2,000+ Satisfied Clients.

Here's the process which underpins our ability to deliver job search success to our clients.

1Career Meditation.

The first step of your journey begins with a Career Meditation. This will lay the foundations for our engagement and help distil your experience to better prepare you for your next step in the market. You’ll reflect on what your next career step looks like, allowing our team to create a distinctive personal brand that helps you engage with the right people as effectively as possible.

2Brand Gap Analysis.

A strategic brand gap analysis discovers two things: where you’ve been (career history) and where you’re going (next position). This helps us to understand what information we need from you to help you get there.

3Discovery Consultation.

In this 60 to 90-minute brand discovery call, we’ll do a deep dive to identify the information we need to help you land your ideal position. We explore your personality, strengths, values, drivers, strategic priorities, challenges you've faced and overcome, market and industry dynamics, achievements, and work philosophy. Combined, this information will help create a compelling career narrative that captures the unique value you can bring to your next position.

4Brand Strategy Development.

Fusing together your career goals with your work history, broader market challenges and our subject matter expertise, we weave a compelling brand story that captures your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), connects with your target market, and positions you for success. You’ll also receive a highly-targeted suite of tools to prepare you for the market.

5Edits & Optimisation.

Within 7 business days, you will receive your written branded documents via email (in .docx format). After your feedback, we will go through an iterative process of editing and optimisation that lasts up to 10 business days. Two rounds of refinements are included with each product that you purchase.

6Coaching Session.

Once you're happy with your new brand, we finish with your 30-minute Elevator Pitch and Job Search Strategy coaching session. This will equip you with knowledge on how to take your next steps in the market and communicate your unique value proposition. As you can tell, Arielle Executive is not a resume writing company; we're the people you want to have on your side when your next career move really matters.

7You Go To Market.

Now that your brand ticks all the boxes, you go to market equipped with your new brand. You put your best foot forward, using your brand to targeting specific types of roles and get attention of recruiters and hiring managers.

8You Land A Great Leadership Gig.

You out-compete, out-market and out-communicate other candidates and land your next senior leadership gig. You're excited about your new challenge and the opportunity to drive change, develop your team and create competitive advantage.

9We Feel Nice Things.

Building art is the reason we go to work. When we get news of your success, we get warm and fuzzy, knowing that our work made a difference to yet another inspiring leader.

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