So, you’re at the top of your tree in your current organisation and feel like a change. What’s the first thing you plan to do?

If you’re anything like a lot of the Executives I help in their career search, you’ll think about calling round old friends and colleagues and asking them to put a good word in for you with the board.

Then you have a good ol’ chat about that time you both did extraordinary things back in the day with little more than a stapler, a can of lemonade and a new strategy document.

Why isn’t the offer letter isn’t in the post? It’s already been a few days.

I exaggerate.

Though, if you are thinking that all it will take to nab that dream job is a quick chat with John or Belinda , then let me be the first to tell you that things have changed in the world of executive recruitment.

Changing legislation, business etiquette and economic climates mean that just saying you can do the job isn’t enough today.


Why Use An Executive Resume?

Here are 9 key benefits of getting your Executive Resume up to date and out into the market;

  1. The lay of the land has changed, organisations are using more recruitment tools to identify quality candidates. An Executive Resume can immediately show quality in both presentation and content, rather than a relaxed and informal description of your experience in a cafe;

  3. An Executive Resume can provide a concrete document that ‘brands’ you effectively to potential employers, creating an image that can be returned to far easier than recalling a conversation over a coffee;

  5. Having your achievements detailed with quantifiable, measurable successes on display in an Executive Resume, beats half-forgotten sales figures recited whilst munching on a muffin;

  7. An Executive Resume won’t let you down if you are having an ‘off day’ and forget half the things you want to say in an initial conversation. It will give employers a great first impression that can balance out any errors made at interview stage;

  9. A coffee shop conversation won’t allow you to give a full overview of your accomplishments in an objective manner. My experience working with clients has shown that people worry about ‘blowing their own trumpet’ or not communicating achievements powerfully enough through embarrassment;

  11. Allowing recruiters to match your skills and achievements to a job description is statistically more likely to result in a high-performing, long-tenured career. Job hunting is a two way process – chatting to an old friend doesn’t give you a full picture of what a company is like both culturally and performance wise and it may not be as you had hoped for when you get there!

  13. The Law has changed within the Employment sector. In the current litigious climate, recruiters are doing things ‘the right way’ to avoid discrimination claims – that chat just won’t cut it anymore. Get an Executive Resume prepared!

  15. Sitting down to write your own resume (or hiring a professional to do it for you) can offer a great self-learning opportunity that no chat over a peppermint tea can. It can also dredge up long forgotten achievements that could be pivotal in getting you a new position;

  17. Having a well presented Executive Resume displays business etiquette, shows you are willing to buy in to organisational processes and will lessen the potential for bad feeling should you have landed a job in this tough climate with no real testing of your abilities.


Having an up to date and robust resume can offer you a head-start against other candidates who have left their resumes languishing in a drawer for years.

It can offer an immediate insight into your capabilities, show off your skills in an objective manner and show your chosen organisation that you have taken the time to understand their culture and processes.

By all means, still go to the coffee shop to network and let people know you are looking for new opportunities, but just make sure you have those pieces of paper behind you to back up what you talk about. Not to mention a killer online and personal brand that speaks for itself!

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