1. You Are Tired Of Applying For Jobs – And Hearing Nothing Back.

Sending in your application and getting those “thanks, but no thanks” emails in return can be frustrating and demoralising.

Especially after you’ve put hours into improving your resume yourself. This leaves you feeling deflated about the lost opportunity and wondering about what on your application missed the mark.

A professional resume writer can quickly perform an audit of your personal brand, identify the problem areas and fix them.


2. You Have A Complex Work History.

The biggest problem with modern-day recruitment is that they are, at the end of the day, salespeople who are trained to fit round pegs into round holes.

So, if you’re a Senior Sales Manager with 20 years of marketing experience and you apply for a Sales Director role at an organisation of a smaller size, your resume will probably get noticed.

But if you apply for the same role after spending 20 years splitting your time between running your own business, being a freelance sales consultant AND working as a Senior Sales Manager, you could hear crickets.

Now, you could do the Sales Director job. You could probably do it better than someone with narrow, straight sales background.

But few recruiters will be willing to give you a chance to explain how you’d do that. They are more likely to pick up one of the many other cookie-cutter resumes in their pile. It’s easier, faster and less risky for them.


3. You Have More Important Things To Do.

You’re successful in your career because you’ve learned to use your time well. You’re know  the power of leverage and delegation first hand.

With that in mind, spending 3-4 hours customising your resume to every role you’d like to apply for is probably not the best investment of your time.

When it’s time for a new suit, you don’t learn how to weave and sew one – you go to a suit maker who you trust. When it comes to creating your personal branding “suit”, why learn to write resumes, instead of trusting people who know the job inside out?

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