What Is The Best Office Chair In Australia? [57 Chairs Rated]


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Choosing the best office chair starts by asking yourself a few difficult questions. Should you spend $300, $700 or $2000? Which ergonomic features are essential, and which are gimmicks? How do you choose an office chair that looks great, is comfortable and doesn't fall apart within a couple of years? To help you save time and make the right decision, I've created Australia's most comprehensive office chair review, comparing over 50 chairs across 8 categories. The 4 finalists for November 2023 are below.

Last updated: November 22nd, 2023

Best overall office chair ($750)

Ergotune Supreme

Winner across a number of categories, including best ergonomic chair and best home office chair. Runner up in the most comfortable category.

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Best budget office chair ($350)

Sihoo M57

Unequivocally the best office chair in Australia for people on a budget, the Sihoo M57 offers solid ergonomic features in a handsome package.

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Best cheap office chair ($100)

Artiss Eamon

The best $100 chair in Australia market, the Eamon is surprisingly stylish. Best used as a display chair, or for sitting 1-2 hours per day.

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Best premium option ($1,750)

Steelcase Leap

Winner of the most comfortable premium chair category, the Leap has a cult following among ergonomic chair nerds.

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Opinions in this review are based on my personal experience with the products. Brands don’t get to offer editorial input nor see the review before it goes live, but may compensate me at no cost to you, if you choose to purchase a product on this page. Can you trust this review? Read the financial and editorial disclaimers.

Last updated: November 22nd, 2023

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Many people get stuck in an office chair analysis paralysis. Too afraid of making a bad decision, they endlessly weigh up options, watching chair reviews on YouTube and reading opinions of self-proclaimed “chair experts” on Reddit (ugh).

Hours of research later, they feel even more confused. With hundreds of options available on the Australian market, they end up with dozens of similar-looking office chairs on their shortlist.

Worse, they oscillate between price points.

After all, some of the best office chairs cost as little as $300, while others push the $3,000 mark.

We decided to help you avoid this trap by creating 8 distinct categories of office chairs. Choose a category that’s most important to you, and then choose one of the top-rated desk chairs in that line-up.


10 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs.

Sometimes stylish and often very expensive, ergonomic chairs are some of the most popular in the Australian market.

Ergonomic mechanisms add complexity and cost, so expect to pay between $700 and $2,500 for a good ergonomic chair.

That said, some bargains do exist (see below).

Very cheap (sub $300) ergonomic office chairs are common, but I recommend you avoid them as their build quality and ergonomic features are usually below par.

Did you Know?

The first ergonomic office chair in the world was the Ergon, designed in 1976 by William Stumpf.

1. ErgoTune Supreme.

is ergotune supreme office chair good

Above: the all-mesh ErgoTune Supreme has strong ergonomic credentials with 4D armrests, a waterfall edge seat and lumbar support with height and tension adjustments.

The designers have compromised very little when building the ErgoTune Supreme. Its ergonomic chops are legitimately top-notch.

It’s a ridiculously adjustable chair. Everything moves.

You can adjust the seat depth, seat height, backrest tilt and tension (with lock), lumbar tension plus seat height and depth. Armrests adjust for width, height, reach and pivot.

Oh, and the headrest adjusts for height and reach.


The only ergonomic flaw is that the headrest’s tilt adjustment doesn’t lock, which can lead to unintended movement if you press on it with your head.

ErgoTune did a great job of making the chair attractive, but you can’t escape the fact that it looks decidedly “ergonomic”.

You can sometimes catch it on sale, but it usually retails for between $700-850.

Unusually at this price point, the ErgoTune is covered by an 8-year warranty (that you can extend to 12 years by sharing a photo of your chair).

Yep, that’s a warranty period comparable with that of ultra-premium brands like Steelcase and Herman Miller.
Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
Solid ergonomic credentials.Looks like an ergonomic chair.
Great build quality for $750.Headrest tilt doesn’t lock.
Outstanding warranty and 21-day trial.Armrest material could be better.

2. Sihoo M57.

cheap office chairs australia

The Sihoo M57 is another thorn in the side of the industry stalwart Herman Miller. Buying an ergonomic office chair as good as this at this price point feels like lowkey theft.

The Sihoo M57 is made from quality components, some of which are metal – evoking a sense of quality.

It doesn’t have a cheap plasticky vibe that’s all too common in the budget category (like the Artiss Nile), and it won’t detract from the look of your home office.

Functionality-wise, I wish there was the option to upgrade to synchro-tilt instead of the centre-tilt mechanism.

Yes, it’s a lot to ask. But some budget office chairs, like the J.Burrows Halifax ($349), feature synchro-tilt.

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
A lot of ergonomic adjustments for $340.Centre-tilt mechanism isn’t ideal for ergonomics.
Bidirectional lumbar support!Warranty is only 3 years.
Smart, competent, practical design.But the design isn’t very exciting.

3. Desky Pro+ Ergonomic Chair.

desky office chair vs steelcase office chair

Not everyone loves mesh ergonomic office chairs; some are just downright abrasive.

But the Desky Pro+ provides the breeziness of a mesh back and the comfort of a fabric seat.

It’s a compact, minimalist chair with no buttons or unsightly controls and very few levers.

The chair’s mesh backrest, armrest, and headrest are locked in place using a clever system of notches.

Being over six feet, the seat height ranging between 43 to 53cm is too low for my liking, and I find myself with my knees above my hips. The Desky only comes in one size.

Taller peeps, you’ll appreciate the extra 4cm height offered by the large version of the Ergotune Supreme.

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
Minimalist design with very few levers.Available in only one size.
10 year warranty.Design may clash with non-techy home offices.
Desky also sells excellent standing desks – ask for a deal 🙂Hybrid mesh/fabric construction is not for everyone.

4. Steelcase Leap.

The Leap looks like the archetypal ergonomic office chair. It’ll blend into your room rather than stand out.

Visually, it’ll appeal to no-nonsense intellectuals.

Developers, engineers, doctors, researchers, academics, writers and anyone whose wardrobe typically consists of smart casual attire will love its understated design and solid engineering chops.

