The results are in!

It may or may not come as a surprise to learn that social media has really pushed its way in to the recruiting world, with over 90% of employers using it in their recruitment process.

With 20% of employers saying that social media reduces recruitment time and nearly half noticing an improvement in candidate quality, it makes sense that more and more recruiters are using social media to search for their new employees. LinkedIn alone now has 93% of companies registered!

Your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking accounts can either help you in your job search…..or hinder you, so be careful what you post out there on the world wide web (the clue is in the name). Unless you have specific privacy settings, EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE can see what you post, meaning you could potentially be the 1 in 3 that end up rejected by employers checking out social profiles of candidates.

Of course, having a strong personal brand across social networks can be a positive thing too. According to the infographic below, almost three quarters of those hired into organisations in today’s world, do so using some form of social media. So, being active on Twitter and showcasing your skills on Facebook might just help you walk into your next dream job.

Don’t forget that Social media is not just a ‘sit-and-wait’ kind of tool – almost a third of respondents use it as their primary job search tool.

The question is, how are you using social media and your online presence? – Connecting Great Companies with Global Talent

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