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Your resume has ONE purpose – to get you phone calls from recruiters.

This happens only if your resume is able to cut through the noise and grab a recruiter’s attention.

Let me ask you this – what does it take for you to stop scrolling through your social media feed and take a closer look at someone’s post? A lot, I’ll bet. Faced with a deluge of information, you only notice people who have a compelling story to tell.

It’s the same with your resume. It must INSPIRE recruiters with your story, stopping them in their tracks.


professional-resume-writing-servicesCommon Resume Mishaps.

Each. Word. Matters.

So, don’t look to your job description to get clues as to what to write. JDs are documents written mostly by office juniors; mostly they are, quite frankly, boring.

Don’t turn to corporate buzzwords, either. “Extensive experience”, “innovative thinker” and “managed and co-ordinated” do not belong on a professionally written resume.


professional-resume-writersSelling The Brand YOU.

Writing your resume is selling yourself.

So, put on your marketer’s cap. The recruiter wants to know what makes you special and why they should read on or even call you.

Action-centred tone and word use are imperative. Explain the nitty-gritty. Quantify. Qualify. Forget impressive-sounding words that don’t say much at all.

“Liaise”, “co-ordinate” and “utilise” serve no purpose except to fill space. Oh, and don’t forget to use the active voice.


Most resumes don’t get noticed because people almost always leave out what recruiters want to see, and they put in the things that have them sound just like everyone else – without realising it.


professional resume writing servicesWhy Should You Trust Me?

Take a moment to read through my growing list of amazing, happy customers who have landed their dream jobs with my professionally written resumes. Thank you all for making my dream job possible, too!

Before Arielle, I worked in Human Resources alongside hiring managers on a business partner level for companies like Louis Vuitton, Caltex and Westpac, for over 10 years.

I was the person who used to assess your resume and job application. Based on what I saw, I decided whether to pick up the phone and call you in for an interview, or not.

Prior to that, I worked at Julia Ross Recruitment, where I was assigned to work specifically recruiting Macquarie Bank employees. Thousands of resumes crossed my path there.




resume writing servicesHow Am I Different?

I created a small, hand-picked team of HR and Recruitment professionals and together, we have deep inside knowledge of the intricacies in the Human Resources and Recruitment world. This expertise helps us craft winning resumes which get noticed by the most coveted employers. Read Reviews >

Other resume writers claim to have HR & Recruitment expertise, but when you look closer, that experience is often very limited. My team and I are bona-fide HR Managers & Recruiters who earned our stripes at top-tier companies.

It means we can ask you the necessary questions to showcase your capabilities, thus differentiating you from your competition and your professionally written resume has the power to elicit curiosity of the best employers, giving them the urge to pick up the phone and call you. Meet Irene >


We know what works and what doesn’t, because we have been responsible for screening 1000’s of job applications at top tier companies.


resume writing servicesBonus Cover Letter ($100 value).

People make the mistake of thinking that the cover letter is a useless attachment which gets trashed without being read.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

A good cover letter provides the context for who you are as an employee. It also ties together your work history, your motivations, your achievements and strengths into an engaging, highly readable story.

Have you ever started reading a book which you couldn’t put down? A professionally written cover letter will have that effect on your recruiter.

The good news is that this month I’m including a professional cover letter as part of all my professional resume packages (normally $100 extra). It’s part of my commitment to your success during job search.


Resume Writing Services By A HR Professional.

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professional resume writersComplimentary Resume Critique By A HR Professional.

Still not sure if your current resume needs the attention of a professional resume writer?

I understand.

Send in your current resume and you’ll get an honest, obligation-free critique. In 24 hours you’ll know what it needs – if anything. Find Out More >

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