Speaking of engineering, the auto-adjust tilting mechanism delivers, but compared to the Herman Miller Cosm, it has a noticeable amount of friction.

Where the Leap gains the upper hand, though, is its ultra-adjustable lumbar support (the HM Cosm doesn’t even have one).

You can slide the control tabs up and down and crank the knob to apply more or less pressure.

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
Leap has a cult following. If you know, you know.I don’t love the design.
Solid ergonomics. Everything adjusts.Looks plasticky for a $1,750 chair.
Built to last and backed by warranty.All-fabric construction isn’t ideal for hot climates.

5. Herman Miller Aeron.

If you want an ergonomic office chair to arrive fully assembled, pick a Herman Miller Aeron. You won’t have to lift a finger (except when unpackaging).

Oh, and be careful not to put your back out when carrying it to your office space.

It’s built like a tank – compact and dense with a low centre of gravity.

Owing to its reputation, it’s a chair you’ll find in showrooms of LivingEdge or Bad Backs, so try one out before committing.

For me, the Aeron has had its day. Its design belongs in the last century. A younger more ambitious alpha has stolen all its thunder of late: the Cosm. Move over, Aeron – the future is now, old man.

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
Top-notch ergonomics.Expensive.
Rock-solid build quality.Looks like it belongs in the 1990’s (it does).
Fantastic resale value.Hard frame doesn’t promote movement.

6. Herman Miller Cosm.

I’m convinced the Cosm is a piece of industrial art disguised as an ergonomic office chair.

But you won’t find any adjustment options on it. Not a single button, lever or knob (apart from seat height).

It’s fully autonomous.

That’s not to say it’s not ergonomic, however.

Turning knobs and levers feels robotic and can be a damn nuisance.

Cosm’s Auto-Harmonic backrest tilt (Herman Miller-speak for weight-sensitive mechanism) adjusts depending on the amount of force you apply to it.

Does it work in practical terms?

Yes, actually. And it’s far smoother than the temperamental auto-tilt of the Humanscale Freedom.

To be quite frank, a chair with this type of mechanism is best for hot-desking environments and boardrooms, but if I had $2,500 to splash, I’d not hesitate to put one into my home office.

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
Gorgeous, striking, clean design.Expensive (but what did you expect?).
Weight-sensitive mechanism adjusts automatically.Some people want knobs to fiddle with.
Available in a range of pretty colours.Height-adjustable armrests are great for ergonomics, but spoil the aesthetic.

7. Humanscale Liberty.

ergotune office chair vs humanscale office chair

The Humanscale Liberty is a stylish, minimalist office chair. Its edges are softer and more rounded than the sharp, straight-edged style that typically accompanies contemporary office chairs.

In fact, it has that same appeal as the Steelcase Series 1 – shorter and round back – although the Liberty will cost you almost twice as much.

The reason for its seemingly hefty price tag is its counter-balance mechanism that helps you find the optimal recline and keeps you there.

At almost half the price of the Humanscale Freedom, the Liberty is one of the cheapest office chairs in the company’s portfolio, yet it keeps the weight-activated recline.

I love that the Humanscale Liberty arrives at your door almost fully assembled. Just connect the seat to the base and get down to business.

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
Weight-activated recline.Doesn’t feel like a premium chair.
Attractive design.You can get better Steelcase chairs for the same price.

8. Bandit 2 Chair.

office chairs for australians

Maybe it’s called Bandit because you feel it’s an absolute steal. It costs a few bucks more than the Sihoo M57, placing it at the lower end of the ergonomic chair pricing.

The Bandit is a no-nonsense office chair that doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not.

No gimmicks, no marketing slogans, no empty promises.

It’s refreshing to compare a chair that cuts through all that waffle.

Images can’t show wear and tear, but the Bandit is a sturdy bugger – it’s a chair that won’t develop creaks and rattle after a year or two.

You’ll likely fall out of love with it before it buckles.

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
Cheap and cheerful.Limited ergonomics.
Decent build quality for the price.Doesn’t look exciting.

9. Humanscale Freedom.

humanscale office chairs

At just over $2,000, the Humanscale Freedom isn’t an ergonomic office chair you buy on a whim.

As already mentioned, it dispenses with the need to twist knobs and pull levers and uses an intelligent weight-sensing mechanism for your recline.

Its synchronous armrests are a unique take. These can be repositioned by moving one arm up – the other moves up in unison automatically. Though they’re one-dimensional in that they can only be raised and lowered.

The Ticino leather option deserves special mention.

It has a masculine appeal and will look great when paired with premium hardwood – and maybe a whiskey decanter (for show, of course…).

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
Iconic design.The design belongs to the 1990’s. Because it does.
Solid build quality.Some users hate the automated recline uncomfortable.

7 Most Comfortable Office Chairs.

Do you work for 8-12 hours per day? You need an office chair that’s especially good at keeping you comfortable for long hours.

  • This means choosing a chair with at least 5-way adjustment (backrest tilt, adjustable lumbar support, height and depth-adjustable armrests, seat pan height).
  • Pay attention to materials and build. High-quality mesh or foam will prevent sweating. Meanwhile, a flexible back will help your spine move throughout your day.

Don’t buy a cheap office chair if comfort is your top priority. You’ll end up throwing it out and buying a premium option anyway.

1. Steelcase Leap.

best office chair

The Leap is highly adjustable and expertly made, a great office chair that prioritises comfort above all.

While many people love Steelcase office chairs for their ability to blend form and function, I find their range of colours dull and 1990s office-like in appearance.

Grey-brown medley? Salmon pink? Not for me.

I spend half of my workday standing and the other sitting, so I prefer the ErgoTune Supreme for its lower price or the Cosm for its stunning looks.

But the Leap is your best for long stints of sitting and if you find other office chairs uncomfortable after a few short hours.

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
Hard to find a more comfortable chair.Boring design.
Backed by Steelcase warranty (12 y / lifetime).Not ideal for super tall people.
Not as expensive as top Herman Millers.A $1,750 price tag is still pricey.

2. ErgoTune Supreme.

ergotune supreme vs sihoo m57

The ErgoTune Supreme scores highly in comfort but doesn’t sacrifice much style and ergonomics to get there. The price is very reasonable, too.

