Here are 5 most popular, most valuable stories published around the globe for job seekers this week.

Unlike the usual mumbo-jumbo that clogs up your social media feed, this is a curated list of unique advice from world’s career experts, influencers and thinkers.


1. 5 Deadliest Resume Mistakes (& How To Fix Them).

The rules of job search have changed dramatically in the last 5 years. Unfortunately many job seekers are struggling – needlessly – because they’re unaware of the changes.

This article shows you how to construct a compelling resume – though keep in mind that advice for a resume to be “one to two pages long” applies only to the US market. Length of Australian resumes depend on your seniority and number of roles you’ve held and are typically between 2-4 pages long.


2. Advanced LinkedIn Strategies For Job Seekers.

There’s plenty of advice on the Internet which gives you basic advice, such as “make sure your profile is 100% complete”.

This guide is different because it’s one of the most comprehensive A-Z user manuals to LinkedIn I’ve ever come across. It starts with tips for your profile’s content and ends with providing a detailed roadmap for a complete overhaul of your entire job search strategy

If you follow every step in this guide, your chances of securing a job will rise dramatically.


3. Do You Need A Social Media Presence To Find A Job?

There’s a lot of hype around social media. But what if you’re just not that interested in LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook – can you still get a job using the old-fashioned, paper-resume-only way?

In this BBC Capital article (which quotes yours truly) you’ll find out searching for jobs in 2014 without harnessing the power of social media is a little bit like driving with a flat tyre.


4. How To Dodge Those Questions Recruiters Have No Right To Ask.

Last thing you want to do in a job interview is to appear defensive or aggressive. But your interviewer may ask you a question which you don’t want to answer fully. How to remain tactful while maintaining your boundaries?


5. I Quit! (Are You Sure?)

“Do you want to be the one in the nursing home with the best stories, not the biggest frustrations?” asks CPA Australia CEO Alex Malley. He is one of my greatest inspirations because he is a classic example of a successful professional who makes work his passion.

Despite being one of Australia’s highest achievers, he keeps the ego in check and remains remarkably human. Read his take on making smart career moves here.


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