ErgoTune Supreme vs Sihoo M57 Office Chairs: Which Is Best?

Is the Sihoo M57 as good as the ErgoTune, but at half the price?


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Last updated: May 23rd, 2024

sihoo m57 and ergotune supreme

Last updated: May 23rd, 2024

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The ErgoTune Supreme and the Sihoo M57 are very popular office chairs among Australians who work from home. The former retails for about $350, while the other is almost twice the price, at roughly $750.

This is an awkward situation because you could technically buy two Sihoo M57s for the price of a single ErgoTune Supreme.

They’re some of the best office chairs on the Australian market. But which is better value?

Key Features.

Here’s a side-by-side analysis of each chair’s main ergonomic features.

FeatureSihoo M57ErgoTune Supreme
Seat heightYesYes
Seat depthNoYes
Back heightNoYes
Arm widthNoYes
Arm depthNoYes
Arm heightYesYes
Arm pivotYesYes
Adjustable lumbarYesYes
Recline tensionYesYes
Recline angle90-120 degrees90-136 degrees
Tilt lock positions34
Tilt mechanismCentre-tiltSyncrho-tilt

Which Office Chair Has Better Mesh?

Both chairs are made from mesh. Compared with faux leather and fabric chairs, they’re more effective at keeping you cool when the office temerature is running high.

But the difference in mesh becomes very apparent as soon as you get close.

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The Sihoo M57 has a rubbery feel and a pattern you can see up close. It’s growing on me, but I initially found it a bit unsophisticated.

As for the ErgoTune Supreme, the DuraWeave fabric-infused mesh feels much softer on the skin and comes in two additional colours: coral red and aqua blue.

If you opt for a lighter model, remember these are more prone to stains.

Keep your coffee mug and chocolate biccies at a distance. Sihoo M57’s 100% polyester mesh is so much easier to clean.

Which Office Chair Has Better Armrests?

There is division among the customer base regarding the Sihoo M57’s armrests. The perforated plastic has a surprisingly premium look, but their curved shape looks a little dated.

And it’s a shame the armrests don’t adjust for width. Yes, you can rotate its tips to gain extra space, but it’s not the same – especially if you have wide shoulders.

As for the ErgoTune Supreme’s GyroBrace armrests, they pivot up to 270° and can be adjusted for width, height, and reach.

I have mine set at angles that support my arms in the optimal position, so my arms (and shoulders) always feel relaxed, even as I’m furiously tapping away at my keyboard.

That said, the ErgoTune Supreme’s armrests don’t lock into position and sometimes move involuntarily, which can be annoying when you’re in the zone.

Also, it would be nice if they could be adjusted to drop a couple of inches lower, as I’m unable to tuck the chair under my desk.

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While the Supreme’s armrests look sleek with their bevelled edge, I prefer the Sihoo M57 armrests for their softness.

Which Office Chair Has Better Lumbar Support?

I find the adaptive lumbar support of the Sihoo M57 to be pokey and intrusive when set to maximum; you’re much better off making gentle, minimal adjustments.

The mechanism can be:

  • Raised 5cm from its base position.
  • Extended 3cm in and out.

Believe me, even though that may not sound like much, each small increment of the lumbar support makes a noticeable difference, promoting proper posture.

The ATLAS lumbar support of the ErgoTune Supreme is a separate moveable piece. Note in the image below the split design of the backrest.

It’s not a gimmick.

The Sihoo M57’s lumbar support and backrest are one solid piece, as are most conventional ergonomic chairs.

Many office chairs use lumbar support pillows/cushions, with the best results being a couple of hours of pain-free sitting, but I can sit in the upright position all day in this.

The ATLAS lumbar support offers nine height settings to fit snugly against the natural curve of your spine.

It also auto-adjusts as you shift positions and fidget, meaning you can focus on your work without the constant distraction of having to recalibrate your back support.

This is one of the Supreme’s features that warrants spending a few hundred bucks.

It really boils down to a choice between partial back support and ultra-comfy coverage for your entire back.

Which Office Chair Has Better Headrest?

It’s crazy to think we live in a world where an ErgoTune Supreme and Sihoo M57 have adjustable headrests and most Herman Miller office chairs don’t. But then again, we live in a world where Kim Kardashian is more popular than Pierce Brosnan.

