Just came from an interview for a CEO role. Both the HR Manager and Executive Director were so impressed with my resume, that they commended me on my well presented, thorough and articulate document. Twice. The time you took to understand my very intricate background shows. A testament to your remarkable skill.


Chief Executive Officer

Five days after completing the resume which you did beautifully, I was approached for a President role, it was truly serendipitous.

As a result of your work, I was able to send them both the cover letter and resume to which their Global HR leader responded with “I see resumes all day and yours is one of the most outstanding I’ve reviewed to date”.

I’ve subsequently gone through several interviews (12 and counting) and now have a big decision to make as to whether I accept the role or maintain my current role and commitments.

The work with you played an important role in reaching this outcome and I am very grateful.


APAC President

Wow. I could not have written that myself, Irene. My resume finally feels like it’s a fit for all the work that I’ve done. Oh, and I soon as we got off the phone, a recruiter called me and asked those exact same things that thankfully you had already prepared me for.


Sales & Marketing Director

I’ve had a look at the resume and absolutely love it – direct and short yet it highlighted my key responsibilities and achievements.


General Manager

I’m over the moon with the work Philippa has done. I love my new CV, LinkedIn, cover letter and EP. All of are written beautifully and articulate a true picture of me and who I am as a professional. Philippa was excellent to work with and her professionalism was exceptional. Please convey my thanks and appreciation.


Innovation Director

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Our Services

I am writing to let you know how delighted I have been with the service I received from Philippa and the information contained in the newsletters from you. Your company has delivered exactly what you promised.

A deep understanding of what my personal branding is and how to grow it over time. The resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter and the elevator pitch that Philippa has put together is full of deep insight into who I am and my value proposition for prospective employers. It is of a very high quality and have got very good comments from those who I have circulated it to.

Thank you for living up to your promise. I’ve already passed on your details to a couple of colleagues who I hope will get in touch with you in the future.


Senior Finance Director

Irene, you really do know how to listen and how to separate the important stuff from the mumbo-jumbo. What you’ve done for my online presence, I greatly appreciate. Little did I know that I knew nothing about Social Media, about my Personal Brand, about today’s market. I’m playing a different ball game now, thank you to you. You rock!


Chief Operating Officer

Thank you for all your hard work on my branding and advice on seeking employment in London! It was a pleasure to work with you.



I am happy to say that I was offered a role as a Project Manager 4 weeks to the day that I received my new Resume and Cover Letter from you. I just wanted to let you know and say “Thank You” once again for compiling my CV in an attractive way for recruiters. I wish I had found you earlier.


IT Project Manager

Wow, very impressed at how I look on paper….you’re clearly very talented!  Lets hope I can back it up in an interview, ha ha!!


Sales & Marketing Director

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Our Clients

I have to say I am very pleased with the detail, you have done a great job on this.


General Manager

WOW, what a difference!! Seeing these documents really makes me realise that I’m going to have to make a big change to the way I market myself and speak about my experience… I need to ensure I make the same impact in person, a lot to live up to!! Thank you so much for your work on this, I could never have pulled together anything as polished and professional as this. Feel like it’s going to make a significant change in my next job search.


Finance Manager

Hey there Philippa – I’m loving loving loving my new CV – I’m thinking of framing it 😉


Managing Director

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Our Services

I got the job!! I got the job!! I got the job!!


Senior Marketing Executive

People have been commenting on my resume and LinkedIn profile! In less than 2 weeks, I got a job! I can’t believe I had been making the same mistakes for years .. you gave me confidence and I think that especially helped me get my job. Thank you SO MUCH!


Legal Partner

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