Its synchro-tilt reclining mechanism sells it for me.

So many office chairs below the $700 price point (like the Sihoo M57) have sub-optimal centre-tilt mechanisms, lifting your feet off the ground when you recline.

The reclining motion of the Supreme feels very nice and reminds me of the one you get on the Aeron.

The backrest is wide and tall to provide support for people with larger backs. Definitely a very different sensation to the one you experience with the short and stumpy backrest of the Steelcase Series 1, for example.

The choice of 3 size options means even the tallest and shortest people can get comfortable.

Yes, the armrests could feel less plasticky, but they adjust in 4 dimensions, so your arms can always stay in an ergonomic position. Meanwhile, the height, reach, and tension-adjustable lumbar support keeps your lower back in check.

Still worried that you won’t get comfortable? ErgoTune offer 21-day risk-free returns – with free doorstep collection!

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
11 adjustments and 3 sizes for maximum comfort.I don’t love the feel of the armrests.
Built to last.Design may not appeal to older people.
Return it within 21 days if you don’t find it comfortable.Coloured mesh options are vulnerable to food stains.

3. Ergohuman Elite.

ergonomic office chair australia

Referred to as “intensive use seating”, the Ergohuman Elite comes with a 10-year warranty to back up that claim.

And you may be surprised to learn that it’s the most sustainable office chair, with 98% of the chair being constructed from recycled steel, aluminium, and eco-friendly plastics.

The chair has an ingenious feature that’s rarely found in other office chairs: a knob that can adjust the tautness of the mesh.

This is particularly useful towards the end of the day to loosen the seat to alleviate discomfort and pressure.

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
Great lumbar support.Chrome back is so 2005.
Great armrests that feel nice to the touch!Comparatively expensive.
Mesh tautness adjustment is very cool.Return it, and you get store credit – not a refund.

4. Herman Miller Embody.

herman miller vs steelcase office chair

The Embody is a unique office chair with its pixelated support system. It’s been likened to the reverse engineering of the human spine.

These interconnected support pixels closely follow the natural curvature of the spine and pressure points, providing targeted support.

My biggest issue is the backrest width -32.5cm.

Admittedly, I love to slouch. In an ergonomic chair like the Embody, I’d probably find myself falling back through the gaps on either side of the backrest.

For contrast, the Sihoo M57 is not the widest chair, and yet its backrest width is 51cm.

While the Embody may preserve your back, it will seriously damage your finances – prepare to shell out almost $3,000.

But you do get a lot of chair for your money. Build quality is perfect, and you’ll probably sell it for 2/3 of its price 3 years later.

If you can go past the quirky design and the recession-unfriendly price tag, it’s a good buy.

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
Top-notch build quality.Do you have $3,000 to spend on an office chair?
Backrest flexes with your spine.Looks like an angry dinosaur.
Great recline feeling.Backrest is very narrow.

5. Herman Miller Cosm.

work from home

The Cosm is hands down the most sophisticated office chair I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

It’s a statement piece with a certain je ne sais quoi that makes it popular with entrepreneurs and technophiles.

A single uncut layer of mesh runs from the front of the seat to the tip of the backrest, providing full coverage from your thighs to your shoulders.

Cost is one hurdle, but you’ll likely find it hard to justify if you like to endlessly fine-tune your sitting experience with knobs and levers.

Given that the Cosm is fully automatic, you may doubt paying thousands for it.

If you want the ability to adjust every part of the chair manually, the Herman Miller Aeron is a better bet.

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
Bloody gorgeous. I don’t care what you think.Expensive!
Available in a myriad of colours (all of them great).4D armrests are the best for ergonomics, but worst for aesthetics.
Weight-sensitive recline mechanism that actually works.Weight-sensitive mechanism will annoy control freaks.

6. Steelcase Gesture.

best steelcase office chair

Steelcase… you know this chair will weigh a tonne (well, not literally, but at 27.1kg, it’s second only to the Steelcase Leap in this list).

It’s a heavy-duty chair of exceptional build quality without rattles or squeaks. It doesn’t sound like you’re shuffling around in a suit of armour when moving.

The Gesture is both brains and brawn!

It was designed to support nine modern-day postures that aren’t adequately addressed by current seating options in other chairs.

For instance, its armrests have 360-degree rotation and mimic human arm movement, automatically orienting themselves when handling different types of tech, including phones and tablets.

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
Steelcase’s most premium office chair.The cheaper Leap is just as good.
High-tech adjustable armrests. All-fabric design not ideal for hot climates.
Bulletproof build quality.Measured office aesthetic won’t turn heads.

7. Humanscale Freedom.

best ergonomic office chair

The Humanscale Freedom may look like a statement piece that elevates your image, but it’s more than just a power play.

It’s similar to the Cosm in that there are no adjustable levers or knobs – the weight-activated recline does all of the adjusting for you.

Like the Cosm, it offers a huge amount of customisation options.

You can choose from different armrests, fabrics, frame colours, seat types, foot rings, castors, and base finishes.


Humanscale doesn’t accept returns on customised Freedom chairs. Think twice before splurging $2,500+ on an office chair you’re stuck with.

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
Striking, masculine design.The design is starting to look dated.
Solid build quality.Weight-sensitive recline won’t appeal to control freaks.
Large range of customisation options.The Cosm is a better, more modern alternative.

5 Best Office Chairs For Lower Back Pain.

People with sensitive backs will appreciate ergonomic office chairs with ample lumbar support, high-quality mesh, and a huge range of adjustments.

We’ve picked the best office chair for you at each price point so that you can keep your lower back happy without draining your wallet.

1. Steelcase Leap.

The Steelcase Leap forgoes looks and presentation and instead focuses on high-end engineering and comfort.

It’s like the Susan Boyle of the office chair world: a beautiful personality but perhaps not blessed with model looks.

And just like our beloved SuBo, the Steelcase Leap defies your initial preconceptions.

The two-way adjustable lumbar support isolates and nullifies lower back pain so you can focus on your work without the constant distractions of fidgeting.

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
Famously good for people with back pain.Returns are clunky. Try it in a shop before you buy.
Unbeatable ergonomics.Doesn’t look like a $1,750 chair (unless you option it with lighter colours).
Great warranty.People with bad backs often prefer mesh chairs.