My point is that being popular doesn’t automatically mean something is credible. The same goes for the best ergonomic office chairs.

The Sihoo M57 headrest is highly adjustable.

  • It can be raised 10cm.
  • The angle can be turned 45 degrees both ways.

The ErgoTune Supreme TriTune 3D headrest is both functional and stylish. It’s height adjustable, reach adjustable, and tilt adjustable.

(The Sihoo M57 only adjusts for height and tilt.)

If only the TriTune could be fully locked in place! Any decent pressure causes this thing to point down.

Which Office Chair Has Better Recline?

Let’s break this down into a number of categories.

1. Recline Tilt Tension Mechanism.

In the Sihoo M57, access to the recline tension knob is restricted – especially if you have a footrest included.

You’ll need to get off and adjust before getting back on again to test it. It’s not the end of the world, but takes away from the chair’s usability.

As for the ErgoTune Supreme, the recline knob is located in the ideal spot – to the side. It’s easily accessible, but can be a little stiff when the chair is new.

2. Tilt Mechanism.

  • Sihoo M57: Uses the most basic centre tilt mechanism. For every inch you recline, your seat pan rises the same amount, creating pressure on the underside of your thighs and restricting circulation.
  • ErgoTune Supreme: Its TrueTilt synchro-tilt technology means the backrest and the seat can be tilted independently.

Having a synchro-tilt mechanism is a huge advantage as it creates a more comfortable recline feeling and ensures your feet don’t lift off the ground as you rock back.


Neither office chair features a forward seat tilt function.

Which Office Chair Has Better Seat Comfort?

I hate to break it to you, but the Sihoo M57 ergonomic chair has no seat depth adjustment functionality.

That’s bad news for the long- and short-legged specimens among us.

However, the design of the seat has factored in some useful ergonomics:

  • Waterfall arc seat design. A down-sloping profile that provides relief on your thighs and hips.
  • W-shaped seat pan. The curved profile distributes weight more evenly on your posterior.
  • Memory foam padding. The seat pan is layered with memory foam, stopping your thighs from chafing.

As for the ErgoTune Supreme, if you’ve never had the luxury of seat depth adjustment, you might not know what you’re missing.

Having a comfortable seat that adjusts for depth means you can achieve a greater surface area of contact with your body and eliminate pressure points. This is particularly good for tall people or those who sit too far back or forward as it provides under-thigh support.

The seat depth adjustability trumps the design aspects of the Sihoo M57, and its features like this that justify the higher price tag.

On a separate note, when it comes to the adjustable seat height, they’re virtually the same (a 1cm difference).

Which Office Chair Has Better Aesthetics?

The Sihoo M57 is a handsome budget office chair. It’s not exactly a Herman Miller Aeron, but being a budget ergonomic office chair costing around $350, I can’t complain.

But aside from the imperceptible mesh seat design, it’s a premium-looking, high-end office chair with its chrome aluminium wheelbase and the uniformity of the ultra-sleek black design.

I won’t belabour the point about how good these ergonomic office chairs look. Images tell a much better story when concerning aesthetics.

And since the overall look and design is subjective and down to personal taste, it’s a good idea to visualise them in your own office space.

Will they contrast or complement your existing decor?

From the front, you’ll notice the Sihoo M57’s backrest is wider at the shoulders and lower back and slightly slimmer at the torso.

As for the ErgoTune Supreme profile is more linear and perpendicular (except for the lumbar support) – and looks more sophisticated than the Sihoo M57.

With its edgy angles, the Supreme looks just as elegant from the rear.

The final distinction worth making is the black wheelbase.

While the chrome on the Sihoo M57 adds contrast, there’s just something regal about every component of the Supreme being the same colour – like an animal afflicted with melanism (where animals are completely black; hair, eyes, skin, claws, etc.).

The only real deviation from this is the metallic logo accents.

Which Office Chair Has Better Return Policy?

Sihoo M57.

When it comes to Sihoo’s return policy, they state:

“We have a 30-day return and refund policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return.”

Return shipping comes at a cost to the buyer.

And if the return is due to having changed your mind and there is nothing wrong with the product, a 30% restocking fee is applied.

ErgoTune Supreme V3.

