Many people think that they don’t need the help of a professional when looking for a job. It seems pretty straight forward, right? People are certain that they are perfect for the job they’ve applied for! It makes sense; otherwise they wouldn’t have applied.

Would you be surprised then if I said that the majority of job applications don’t get given more than a 5 second glance, before being filed into the ‘no’ folder? Do you think yours is safe?

First and foremost, the reason many people still continue to compile their own resume is because they have only ever seen one resume in their entire life, i.e. their own. This means that they have no awareness or understanding of what their competition submits and how their resume compares on an aesthetic or even functional basis.

Today’s job search world is vastly different to what it was 10 years ago. The competition is MUCH fiercer. People are doing more to stand out, knowing that employers can create their wishlist, and literally pick and choose who they want. With LinkedIn and the world of potential candidates only being a click away, it’s not difficult to find somebody who matches their EXACT description of an employee in terms of qualifications, relevant experience and so on so forth.

I urge you to ask yourself this question. Can you really afford to send the resume you’ve been sending? If you think you can, here are 6 reasons that may have you reconsider.

No call backs?
Haven’t heard back from recruiters yet? This is almost ALWAYS something to do with your resume. Recruiters and employers have nothing else to judge you on at this early point, so ensuring that you make a grand first impression through your resume is essential!

Seeking a Career Change?
If you’re looking to change directions, speaking to someone who has seen many people change careers, entering jobs with no experience, entering jobs with lots of experience, as well as every combination and permutation in between can be very insightful. An HR Manager for example, knows what employers and hiring managers are looking for, and knows what transferable skills are important to emphasise in your resume, even if you think your experience isn’t relevant.

Time Poor?
Are you a busy professional? Flat out all day at work, spending evenings networking or working back late to further your career?

Your time should be viewed as a commodity! If you’re not a resume writer, chances are it will take you MUCH longer than the time that you originally allocated, and taking you away from things that will create you more value for time.

You don’t like boasting?
It can be hard to talk about your own strengths, let alone figure out what they are at times. And this can be a huge hindrance when putting together a document in which you’re supposed to be selling yourself to your potential future employer! Sometimes just bouncing ideas of someone can help you to uncover long forgotten achievements and competencies you didn’t think were worth mentioning.

Need a resume NOW?
If you’ve seen that dream job online, and applications close tomorrow, there may be no time to write your own resume between work, sleep and responsibilities.

Had a big career break?
Many people take a break to go travelling, to start their own business, to have children or to take care of a family member. These gaps, if not addressed correctly on your resume, can cause concern in the mind of the reader. It can be difficult to find the right words to address these absences, but you don’t want to not address this, because that may cost you your dream job!

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