2. ErgoTune Supreme.

best office chairs australia

When it comes to lower back pain, the targeted support offered by the trademarked ATLAS adjustable lumbar support hits all the right spots.

Reach, height and tension adjustment have your lower back covered.

In fact, the lumbar support is a separate moveable piece; you can fine-tune its location and curve to match that of your spine.

Couple that with the synchro-tilt mechanism for a comfortable recline and premium mesh to reduce pressure hotspots, and you’ve got yourself a solid choice for people with back issues.

Many of these features typically appear in the best office chairs above the $1,000 threshold.

While the ErgoTune Supreme is still not quite budget-friendly, it will last for a while – a 12-year warranty means you’re paying about $60 per year to make your back happier.

Remember that if your lower back doesn’t like it, you can return it within 21 days and get a full refund.

NorthDay will even organise and pay for the pickup from your door.

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
21-day risk-free return. Return it if your back still hurts.$750 is reasonable but not cheap.
Top-notch ergonomics.May not match your office decor.
Advanced lumbar support to match the shape of your spine.Fabric infused mesh can pick up stains.

3. Herman Miller Aeron.

This guy gets a lot of unwarranted flack, particularly when compared to a cheap office chair, but it’s only because it’s spent so long at the top of the food chain after its launch in 1992.

The Aeron was the apex predator of ergonomic office chairs for a while.

Even today, it provides a liberal amount of adjustable features compared to other desk chairs.

Its patented PostureFit SL back support is inimitable and promotes the ideal sitting position – chest open, shoulders back, pelvis tilted slightly forward.

My biggest gripe is the absence of seat depth adjustment. At almost a quarter of the price, even the ErgoTune Supreme includes this!

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
Herman Miller brand.Do you have $2,500 to spend on an office chair?
Supremely adjustable and comfortable.Investment banker wannabe vibes.
Great resale value.The frame isn’t at all flexible.

4. Sihoo M57.

office chair australia

Price perception is a barrier for most with the Sihoo M57, with many presuming it to be a chair of lower quality. But its ergonomic features are on par with Ergohuman and Steelcase models that cost twice as much.

Its bi-directional adjustable lumbar support is as adaptive as the best out there for dealing with lower back pain and sciatica.

It’s completely adjustable and can be moved up, down, left, or right – meaning you can optimise the exact amount of pressure you need to prevent your spine from assuming the shape of a Quaver.

If you suffer from back pain but don’t want to break the bank, the Sihoo M57 ergonomic chair is your best option. The one-year warranty on parts sucks, though.

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
Very budget-friendly.Looks a bit boring.
Comfortable and effective lumbar support.Tilt tension knob is hard to reach.
Pretty good build quality for a $350 chair.Warranty is not very long.

5. Elite Balance Chair.

elite office chair

You know what they say, a healthy lower back makes a happy worker. Okay, I made that up. But it’s not strictly untrue.

The Elite Balance has plenty of ergonomic features that keep your lower back reasonably healthy and happy: adjustable seat height, seat depth, lumbar support, tilt tension, and lockable recline.

Aside from that, though, it’s a pretty dull square chair.

It doesn’t have the other features for full ergonomic support like adjustable armrests or a headrest.

If you have around $600 to play with, I’d go with the ErgoTune Supreme for the ATLAS lumbar support.

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
Surprisingly competent ergonomics.The lumbar doesn’t adjust.
Seat upholstery zips off for cleaning.Office cubicle vibes.

7 Best Budget Office Chairs.

Budget ergonomic office chairs are not ideal because they’re built with compromises in mind.

That said, some are a lot better than others – and it’s possible to buy a good office chair if your money is tight.

We’ve separated the bad from the good and provided you with the best option for your money.

1. Sihoo M57 Office Chair.

budget office chair australia

When it comes to value for money, the Sihoo M57 is the best of a brilliant bunch.

Its resume reads like an ergonomic chair that’s priced over $2,000. It supports a weight capacity of up to 150kg – for context, the standard office chair typically supports around 113kg.

With its wide butterfly-style backrest, it’s a chair you can sink into, rather than feeling like you’re overhanging.

It comes with a decent adjustable headrest that can be adjusted vertically by 10cm and angled 45 degrees both ways. The Herman Miller Aeron chair doesn’t have one… Just saying.

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
A lot of ergonomic features in a budget chair.The design is very safe. Boring, even.
Doesn’t look cheap. Even armrests feel nice!Tilt tension knob is hard to reach.
Mesh is strong. Chrome base may not be for everyone.

2. Sidiz T50 Office Chair.

sidiz office chair

I love the sleek, simplistic style of the Sidiz T50. Its minimalist accents and sophisticated contours make this a versatile chair that would fit in most office spaces.

The seat boasts more functionality than most: it slides back and forward, and the seat angle can be tilted at five different gradients, allowing you to fine-tune the incline.

Due to its customisability, the seat sometimes wobbles slightly in its base.

Saying that, it’s trusted by thousands of corporate offices, including Samsung, Hyundai, LG, and IBM. And what’s good enough for blue-chip conglomerates is probably good enough for most.

Though, it’s at the upper end of “budget”. You could literally get two Ikea Markuses and still have some spare change.

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
The best-looking office chair in Australia?Headrest and armrests are a bit flimsy.
Decent ergonomics.Lumbar support is a bit “meh”.
Synchro-tilt recline mechanism.If it was $100 less, it’d be perfect.

3. Artiss Nile Office Chair.

artiss nile office chair

The Artiss is the cheapest office chair in this review, and it’s one of the best office chairs for the price it retails at.

Let’s be realistic: at around $100, it won’t feature a weight-activated recline, high-grade leather, and a mind-boggling amount of ergonomic features.

But it’s a compact occasional chair that would be an excellent choice for children and teenagers who are revising for exams or doing homework.

It’s the perfect “transition” office chair if you find yourself in a state of indecision or just in need of a temporary solution.

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
Lumbar support in a cheap chairNot great for long stints of sitting.
Flip-up armrests for better storage.Centre tilt recline mechanism.
Looks smart for a cheap chair.Probably won’t last for longer than 1-2 years.

