We get so caught up in our life that we fall into the trap of thinking that others have the same world-views, interests and priorities as us.

Yes, I get that you..

  • have done an enormous amount of tasks in your job.
  • have a mountain of experience that you want to list, which you think is important.
  • went to schools, universities and institutions, which you want to appear on your resume (and you spent lots of time and money on).

You might think those things are of value. But does your audience care?

As a resume writer, the classic mistake I see people make on their CV is this: they write it for themselves, not for the recruiter or HR manager who will be reading it.

Just as Seinfeld points out in the video above, most people have a problem which needs to be solved. They have very little time and even less attention span. And, quite frankly, as long as you help them solve their problem – whether it’s filling a job vacancy or flying them to another city – they don’t care how you do it.

Give them the information that they are looking for; don’t let the fluff get in the way of them hiring you.

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