaps you’ve been sitting in the same chair for years and need an upgrade.

Or – you’re revamping the entire office. 

Either way, there is a range of options for you to recycle your office furniture. 

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What Are The Benefits Of Recycling Your Office Chairs?

recycle your office chairs

Corporate responsibility towards environmental efforts will be a necessity in 2023. 

Whether you work for yourself or head a large business, rather than organising a council pick up – you should consider recycling your chairs. 

The benefits are worth the extra effort, including the following:

1. Have You Hosted A Garage Sale?

A garage sale is a great way to do an entire house cleanout and raise some extra dollars.

Our tips: 

  • Throw a neighbourhood garage sale and team up with those on your street.
  • Advertise in community groups online and in local cafes.
  • Price your items reasonably and offer discounts for multiple items.
  • Hold your sale on the weekend, so more people attend.
  • Ensure you have cash and card payment options. We like Osko for instant transfers.

Expert Tip.

Consider donating your profits towards a local charity – you are more likely to increase sales and foster a larger turnout. 

2. Can You Donate To Charity?

Donating your old office chairs to charity is another beneficial way to recycle them without paying anything out of pocket. 

You can: 

Charities will onsell your old office chair at one of their retail stores. The funds will go towards community outreach initiatives and other charitable services throughout Australia.

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3. Can You Donate To A School?

Teachers and students can reuse office chairs in classrooms – exceptionally durable study chairs that are well intact.

Your chairs can be utilised in the following ways: 

  • Science labs: Kids may need to sit on a durable chair whilst conducting more extended experiments.
  • Creative classrooms: It’s easy to damage expensive furniture. For children who love to paint – 2nd hand furniture is a necessity. 
  • School Halls: Backstage furniture may be needed for presentations or school musicals.
  • Libraries: Consider reading rooms in libraries which are often made up of different furniture for children to relax and unwind whilst they read. 

Donating your old office equipment will help schools save money while providing teachers and students with comfortable seating options. For tips to contribute to Australian schools, read here. 

Expert Tip.

Privately owned educational facilities such as pre-schools or after-school care can also benefit from donating your old office chairs. Be sure to check out your local options. 

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4. Could You Sell Your Office Chair To An Upcycling Business?

If you want to make money from your old chair, consider selling it to an upcycling business.

These businesses: 

  • Pick up or accept the furniture drop-off.
  • Recycle all materials.
  • Refurbish the item or create it into something new.

Upcycling is a great way to prevent items in a landfill. Australian upcycling businesses often resell on Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree, much like this successful duo. 

You can also start a side hustle of refurbishing furniture in your own time. Read here for tips and tricks. 

5. Can You Use Them As Extra Outdoor Seating?

There are many ways to repurpose your old office chair for outdoor use if you have an outdoor space, like a patio or deck.

You can:

  • Utilise chairs as extra seating for guests.
  • Use the chairs as an additional place for kids to sit while you’re having dinner outside. 
  • Turn the chair into a holder for herbs or small plants. 

Expert Tip.

Invest in new chair legs or a cushion to revamp your old office chair into a piece of furniture in other areas of the house. 

6. Can You Keep Them As Guest Chairs?

Your home office may benefit from extra seating, especially if guests visit.

Consider keeping your old office chair (when in good condition) as a secondary seat opposite your desk or as a souvenir for how far you’ve come.

Expert Tip.

I still own some office furniture from when my wife and I moved in together for the first time – and it’s very special to me. 

7. Can You Turn Them Into Desk Chairs For Your Kids?

Your kids may be of an age where they are beginning to do homework in their rooms. 

One of the best recycling options is to gift your office chairs to your children.

  • Consider tightening bolts and screws for more minor children, making the chair sturdy.
  • Invest in coloured or patterned cushions, so the kids are comfortable and excited about their study space.

Expert Tip.

To personalise the chair, allow kids to paint or decorate the handles in colours that match their room. Officeworks is best for supplies – you may even find your new office chair there.

how to recycle office chairs

There Are Endless Ways To Recycle Office Chairs.

You can recycle most old office chairs in many ways to improve your carbon footprint and assist those in need. A win-win!

Consider contacting local schools and organisations, holding a garage sale, gifting to family members or repurposing your old office chairs in your own house.

It’s essential to develop a mindset of sustainability to ensure your items last longer, and you avoid buying for the sake of buying. 


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