4. Desky Racing Chair.

gaming chairs for the office

Don’t let the goofy name put you off. As far as gaming chairs are concerned, this one is less offensive to the eyes.

Its black PVC leather is easy to wipe down and won’t pick up stains like its mesh and upholstered counterparts or bobble and wear away like fabrics.

The tilt feature allows you to recline 150 degrees, the best of any ergonomic chair in this review and better than 95% of gaming chairs out there.

That comes in handy when brainstorming, taking phone calls, or if you fancy an impromptu power nap.

Lumbar and neck support are more of a nuisance than help as they cause you to lean forward. They’re detachable, but the chair has firm padding, anyway.

At this price, though, you may as well grab a Sihoo M57 for its visual appeal.

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
Very comfortable.Gaming chair aesthetic not for everyone.
Deep recline for taking naps (or gaming).Faux leather gets hot and sweaty in humid climates.
Doesn’t look boring.Poor ergonomics compared with a real ergonomic chair.

5. Ikea Markus.

ikea markus worth it

We couldn’t write a review of the budget office chairs without a shout-out to the most famous Swedish brand.

The Ikea Markus deserves a special mention for its 10-year guarantee. That’s almost unheard of for a budget office chair below $300. The Sihoo M57 only offers up to three years for parts.

The Markus is tall, standing at 140cm.

Its backrest is lofty and looks more like an executive office chair than your typical squat and compact budget office chair like the Artiss Nile.

It has a synchronised tilt mechanism that allows the office chair to move with you, and again, the Sihoo M57 only has a centre-tilt mechanism. Learn more about the different tilt mechanisms here.

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
Stylish, striking design.Cheap armrests are terrible.
Very comfortable recline.The whole chair feels cheap.
Self-locking wheels to prevent accidents.It’s Ikea.

6. Artiss Eamon Drafting Chair.

best drafting chair

The Artiss Eamon is a no-nonsense chair. Fewer features and components mean there are fewer things that can go wrong.

Its faux leather and alluring chrome offer a touch of class. Though the seat cushion is on the thin side. The designers of the Eamon chose looks over personality here – to its detriment.

Some components have been known to creak or squeak occasionally, and routinely applying grease and oils to metal parts is recommended.

Use this as a task chair, that is, for two to four hours or short bursts. For longer sitting periods, go for the Artiss Nile.

7. Alfordson Velvet Swivel Office Chair.

which office chair to buy

The Alfordson Velvet comes in several distinct colours to add some personality to your working space.

Work shouldn’t feel like you’re going to a funeral; jazz it up, and you’ll feel invigorated at the start of each working day.

The lustrous velvet offers one of the softest of textures, and the high density and high resilience foam padding is something you’d more typically find in an armchair.

Avoid if you have pets that moult as the chair attracts hairs and absorbs smells. The same goes if you don’t work in either a cool or air-conditioned office: velvet chairs can induce sweating.

7 Best Home Office Chairs.

Working from home is here to stay, haven’t you heard? If you’re still working hunched over your kitchen table, invest in a proper office chair that will help you stay productive and comfortable while WFH.

1. ErgoTune Supreme.

best office chairs

Above: The ErgoTune Supreme in black. It’s also available in orange (Coral Red) and teal (Aqua Blue) colours.

I’ve already said quite a few good things about the ErgoTune Supreme, to the point where it may look like irrational love.

But it’s not.

The ErgoTune Supreme ticks more ergonomic boxes than many chairs in the $2,000-$3,000 price range.

It has 11 points of adjustment and is available in 3 sizes, so you can calibrate according to your precise preferences.

The office chair comes in small, medium, and large – for people 140-160cm, 160-180cm, and 180-210cm, respectively.

Apart from black, the chair is available in two bright colours: Coral Red and Aqua Blue. While I love these pastel colours, they pick up stains quite easily; if you routinely eat at your desk, opt for black instead.

The Supreme looks and feels rock-solid. While it’s made from hardened plastic, it doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy to the touch.

The only exception here is the armrests.

Height, reach, width and pivot-adjustable, they have a very nice clicking motion, but are somewhat cheap-looking.

Not as flimsy as those of the Steelcase Series 1, for example, but it is definitely the weakest point of the Supreme.

The good news is that you can return the chair within 21 days – at no cost.

ErgoTune covers you with the most generous returns policy in the business. Just send an email, and they’ll pick up the office chair from your home.

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
More adjustment options than you’ll ever need.Not cheap. Expect to pay about $700.
Covered by a generous 10-year warranty.It’s handsome but looks “ergonomic”.
Risk-free 21-day trial.Fabric mesh can stain easily.

2. Artiss Eamon.

artiss eamon office chair

Above: Borrowing design cues from the classic Herman Miller Eames Management Chair, the Artiss adds a splash of style to your office – without the cost.

The Artiss is a budget office chair with the look, feel, and even smell of a luxury chair; you can elevate your professional image without splashing out.

While it comes in two sizes – mid back and high back – you should definitely go for the high back.

It’s much more sophisticated and will only set you back an additional $10-20.

Its lack of ergonomic functionality and adjustability will be offputting for many, and it’s unlikely to be suitable for long stretches of sitting.

You’ve got seat height adjustment, and that’s pretty much it.

Grab one of these if you’re looking for a task chair or a short-term solution (such as moving house or hiring a temporary staff member).

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
Cheap and cheerful.Nonexistent ergonomics.
Quite stylish for a cheap chair.Likely to develop creaks.
Great for 1-2 hour sitting stints.Not ideal for prolonged sitting.

3. Sihoo M57.

best office chair

Above: One of our favourite office chairs, the Sihoo M57 is surprisingly ergonomic and robust for its $340 price tag.

The M57 is the pound-for-pound best ergonomic office chair in this review. With an impressive wingspan of 51cm, even when you shuffle or fidget, the entire surface of your back is fully supported.

If you’re broad or feel claustrophobic in slimmer chairs, avoid chairs like the Herman Miller Embody, which has a backrest width of 32.5cm.

For me (and my dodgy spine), the bidirectional lumbar support is the star of the show.

