What’s the biggest mistake you’re likely to make during job search?

If you’re like most people in the process of self-marketing yourself to prospective employers and recruiters, you think a lot about the content of your presentation:

  • how you talk
  • what you say
  • what your resume looks like
  • how your personal brand looks online

And so on.


Give Yourself An Edge.

Don’t get me wrong – those are hugely important. (Shameless plug time – and of course, I can help you polish up your resume, LinkedIn profile and interview technique).

However, most job-seekers make the mistake of spending all their time polishing their marketing content (I use the word “marketing” here intentionally, because job search efforts are just that – you positioning yourself in the market and approaching people with intent of selling your services).

In doing so, they completely neglect the CONTEXT of their job search.

The context, or the lens through which you view your employment, will set the framework that will determine the:

  • quality of relationships you’ll be able to build
  • amount of value you’ll be able to deliver
  • amount of attention your application will receive
  • freedom, ease and confidence you’ll experience in your conversations


Be More Effective At Jobsearch.

To get the most out of your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile so that you get more offers and spending less time sending out applications, watch this video.

It’s made for marketers, not job-seekers, but the message applies just as well. It might just as well have been called “How To Suck At Getting A Job”:

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