So. That sounds controversial. And let me make one point first of all. I don’t mean that those that do Professional Resume Writing don’t do a good job at it.

What I mean is that what Resume Writers focus on is not actually what people need. It is only a small part of the whole picture and because no better alternative solution is offered, many stop at this.

Resume writing services are traditionally about getting that document that you send to a dozen recruiters. Although this document is absolutely necessary, it puts a bandaid on a problem rather than fixing the issue at the root of it.

From what I’ve seen in my career as an HR Professional, the issue of a bad resume is usually only a small fraction of the problem. What accompanies this is a candidate’s poor verbal and non-verbal communication, and these heavily interfere with the person’s chances of being offered a job.

Imagine this. You have two candidates. One is brilliant on paper, he or she comes in for an interview and doesn’t answer your questions. He or she seems uncomfortable in their own skin. When I’ve come across candidates such as these, it has always left me worried – will this person fit into the team?

Second candidate, not so great on paper but has the skills to do the job. In interview, this candidate builds rapport, is engaging and captivating when answering questions, and leaves you with sense of trust that this person will be fine, if left to his own devices tomorrow.

Who would you pick?

Now this, is a common trap that resume writing services and professional resume writing, don’t address. Candidates therefore aren’t aware of this, go about applying for roles, having interviews and not getting anywhere (all the while questioning what’s wrong).

I believe that there needs to be a revolution. A heavier focus going forward on communication, which means interview training, interview coaching and interview techniques that are all centred around verbal and non-verbal communication.

No longer is JUST the written resume enough.

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