It can be tweaked vertically (5cm) and horizontally (3cm).

It feels as though a masseuse or chiropractor is holding a firm hand and straightening out the unnatural curvature of my spine.

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
A lot of bang for $340 bucks.Smart but unexciting design.
Surprisingly good ergonomics.Centre tilt mechanism.
Very comfortable for a budget chair.Warranty could be longer.

4. Steelcase Series 1.

best office chair

Above: We have mixed feelings about Series 1. It will appeal to those who want a Steelcase but can’t afford a Leap. El cheapo armrests let it down, as does the backrest design.

The Series 1 is the cheapest option in Steelcase’s lineup.

In Australia, it’s available in 5 contemporary colours, which go a long way to brightening up its rather muted design.

The LiveBack backrest design is good in theory but isn’t always comfortable.

The warranty is excellent, with a lifetime and 12 years of coverage on the frame and mechanisms, respectively.

However, the lumbar support is one of those plasticky strips that should be banished off the face of the earth.

Invest in an ErgoTune Supreme or the Ergohuman IOO for maximum comfort – at a cheaper price.

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
Steelcase brand image.Cheap arm rests.
Understated design.Not for rocking and reclining.
Epic warranty.Flaccid lumbar support.

5. Ergohuman Premium Fit IOO.

best desk chair australia

An office chair that’s premium by name but not quite so by nature. The Ergohuman is a good all-rounder, but “premium” is embellishment.

One top-notch feature, though, is the 3D dynamic lumbar support.

With a similar design to the ErgoTune Supreme, it’s detached from the upper backrest and automatically adjusts as you shift around.

The adjustable headrest tends to wobble when you move. While it doesn’t affect your comfort, it cheapens the look of the office chair and reminds me of the Pixar lamp when viewed from the side.

Those looking for a genuine premium chair with a high back and solid headrest should consider a Steelcase Gesture.

(First, pick up some lottery tickets and hope for the best; it’ll cost you over three times as much.)
Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
Smart, modern design.A wobbly headrest makes it feel cheap.
Very good lumbar support. You can get a second hand Herman Miller Aeron for the same price.
Very comfortable.All-mesh construction is breathable but not for everyone.

6. J. Burrows Halifax.

best ergonomic office chair

The J.Burrows Halifax is a lesser-known ergonomic office chair that’s only available at Officeworks. So, drop into one of their 160 stores in Australia and take one for a spin.

With a 6cm cut of memory foam, the padded seat has the most generous stuffing in this entire review; a welcome change from pancake-flat mesh chairs.

It’s a new product, so we don’t know how the comfortable seat will hold up after months of use.

You might end up with Homer Simpson-style butt-cheek impressions in the seat, ha.

J.Burrows is the standard-bearer of good quality, so if you change your mind within 30 days, return the office chair for a full refund (no restocking fees like the Elite Balance).

An 8-year warranty on a $350 office chair is pretty rare.Reasons To Avoid:
Cheap and cheerful. Looks and feels pretty cheap.
Try it at Officeworks before you buy.Boring. It’s a chair. That’s it.
8-year warranty on a $350 office chair is pretty rare.Sihoo M57 is better – and costs the same.

7. ErgoDuke Ultra-Flex.

best office chairs australia

The ErgoDuke feels like an ergonomic chair with a price tag of over $1,000!

It’s a very comfortable office chair with a sturdy and strong metal structure.

Put it this way – there’s no rattling when shaken, unlike the Herman Miller Aeron (which costs almost 10 times as much).

The model with the headrest is similar to the Ergohuman Premium IOO, with its dual-tone contrasting white frame and dark mesh material – but the ErgoDuke is much cheaper (by around $300).

Speaking of mesh, it’s surprisingly soft and used for both the seat and backrest for maximum ventilation. It’s perfect for those in hotter climates and those prone to hot flushes.

Reasons To Buy:Reasons To Avoid:
Smart aesthetic (somewhat).Feels cheap once you start touching it.
Decent chair for students and people who are on a budget.Armrests have limited adjustment.
8-year warranty on a $350 office chair is pretty rare.Centre-tilt mechanism.

5 Most Expensive Office Chairs.

Is the $1.5 million office chair real, or is it a myth? We go fully CSI to uncover the truth, discovering a bunch of other very opulent – and very expensive – ergonomic office chairs in the process.

In a bizarre plot twist, we also discover that buying a $3,000 office chair can save you money in the long run.

1. Poltrona Frau Cockpit.

This Ferrari-inspired chair resembles the driver’s seat of a supercar. It’s a chair that’s loved by petrolheads, gamers, YouTubers, and vloggers (wealthy ones, obviously).

The international design brand is rooted in Italian manufacturing and high-end interiors.

They only use the best full-grain leathers for the comfort-conscious. Their Pelle Frau® leather guarantees inimitable aesthetic, tactile, and long-lasting qualities.

Production of their high-end office chairs is based on twenty production phases, and you can expect to wait a lead time of 16-20 weeks.

2. Eames Executive Office Chair.

Quick history lesson: the Eames Executive was originally conceived in the 1950s as a feature piece for the headquarters of Time magazine.

Since then, it’s been endlessly plagiarised. There are cheap imitations (like the Eames Replica for $299), and then there is this, the real deal with its registered trademark.

For many, it’s a timeless classic, a hark back to simpler times when computers were still scary, and we didn’t have hand sanitiser at every Westfield entrance.

The Eames Executive doesn’t get worn out, it gets worn in. It ages gracefully, like XO Cognac in a barrel.

3. Wegner Swivel Chair.

I know this isn’t going to be a comfortable chair for long stints, and yet would I buy one if I won the lottery? Abso-bloody-lutely!

It’d go straight in the man cave where I’d look at it, polish it, and never, ever sit in it.

The Wegner Swivel Chair is another classic, revealed in 1955. The backrest is the shape of a propeller, and it can be made with your choice of oak, ash, or cherry.

It’s a post-war chair, no doubt inspired by the events of WWII, so it’s a tad awkward that Wegner is German-designed…

Don’t shoot the messenger, but the Wegner is one of Australia’s most expensive office chairs. Surely they’ve accidentally added a zero to the price?