ErgoTune ergonomic office chairs are built to last, and they believe their own hype. Unlike Sihoo, ErgoTune offers 21-day risk-free returns – with free doorstep collection!

These guys are so convinced you’ll love their desk chairs that they’re willing to risk giving you a full refund and endure a lot of hassle to get the product in front of you.


The 21 days apply from the date you received it, based on ErgoTune’s tracking records.

Everything about their emphatic and amiable tone regarding their returns policy makes ErgoTune seem the most trustworthy and credible.

Which Office Chair Has Better Warranty?

Sihoo M57

The Sihoo M57 ergonomic office chair only comes with a measly one-year warranty but parts are covered for three years.

There is minimal detail regarding their warranty on the Sihoo website or Amazon listing. Any mention is little more than a footnote:

“Product warranty period is one year. If there is any quality problem, please contact us. After confirming, we will change the accessory for you. We promise to provide you with zero profit product accessories within three years of the warranty period.”

While the information on their website is scarce, there are lots of anecdotal examples of satisfied customers on Amazon who have received replacement parts free of charge when under warranty.

That’s pretty generous considering the price of the chair.

ErgoTune Supreme V3

All ErgoTune ergonomic office chairs come with an 8-year warranty, which you can extend up to 12 years for free by sharing a photo of your office chair.

12 years is about the best you can get. Even Herman Miller offers a 12-year warranty, and their high-end office chairs are considerably more expensive.

When buying any of ErgoTune’s chairs, you can buy with confidence, knowing you’re covered in the unlikely event that your ergonomic chair buckles.

Which Office Chair Has Better Customer Service?

We have our own internal “acid test” for customer service performance. We measure the response from customer service based on three factors:

  • Informative/helpful.
  • Speed of response.
  • Friendliness of tone.

Both manufacturers responded to my false alarm query within two hours and scored high across all factors. T

here’s little to compare and no point in splitting hairs over this. Both get the green light from me.

Which Office Chair Has Better Shipping Policy?

All deliveries calculated at checkout are based on our shipping location in Barangaroo. Shipping costs vary by state, and delivery for both ergonomic chairs takes between 7–10 working days.

Sihoo M57.

  • $15.00 for NSW;
  • $20.00 for VIC and ACT;
  • $25.00 for QLD, SA, and TAS;
  • $45.00 for WA;
  • $50.00 for NT.

ErgoTune Supreme V3

  • Amazon: $29.
  • Direct: $39.16.

Which Office Chair Has A More Friendly Assembly Process?

Sihoo M57.

The instructions were clear and easy to follow. Assembly took me around 20 minutes, but I accept I may be a little quicker than the average person since I’ve assembled dozens of ergonomic office chairs.

With that in mind, I would reasonably estimate between 20-30 minutes for the vast majority. Everything you need to assemble the ergonomic chair comes in the box, including a pair of cloth gloves.

ErgoTune Supreme V3.

Assembly of the ErgoTune can be completed in six easy steps. Once you’ve unboxed, it takes about 20 minutes and is hassle-free.

If you’ve ever assembled IKEA products, you might have been left with emotional scars from the ordeal. But the ErgoTune instructions leave other flat-pack furniture instructions for dead.

It comes with a large assembly sheet (lay this out on the floor), a thick book, and a fine-tuning booklet.

The parts are well-labelled, and there are even online videos to help if you get stuck.

Which Is The Better Ergonomic Office Chair?

Ding, ding, ding. Ladies and gentlemen… after several rounds of action, we now go to the scorecards; and we have ourselves a winner…

And STILL, by way of technical knockout, the Ergonomic Champion of the Office Chair World – the ErgoTune Supreme V3!

For an extra $300 dollars, it’s totally worth the synchro-tilt tension, extra tilt lock options, adjustable ATLAS lumbar support, and seat depth adjustment. From a functionality perspective, it trounces the Sihoo M57.

I would save up for a few months to buy it over the Sihoo M57.

As for aesthetics, both are impressive, but the edgy angles of the Supreme bring a touch of sophistication that will modernise your space. Where the M57 fits in, the Supreme stands out. The 12-year warranty and risk-free returns are the icing on the cake.

The ErgoTune Supreme is the best budget office chair and reigns supreme.


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