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Interview Coaching

outplacement-services-sydneyWhat’s Different About Today’s Recruitment World?

interview coachingInterviews are challenging. No doubt about it.

Being put on the spot, having to think on your feet all whilst trying to figure out what the interviewer wants to hear and coming up with examples that you may not have thought about is enough to make anybody uncomfortable.

Add to that the fact that interviewers today are asking smarter questions to weed out employees who a) have just memorised a sequence of answers and b) who aren’t a fit for their culture, philosophy and beliefs. It makes getting that exciting job you want just that little more difficult.

The lucky candidate who is offered the job has interview skills that complement their experience on paper AND surpasses all the other candidate’s communication skills.

Where do yours fit in?


outplacement-services-sydneyWhat’s Involved In Interview Coaching Sessions?

interview coach sydneyYou’ll learn the secret to what the interviewer wants to hear. You’ll also learn to answer questions powerfully.

Past clients have said that our sessions together have given them confidence which allowed them to be themselves, coming across as engaging, articulate, able to build rapport AND likeable.

My aim with our sessions is a) for you to have recruiters thinking “I want to interview this person”, and b) when you meet face-to-face, give them further proof of why they should send you to an interview with their client.

Some of the things that we can go through during our session are:

  • Interview Dos and Don’ts
  • How To Make A Great First Impression
  • Strategies Around How To Manage Your Nervousness + Become Confident
  • Mock Interview with Competency Questions
  • How to structure your responses depending upon the question asked
  • What is the interviewer looking for, both recruiter and hiring manager
  • How to build rapport with the interviewer
  • What does your body language say about you and how to be more likeable
  • Tips On How To Negotiate A Competitive Salary
  • How your responses will be judged
  • What To Say To Have You Stand Out From Other Interviewees
  • Ways to close your interview, powerfully

    outplacement-services-sydneyBe Bulletproof In A Job Interview.

    interview coachingInterview coaching sessions target both verbal and non-verbal levels of communication.

    This is because your communication is about more than just the words you use; it also consists of what is projected through your body language, without you saying anything at all.

    I will give you a sneak peak into the interviewer’s mindset (from Recruiter to HR Manager and Line Manager) to ensure that you understand their needs, what they want and can address them to leave a positive impression.


    outplacement-services-sydneyWhat I Won’t Teach You.

    I believe that interview coaching should not be about rote learning answers. That’s why I do not encourage memory work. Instead, I facilitate you looking within to find the answers.

    Once I show you how to find the answers, they are always present, and easier to access than ever before.

    I will help you shape and articulate your answers to questions which your interviewer is likely to ask. Some of these questions are specifically designed to catch you off-guard.


    outplacement-services-sydneyDo You Need Interview Coaching?

    interview coachingYour verbal and non verbal communication skills will form up to 95% of your overall application?

    Yes, your resume is important to get you a phone call and/or interview, but it’s your communication skills that will get you the job!

    outplacement-services-sydneyStructure Of Coaching Sessions.

    We will have a mock interview where I’ll act as your interviewer and provide you with feedback and corrections, which will make sure you don’t make mistakes in front of your real interviewer (face-to-face if you’re in Sydney, and if not, Skype instead).

    Interview coaching is delivered once all written communication is up and ready (be that resume/LinkedIn/online presence). My packages are structured around two Interview Coaching sessions, because in my experience that is ideal (unless there are major communication concerns that need to be addressed).

    1. First session – held almost immediately. Then you spend some time practising the learnings that we discuss during that first session by interviewing with recruiters – and as many as possible.
    2. Second Session – is the last hour of power that you need to iron out any kinks and to ensure that you’re totally prepared to tackle any question right before your big and final interview.



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