4. Vitra Grand Executive Highback.

A high-back, high-end office chair is the mark of a well-revered leader, and the one who sits (and swivels) in one seems to automatically command respect and authority.

The Vitra is fully wrapped in Italian leather, and you have a choice of several distinct colours such as grey, red, maroon, black, and Cognac.

Its FlowMotion engineering offers a complete range of motion, allowing for a dynamic sitting when leaning back and tilting forward.

It also has an adjustable neck cushion, reminiscent of those you find when flying business class or on a private jet.

5. Eames Soft Pad Management Chair.

Devoid of any decoration, the Eames couple created this plush soft leather chair to bring comfort and simplicity.

But the low back on this would be a no-go for reclining, especially if you’re top-heavy. It’s hardly a bastion of ergonomics.

Since the 1960s, it’s become an icon, showing up in home offices, meeting rooms and boardrooms worldwide. I don’t pretend to know how or why.

The super-rich have to spend their money on something, I guess… That is, once they’ve finished collecting things like 18-karat gold Tiffany & Co. paperclips for $1,500.

8 Best Leather Office Chairs.

Australian lovers of real leather will love our recommendations in this category. Frankly, you’re quite spoilt for choice.

Ranging in price from $171 to well north of $3,000, leather office chairs are easy to clean and have the power to elevate a plain-looking office.

Many of them are designed to be large and imposing in appearance, with a high back and a fixed headrest to give them a strong presence. Not surprisingly, many executives and directors choose a leather chair for their office.

There’s some overlap between the leather and ergonomic office chair categories. Some leather office chairs are fully ergonomic and vice versa.

1. Humanscale Freedom Chair.

High-grade leather is hard to come by. Office chairs that claim to be made with “genuine leather” tend to be the lowest grade – and they smell plasticky after being chemically treated.

The Humanscale Freedom looks and smells earthy and woodsy. You can choose between Ticino or Corvara leather, (which haven’t been subject to chromium in the tanning process).

Ticino is a top-corrected grain leather created to provide a more natural aesthetic, giving you a leather that’s as unique as the hide itself.

It’ll cost you an additional $843 versus the standard model.

Corvara is a full-grain leather (the highest spec) and is embossed for a uniform grain structure, costing you an extra $1,590. It’s the best leather office chair on the Australian market – by a long shot.

2. Eames Replica Leather Chair.

The Eames replica is the cheapest office chair that actually uses genuine leather.

It cleverly uses leather on the front and a matching high-quality polyurethane on the reverse.

That means you get the comfort of the leather against your skin at rock-bottom prices. If you’ve had a run-in with a mesh that feels like sitting on sandpaper, you should trade it in for this sumptuous specimen.

It’s likely to be within most people’s budget, and the Eames is an iconic chair. You also have the choice of white, tan, and black.

3. Ergohuman Plus Elite V2 Full Leather.

While the Ergohuman is marketed as a “full leather” ergonomic office chair, it’s not “full-grain” leather. Be mindful of the difference (also described above in the Humanscale Freedom overview).

It’s actually made with genuine leather, but that doesn’t mean it’s an inferior chair. It has a professional design that looks as good as it feels.

It’s a bit on the boring side, and it’s very unlikely you’ll ever have someone compliment you on it.

For an ergonomic office chair that’s almost $800, it doesn’t have the aesthetic chops to compete with luxury, but its ergonomic features are on par with the Humanscale Freedom ($2,801).

4. X-Chair X4 Leather Chair.

This is the only chair to feature in this review with a built-in cooling and heat massage lumbar support to relieve those aches and pains in your lower back.

That’s real innovation!

Of all the best office chairs above the $1,000 price tag, I’m surprised that more are stuck in the Neolithic era and have yet to evolve.

With a 4.8-star average from over 500 reviews, customers love it.

Its ergonomic features are top-notch, too, coming with 4D armrests, adjustable backrest and headrest height, a synchro-tilt mechanism, and its innovative lumbar support of course. Superb all around.

5. Evolution Executive Leather Chair.

With its elongated hexagonal backrest, the Evolution is a modern take on office chair design.

Its wingspan, or should I say hipspan, is wider than most, great if you’re curvy and need extra posterior support.

The striking contrast of the white PVC back and tan leather will elevate the look of a modern office.

For too long, leather has been associated with white-haired tycoons and corporate fatcats, but this is one that ambitious and edgy entrepreneurs can get behind.

6. President’s Chesterfield Office Chair.

Ever fancied yourself as a Bond villain? In the President’s Chesterfield, you can spin around when someone enters your office and look them dead in the eyes and say “I’ve been expecting you.”

It’s bold and charismatic – and a serious power play.

Crafted from Tasman leather and made with a hardwood frame, it features a “stately” design that’ll impress your subordinates and have them quaking in their boots as they bring you endless Americanos.

The President will slot in nicely if you have a mahogany or walnut interior and a bookcase of leatherbound classics. It would look ridiculous in a typical home office or minimalist workspace.

7. Oren Office Chair.

The Oren is cheap and cheerful but not as cheap as the Artiss Wood & PU Leather Chair (below).

The fully upholstered leather look isn’t officially real leather, but I’d wager there’s a vast amount of people out there who couldn’t tell the difference.

It has a grain that’s commonly seen in chromium-free leathers, whereas some of the low-end faux leather ergonomic office chairs are uniform in their colour, like the Eames Replica.

As far as practicality is concerned, it would serve you well as an occasional chair, but a lack of ergonomic features and the static armrests mean that it’s unsuitable for long periods of sitting.

8. Artiss Wood & PU Leather Chair.

Here’s another faux leather chair if your budget is tight or if you think of sitting on animal skin off-putting.

It’s retro and contemporary bundled into one. Grab yourself a splash of iconic styling at the lowest price.

Don’t, however, be catfished by its modern looks. It’s all style and little substance. There’s a distinct lack of ergonomic features, and I doubt this would be a comfortable chair to sit in after a couple of hours.

The backrest is so low that I’d be too scared to lean back for fear of toppling over.

9 Best Stools For Standing Desks.

Don’t buy into the hysteria – standing is NOT the new smoking. Standing at work will not save as many lives as helping people quit smoking did – but it does help you move throughout your workday, which will help you stay more alert and productive.

The best standing office chairs fall into one of four categories – active stools, balance stools, drafting chairs, and saddle stools.

We explain the differences and help you pick the best one.

1. Desky Sit Stand Stool.

The Desky Sit Stand balance stool is surprisingly stable for the cheapest option on the list. It has a weighted base and a flat contact patch that prevent you from flailing about like an inflatable tube man (the kind you see outside car washes).

It’s heavy enough to stay planted to the ground while light enough to drag around your room.

You can alternate between sitting on or perching. When you’re finished for the day, it’s small enough to shove it underneath your desk.

At first glance, it looks like some freestanding punching bag you’d find in an old-school gym.

If you’re looking for style, the HG Capsico is the most visually appealing stool, but it will cost you almost $2,000.

2. UpDown Byro Dyna Stool.

The UpDown Byro Dyna stool is expensive for what it is. I mean, you can get an ergonomic office chair for less, like the Ikea Markus or the Sihoo M57.

While “active sitting” is a novel idea in the modern-day working world to combat our sedentary lifestyle, it costs nothing to stand up. Maybe I need to get with the times…

To each their own, I guess.

Still, it’s more stable than the Desky Sit Stand stool and for those who are happy to trade off some movement for comfort.

It features a moulded foam seat base that’s more conducive to long periods of sitting. If you’re at the heavier end of the BMI scale, be mindful of the 120kg max weight limit.

3. Ariel Stool.

If you plan to splash out on an active stool, you might as well get one that offers something unique.

The Ariel is the ultimate active sitting stool, owing to its omnidirectional seat tilt mechanism. It allows you to tilt and spin in any direction while the stool itself remains firmly planted on the ground.

If you’ve ever sat on a stability ball, perching on top of the Ariel will feel very similar to that. You really do have to engage your abdominal muscles to stay upright.

To begin with, treat the chair as a sort of exercise chair. There’s definitely a learning curve when getting used to the Ariel.

4. Herman Miller Aeron Stool.

The name “Stool” is probably a nod to Herman Miller’s artisanal roots – but it’s misleading.

A stool generally lacks arms and a prominent backrest. This one has both.

But I suppose it’s the 21st century, and changing identities seems to be all the rage these days… so why the heck not.

Regardless of its name, it has the anatomy of a fully blown drafting chair and is based on the ubiquitous Aeron.

You won’t be able to wobble and rock like on a conventional active stool, but you’ll certainly perch – in a very dignified way. Brace yourself for when I tell you the price… $2,850.

5. Herman Miller Mirra 2 Stool.

Here’s another so-called Herman Miller “stool”. What next? Automobile companies selling hatchbacks marketed as minivans? Okay, sorry. I’m over it now.

Pinky promise.

In fairness, the Mirra is less bulky and more modern-looking than the Aeron and would suit the home offices of architects or graphic designers.

The price tag? Let’s just say that it’s north of $2,400.

And if your partner finds out you’ve bought one? Maybe you’d be safer north of the Arctic Circle, laying low for a while…

6. Saddle Medi.

The Saddle Medi is exactly what you’d expect from a stool bearing that name. It’s like sitting on a bicycle saddle but with one bizarre feature: its front lip is raised… sort of like a horn.

For guys who are blessed by Eros, the god of fertility, and endowed with… you know… then the saddle is going to feel invasive.

Unlike most stools, this comes with an adjustable back that will suit working in laboratories and at workstations.

The vinyl seat is durable but feels inexpensive to the touch, but it’s one of the cheapest stools after all.

7. HAG Capisco Hybrid Saddle Chair.

The HAG Capsico is love or hate. But whether or not you love the plus-shape backrest, it’s the only “stool” that can realistically replace your current office chair.

Think of it as a perching stool, an active sitting chair, and a traditional office chair – all in one.

You can sit backwards on it, that is, with the backrest against your torso, which is useful when leaning forward as it takes your weight and keeps you fully supported.

It offers a comprehensive range of adjustments, including seat depth adjustment and backward tilt, and the seat fabric comes in premium wool in multiple colours.

8. Ikea Trollberget Sit Stand Support.

The Trollberget (Swedish: Troll Mountain) is the most conventional-looking stool on this list.

Its seat sits atop a ball, or planet as I like to call it (because it looks like Saturn). The ring around the “planet” is the support when perching and when “orbiting” on the chair.

While it’s not ergonomically friendly like the Capisco or the two Herman Miller stools, it’s the most practical stool due to its fluidity and freedom when pivoting.

Ikea even offers a 10-year guarantee on this stool.

9. Aveya Ergonomic Drafting Chair.

Okay, so the Aveya is more of an ergonomic drafting chair than it is a stool.

But for about $700, you can bag yourself a drafting chair that’s five times as cheap as the Herman Miller options I reviewed above – and a chair that provides both an ergonomic and active sitting experience.

You get fixed lumbar support for tasking and a synchro-tilt mechanism for reclining.

However, the build is somewhat plasticky and there’s no seat depth adjustment.

Final Thoughts On Choosing The Best Office Chair Australia.

So there you have it: the best office chairs in Australia. There’s a lot to digest. Take time to weigh up your options, and return to this page if you need to recap.

Bookmark or favourite it for a week or two while you figure out which is the right office chair for you.

Where To Buy Office Chairs In Sydney?

Would you rather try a chair before you buy it? This makes a lot of sense – particularly when the chair is very expensive and the manufacturer doesn’t offer a good return policy.

We’ve provided a list of Sydney’s best office chair showrooms and guidelines for buying a second-hand chair from a fellow Sydneysider.

Where To Buy Office Chairs In Melbourne?

We couldn’t leave Melbournians behind, even though they spend more time watching Australian Football League than working in their office chair.

Nonetheless, if any of you decide to elevate your office, we’ve shortlisted the best office chair retailers in Melbourne in this guide. And no, we couldn’t find any Magpies-themed office chairs. Sorry!


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    • Thanks for stopping by, Jackie. The Supreme and the Leap are both great office chairs – for different reasons. But one is almost twice the price of the other 🙂

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